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Flag or Logo since 1900-01-01
Lands of FORCADOS AND BAJIBO (en) + Terrains de FORCADOS ET BADJIBO (fr)
Emblem or Symbol

President Emile Loubet
(ruler of FRANCE since 1900-01-01)

Queen Victoria
(ruler of UNITED KINGDOM since 1900-01-01)
Capitals & administrative places: Forcados
Official & national languages: English (en) . French (fr) .

2 Territories:

BAJIBO Land of BAJIBO  (Bajibo)Local: Land of BAJIBO (en) + Terrain de BADJIBO (fr)  (Bajibo)
FORCADOS Land of FORCADOS  (Forcados)Local: Land of FORCADOS (en) + Terrain de FORCADOS (fr)  (Forcados)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ADAMAWA Fulbe State of the Lamidate of ADAMAWA [Vassal State of Sokoto]  (Yola)
ARO ARO Confederacy  (Arochukwu)
BAUCHI Fulbe State of BAUCHI Lamidate [Bauchi Emirate under Sokoto Suzerainty]  (Bauchi)
BAURE Hausa State of the Daura Sultanate of BAURE  (Baure)
DAURA Hausa State of the Daura Emirate of DAURA  (Daura)
GANDO Fulbe State of GANDO Emirate  (Birnin Kebbi)
HADEJIA Fulbe Hausa State of HADEJIA Emirate  (Hadeja)
IGALA Igala Kingdom of IDAH State  (Idda)
KEBBI Emirate of KEBBI : Argungu State  (Argungu)
MURI Fulbe State of MURI Emirate [French Zone of Influence]  (Hamarua)
NUPE Nupe State of BIDA Emirate  (Bida)
SOKOTO Fulani Empire of the SOKOTO Caliphate  (Sokoto)
ZANGO Hausa State of the Daura Emirate of ZANGO  (Zango)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ABEOKUTA City-State of ABEOKUTA  (Abeokuta)
ABUJA State of ABUJA Emirate  (Abuja)
AGAIE Emirate of AGAIE  (Agaie)
AGBON Ika Igbo Kingdom of AGBON  (Ominije)
ARO-OKIGBO Igbo Kingdom of ARO-OKIGBO  (Arochukwu)
BEDDE BEDDE State  (Gashua)
BONNY Regency of BONNY  (Bonny)
BORNU Kingdom of BORNU  (Dikwa)
BRITISH NIGERIA Protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria : BRITISH NIGERIAN Colonies  (Duke Town a + Lagos a + Lokoja a)
BUSSA Borgu Emirate of BUSSA  (Bussa)
DUTSE Fulbe State of DUTSE Emirate  (Dutse)
EBIRALAND Igbirra State : EBIRALAND  (Okene)
EGBALAND EGBA United Government [British Protectorate]  (Abeokuta)
FIKA FIKA State  (Fika)
GOMBE Fulbe State of GOMBE Emirate  (Gombe)
GUMMEL Hausa State of the Emirate of GUMMEL  (Gummel)
IDOANI Yoruba State of IDOANI  (Idoani)
IFE Yoruba Kingdom of IFE  (Ile-Ife)
IJEBU Yoruba State of IJEBU Kingdom  (Ijebu Ode)
IJEBU-REMO Yoruba State of IJEBU-REMO [Vassal State of Ijebu]  (Remo)
IJESHA Yoruba Kingdom of IJESHA  (Iyemogun)
ILORIN Fulani Emirate of ILORIN  (Ilorin)
ITSEKIRI Yoruba Regency of ITSEKIRI  (Warri)
IWO Yoruba Kingdom of IWO  (Iwo)
JAMAARE Fulbe State of JAMAARE Emirate  (Jamaare)
JEMAAN DARORO Fulbe State of JEMAAN DARORO Emirate  (Kafanchan)
JOS Chiefdom of JOS  (Jos)
KAIAMA Borgu State of KAIAMA  (Kaiama)
KALABARI Atakpa Kingdom : KALABARI City-State : Efik Eburutu  (Kalabar)
KANO Fulbe Hausa State of KANO Emirate  (Kano)
KATAGUM Fulbe State of KATAGUM Emirate  (Katagum)
KATSINA Fulbe Hausa State of KATSINA Emirate  (Katsina)
KAZAURE Fulbe State of KAZAURE Emirate  (Kazaure)
KEFFI Fulbe State of KEFFI Emirate  (Keffi)
KONTAGORA Fulbe State of KONTAGORA Emirate  (Kontagora)
KOTON KARIFI Ebira State of KOTON KARIFI  (Koton Karifi)
KWOTTO Emirate of Nasarawa : State of KWOTTO  (Anassarawa)
LAFIAGI Emirate of LAFIAGI  (Lafiagi)
LAGOS LAGOS Colony and Protectorate  (Lagos)
LAGOS HINTERLAND LAGOS Protectorate  (Lagos)
LAPAI Emirate of LAPAI  (Lapai)
MISAU Bornuan State of MISAU Emirate  (Misau)
MUBI Fulbe State of MUBI  (Mubi)
NINGI Authority of NINGI State  (Ningi)
NNEWI Igbo State of NNEWI  (Nnewi)
NORTHERN NIGERIA British Protectorate of NORTHERN NIGERIA  (Lokoja)
OBIOKO OBIOKO Kingdom of Creek Town : Esit Edik  (Creek Town)
OGONI OGONI Kingdoms  (Bori)
OKE-ONA Egba State of OKE-ONA  (Oke-Ona)
OKPE Chiefdom of OKPE  (Okpe)
OKRIKA Regency of OKRIKA  (Okrika)
ONITSHA Igbo State of ONITSHA  (Onitsha)
OPOBO Kingdom of OPOBO  (Opobo Town)
OSHOGBO Yoruba Kingdom of OSHOGBO  (Oshogbo)
OWO Yoruba State of OWO  (Owo)
OYO Yoruba Empire of OYO  (Oyo-Ile)
PATEGI PATEGI State  (Pategi)
SABON BIRNI Hausa Gober State of SABON BIRNI  (Sabon Birni)
SOKKOTO Fulani Empire of the Sultanate of SOKOTO  (Sokoto)
SOUTHERN NIGERIA British Protectorate of SOUTHERN NIGERIA  (Duke Town)
UGHELLI Kingdom of UGHELLI  (Ughelli)
UMUNEDE Ika Igbo Kingdom of UMUNEDE  (Umunede)
VIYU VIYU State  (Biu)
WASE WASE State  (Wase)
WUKARI Jukun State of WUKARI  (Wukari)
YAURI Fulani Emirate of YAURI Tributary State of Gando  (Yelwa)
YOLA Emirate of YOLA  (Yola)
YORUBALAND OYO Empire [British Protectorate of Oyo in Yorubaland]  (Oyo-Ile)
ZANFARA ZANFARA Emirate  (Zurmi)
ZAZZAU Fulbe Hausa State of ZARIA [Emirate of Zazzau]  (Zaria)

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