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People´s Republic of China : PRC YUNNAN Province LINCANG City-Prefecture
(Beijing) (Kunming)(Lincang)

CANGYUAN Wa Autonomous County

Flag or logo since 1949-12-02*
CĀNGYUÁN Wǎzú Zìzhìxiàn : 沧源佤族自治县 (zh) + QANG YING Vax Qux Zi Zi Sin (prk) + QANG YING Vax Qux Zi Zi Sin (prk)
Emblem or Symbol*

Xi Jinping
(ruler of CHINA since 2012-11-15)
Capitals & administrative places*: Cangyuan
Official & national languages: Parauk (prk) . Chinese (zh) .

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

CHINA People´s Republic of China : PRC  (Beijing)
CHINA-TAIPEI Republic of China : ROC  (Taipei a)
HONG KONG Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People´s Republic of China : HKSAR  (Victoria City)
MACAO Macao Special Administrative Region of the People´s Republic of China : MSAR  (Macao)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

AKSAI AKSAI Kazakh Autonomous County  (Hongliuwan Town)
ALSHA ALSHA Banners  (Bayan Hot)
ALXA Prefecture of ALSHA League  (Bayan Hot)
ANHUI ANHUI Province  (Hefei)
BARKOL BARKOL Kazakh Autonomous County  (Barkol)
BAYINGOLIN BAYINGOLIN Mongol Autonomous Prefecture  (Korla)
BEIJING BEIJING Special Municipality  (Beijing)
BENSI BENXI Manchu Autonomous County  (Xiaoshi)
BINHAI NEW AREA Special Economic Zone of BINHAI Sub-Provincial New Area  (Binhai New Area)
BORTALA BORTALA Mongol Autonomous Prefecture  (Bole)
CHANGBAI CHANGBAI Korean Autonomous County  (Changbai)
CHANGCHI CHANGCHI Huei Autonomous Prefecture  (Changchi)
CHAPCHAL CHAPCHAL Sibo Autonomous County  (Chapchal)
CHONGQING CHONGQING Special Municipality  (Chongqing)
CHUXIONG CHUXIONG Yi Autonomous Prefecture  (Chuxiong)
DALI DALI Pai Autonomous Prefecture  (Dali)
DATONG DATONG Huei and Monguor Autonomous County  (Datong)
DECHEN DECHEN Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Shangri-La)
DEHONG DEHONG Tai and Jingpho Autonomous Prefecture  (Mang City)
DORBETIA DORBET Mongol Autonomous County  (Derbet)
EJIN EJIN Banner  (Ejin)
ENSHI ENSHI Tuchia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture  (Enshi)
ESHAN ESHAN Yi Autonomous County  (Eshan)
EVENK EVENK Autonomous Banner  (Bayan Tohoi)
FUJIAN FUJIAN Province  (Fuzhou)
FUSHIN FUXIN Mongol Autonomous County  (Shijiazi)
GANSU GANSU Province  (Lanzhou)
GAOSHAN Taiwan First Nations : GAOSHAN  (Taipei)
GARZE GARZE Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Kangding)
GENGMA GENGMA Tai and Wa Autonomous County  (Gengma)
GOLOG GOLOG Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Machin)
GONSHAN GONGSHAN Derung and Nu Autonomous County  (Gongshan)
GUANGDONG GUANGDONG Province  (Guangzhou)
GUANGXI GUANGXI Chuang Autonomous Region  (Nanning)
GUIZHOU GUIZHOU Province  (Guiyang)
HAINAN HAINAN Province [Special Economic Zone]  (Haikou)
HAIXI HAIXI Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture : Tsaidam  (Delhi Hot)
HEBEI HEBEI Province  (Shijiazhuang)
HEKOU HEKOU Yao Autonomous County [Mouth of the River]  (Hekou)
HENAN HENAN Province  (Zhengzhou)
HENGQIN Leased Lands in the Special Economic District of HENGQIN New Area  (Hengqin)
HINGGAN HINGGAN League  (Ulanhot)
HOBOKSAR HOBOKSAR Mongol Autonomous County  (Hoxtolgay)
HSINPAN New Banqiao Station Special Zone : XINBAN Special District  (New Pangkio)
HUALONG HUALONG Huei Autonomous County  (Qunke)
HUANGNAN HUANGNAN Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture : Malho  (Rebkong)
HUANREN HUANREN Manchu Autonomous County  (Huanren)
HUBEI HUBEI Province  (Wuhan)
HUNAN HUNAN Province  (Changsha)
HUZHU HUZHU Monguor Autonomous County  (Weiyuan)
ILI ILI Kazakh Sub-Provincial Autonomous Prefecture  (Kulja)
INNER MONGOLIA INNER MONGOLIA Autonomous Region  (Huhehot)
JIANGCHENG JIANGCHENG Hani and Yi Autonomous County  (Jiangcheng)
JIANGSU JIANGSU Province  (Nanjing)
JIANGXI JIANGXI Province  (Nanchang)
JILIN JILIN Province  (Changchun)
JINGDONG JINGDONG Yi Autonomous County  (Jingdong)
JINGGU JINGGU Tai and Yi Autonomous County  (Jinggu)
JINGNING JINGNING She Autonomous County  (Hexi)
JINPING JINPING Miao Yao and Tai Autonomous County  (Jinping)
JINPU NEW AREA Special Economic Zone of JINPU NEW AREA  (Jinpu New Area)
JISHISHAN JISHISHAN Bonan Tunghsiang and Salar Autonomous County  (Chuimatan)
KANLHO GANNAN Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Dzoi)
KAOHSIUNG KAOHSIUNG Special Municipality  (Kaohsiung)
KASHGAR Special Economic Zone of KASHGAR  (Kashgar)
KIEN GORLOS KIEN GORLOS Mongol Autonomous County  (Kien Gorlos)
KINMEN-MATSU Kinmen-Matsu Joint Services Center : KINMA  (Jinsheng)
KIZILSU KIZILSU Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture  (Artush)
KUANDIAN KUANDIAN Manchu Autonomous County  (Kuandian)
LANCANG LANCANG Lahu Autonomous County  (Lancang)
LANPING LANPING Pai and Prumi Autonomous County  (Lanping)
LIANGSHAN LIANGSHAN Yi Autonomous Prefecture  (Xichang)
LIANNAN LIANNAN Yao Autonomous County  (Liannan)
LIANSHAN LIANSHAN Chuang and Yao Autonomous County  (Jitian)
LIAONING LIAONING Province  (Shenyang)
LINXIA LINXIA Huei Autonomous Prefecture  (Linxia)
LUQUAN LUQUAN Yi and Miao Autonomous County  (Luquan)
MALHO HENAN Mongol Autonomous County  (Youganning)
MENGLIAN MENGLIAN Tai Lahu and Wa Autonomous County  (Monglian)
MENYUAN MENYUAN Huei Autonomous Prefecture  (Haomen)
MINHE MINHE Huei and Monguor Autonomous County  (Chuankou)
MOJIANG MOJIANG Hani Autonomous County  (Mojiang)
MORI MORI Kazakh Autonomous County  (Mori)
MORIN DAWA MORIN DAWA Daur Autonomous Banner  (Nirgi)
MULI MULI Tibetan Autonomous County  (Muli)
NANJIAN NANJIAN Yi Autonomous County  (Nanjian)
NEW TAIPEI New Taipei Special Municipality : HSINPEI  (Pangkio)
NGABA NGABA Tibetan and Kiang Autonomous Prefecture  (Barkam)
NINGER NINGER Hani and Yi Autonomous County  (Ninger)
NINGLANG NINGLANG Yi Autonomous County  (Ninglang)
NINGXIA NINGXIA Huei Autonomous Region  (Yinchuan)
NUJIANG NUJIANG Lisu Autonomous Prefecture  (Liuku)
OROCHEN OROCHEN Autonomous Banner  (Alihe)
PENGSHUI PENGSHUI Miao and Tuchia Autonomous County  (Hanjia Town)
PINGBIAN PINGBIAN Miao Autonomous County  (Pingbian)
PRATAS ISLANDS Military Territory of PRATAS ISLANDS  (Dongsha)
PUDONG NEW AREA Special Economic Zone of PUDONG Sub-Provincial New Area  (Pudong New Area)
QINGHAI QINGHAI Province  (Xining)
QINGPU Taoyuan Qingpu High Speed Rail Special Area : QINGPU Special District  (Qingpu)
QINGYUAN QINGYUAN Manchu Autonomous County  (Qingyuan)
RED RIVER HONGHE Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture [Red River]  (Mengzi)
RUYUAN RUYUAN Yao Autonomous County  (Ruyuan)
SHAANXI SHAANXI Province  (Xian)
SHANGHAI SHANGHAI Special Municipality  (Shanghai)
SHANTOU SHANTOU City-Prefecture [Special Economic Zone]  (Shantou)
SHANXI SHANXI Province  (Taiyuan)
SHENZHEN SHENZHEN Sub-Provincial City [Special Economic Zone]  (Shenzhen)
SHILIN SHILIN Yi Autonomous County  (Shilin)
SHIZHU SHIZHU Tuchia Autonomous County  (Nanbin Town)
SHUANGJIANG SHUANGJIANG Lahu Wa Blang and Tai Autonomous County  (Shuangjiang)
SICHUAN SICHUAN Province  (Chengdu)
SINKIANG SINKIANG Uyghur Autonomous Region  (Urumchi)
SIPSONGPANNA SIPSONGPANNA Tai Autonomous Prefecture  (Jinghung)
SOUTH CHINA SEA ISLANDS SANSHA City-Prefecture [South China Sea Islands]  (Woody Island)
SUBEI SUBEI Mongol Autonomous County  (Dangchengwan)
SUNAN SUNAN Yugur Autonomous County  (Hongwansi)
TAICHUNG TAICHUNG Special Municipality  (Taichung)
TAINAN TAINAN Special Municipality  (Tainan)
TAIPEI TAIPEI Special Municipality  (Taipei)
TAIWAN National Development Council of Taiwan : NDC  (Zhongzheng)
TAOYUAN TAOYUAN Special Municipality  (Taoyuan)
TASHKURGAN TASHKURGAN Tajik Autonomous County  (Tashkurgan)
TENZHU TENZHU Tibetan Autonomous County  (Huazangsi)
TIANJIN TIANJIN Special Municipality  (Tianjin)
TIBET TIBETAN Autonomous Region  (Lhasa)
TSHOLHO HAINAN Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture : Tsholho  (Kabka)
TSHOYANG HAIBEI Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture : Tshoyang  (Xihai)
TUNGHSIANG TUNGHSIANG Autonomous County  (Tangwangchuan)
WEISHAN WEISHAN Yi and Huei Autonomous County  (Weishan)
WEIXI WEIXI Lisu Autonomous County  (Weixi)
WENSHAN WENSHAN Chuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture  (Wenshan)
WOLONG WOLONG Special Administrative Region  (Wolong)
XIAMEN Sub-Provincial City of XIAMEN [Special Economic Zone]  (Siming)
XIANGXI XIANGXI Tuchia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture  (Jishou)
XILINGOL XILINGOL League  (Xilinhot)
XIMENG XIMENG Wa Autonomous County  (Ximeng)
XINBIN XINBIN Manchu Autonomous County  (Xinbin)
XINPING XINPING Yi and Tai Autonomous County  (Xinping)
XIONGAN NEW AREA Special Economic Zone of XIONG AN NEW AREA  (Xiong´an New Area)
XIUSHAN XIUSHAN Tuchia and Miao Autonomous County  (Xiushan)
XIUYAN XIUYAN Manchu Autonomous County  (Xiuyan)
XUNDIAN XUNDIAN Huei and Yi Autonomous County  (Xundian)
XUNHUA XUNHUA Salar Autonomous County  (Jishi)
YANBIAN YANBIAN Korean Autonomous Prefecture  (Yanji)
YANGBI YANGBI Yi Autonomous County  (Yangbi)
YENCHI YENCHI Huei Autonomous County  (Yenchi)
YILI ILI Counties [Direct Administration]  (Kulja)
YITONG YITONG Manchu Autonomous County  (Yitong)
YOUYANG YOUYANG Tuchia and Miao Autonomous County  (Youyang)
YUANJIANG YUANJIANG Hani Yi and Tai Autonomous County  (Lijiang)
YULONG YULONG Nakhi Autonomous County  (Yulong)
YULSHUL YULSHUL Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Gyegu)
YUNNAN YUNNAN Province  (Kunming)
ZHANGJIACHUAN ZHANGJIACHUAN Huei Autonomous County  (Zhangjiachuan)
ZHEJIANG ZHEJIANG Province  (Hangzhou)
ZHENYUAN ZHENYUAN Yi Hani and Lahu Autonomous County  (Zhenyuan)
ZHUHAI ZHUHAI City-Prefecture [Special Economic Zone]  (Xiangzhou)

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