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(London a + Westminster lr + Edinburgh s + Windsor r)


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BRITISH Empire (en) De facto Independent
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Queen Victoria
(ruler of UNITED KINGDOM since 1900-01-01)
Capitals & administrative places*: London a + Westminster lr + Edinburgh s + Windsor r
(London + Westminster + Edinburgh + Windsor)
a administrative, national or political capital (also ruler's residence)
l legislative or parliamentary capital, seat of government
r ruler's residence (royal or presidential, primary or secondary)
r summer capital
Official & national languages: English (en) .


UNITED KINGDOM BRITISH Empire  (London + Westminster + Edinburgh + Windsor)

7 Largely Autonomous or Semi-Independent Polities

BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA British South Africa Company : BSAC  (Salisbury) Queen Victoria
CANADA British Dominion of CANADA  (Ottawa) Queen Victoria
GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland : UK  (London a + Westminster lr + Edinburgh s + Windsor r) Queen Victoria
GUERNSEY Bailiwick of GUERNSEY  (Saint Peter Port) Queen Victoria
INDIA British Raj of INDIAN Empire  (Calcutta) Viceroy George Curzon
ISLE OF MAN ISLE OF MAN Crown Dependency  (Douglas) Queen Victoria
JERSEY Bailiwick of JERSEY  (Saint Helier) Queen Victoria

57 Territories:

AMOY ISLAND Municipal Council of the British Concession at AMOY  (Siming)Local: British Concession at AMOY (en)  (Siming)
ASCENSION ISLAND British Territory of ASCENSION ISLAND  (Georgetown)Local: British Territory of ASCENSION ISLAND (en)  (Georgetown)
ASHMORE ISLAND British Territory of ASHMORE ISLAND  (Ashmore)Local: British Territory of ASHMORE ISLAND (en)  (Ashmore)
AUSTRALIA British Colonies in Australasia : AUSTRALIA  (Sydney)Local: British Colonies in Australasia : AUSTRALIA (en)  (Sydney)
BAHAMAS British Crown Colony of THE BAHAMAS  (Nassau)Local: British Crown Colony of THE BAHAMAS (en)  (Nassau)
BERMUDA ISLANDS Crown Colony of the BERMUDA ISLANDS [The Somers Isles]  (Hamilton)Local: Crown Colony of THE BERMUDA ISLANDS : Crown Colony of The Somers Isles (en)  (Hamilton)
BOUVET GROUP Zone of Liverpool and Thompson Islands : BOUVET GROUP [British Claim]  (Cape Valdivia v)Local: Zone of Liverpool and Thompson Islands : BOUVET GROUP (en)  (Kap Valdivia)
BRITISH EAST AFRICA BRITISH EAST AFRICA Protectorate  (Nairobi)Local: BRITISH EAST AFRICA Protectorate (en)  (Nairobi)
BRITISH FOOCHOW British Concession at FOOCHOW  (Foochow British Concession)Local: British Concession at FOOCHOW (en)  (Foochow British Concession)
BRITISH GUIANA Colony of BRITISH GUIANA  (Georgetown)Local: Colony of BRITISH GUIANA (en)  (Georgetown)
BRITISH HANKOW British Concession at HANKOW  (Hankow British Concession)Local: British Concession at HANKOW (en)  (Hankow British Concession)
BRITISH HONDURAS Crown Colony of BRITISH HONDURAS  (Belize City)Local: Crown Colony of BRITISH HONDURAS (en)  (Belize City)
BRITISH LEEWARD ISLANDS Federal Colony of THE LEEWARD ISLANDS  (Saint John´s)Local: Federal Colony of THE LEEWARD ISLANDS (en)  (Saint John´s)
BRITISH NEW GUINEA British Colony of NEW GUINEA  (Port Moresby)Local: British Colony of NEW GUINEA (en)  (Port Moresby)
BRITISH NIGERIA Protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria : BRITISH NIGERIAN Colonies  (Duke Town a + Lagos a + Lokoja a)Local: Protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria : BRITISH NIGERIA (en)  (Duke Town + Lagos + Lokoja)
BRITISH SHAMEEN British Concession of SHAMEEN  (Shameen)Local: British Concession of SHAMEEN (en)  (Shameen)
BRITISH TIENTSIN TIENTSIN British Concession  (Tientsin British Concession)Local: British Concession of TIENTSIN (en)  (Tientsin British Concession)
BRITISH WINDWARD ISLANDS Federal Colony of THE WINDWARD ISLANDS  (Saint George´s)Local: Federal Colony of THE WINDWARD ISLANDS (en)  (Saint George´s)
BUSONGORA BUSONGORA Kingdom  (Muhokya)Local: BUSONGORA Kingdom (en) + Omubiito bwa BUSONGOORA (sod)  (Muhokya)
CARTIER ISLAND CARTIER Island  (Cartier)Local: CARTIER Island (en)  (Cartier)
CEYLON British Crown Colony of CEYLON  (Colombo a + Kandy r)Local: British Crown Colony of CEYLON (en)  (Colombo + Kandy)
CHINKIANG British Concession at CHINKIANG  (Chinkiang)Local: British Concession at CHINKIANG (en)  (Chinkiang)
CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS Island [British Annexation]  (London Village on Christmas)Local: British CHRISTMAS ISLAND (en)  (London Village on Christmas)
DUCIE Island of DUCIE [Unclaimed]  (Ducie)Local: Island of DUCIE (en)  (Ducie)
ENDERBURY ISLAND ENDERBURY Island [British Claim]  (Enderbury)Local: ENDERBURY Island (en)  (Enderbury)
FALKLAND ISLANDS British Crown Colony of FALKLAND ISLANDS  (Port Stanley)Local: British Crown Colony of FALKLAND ISLANDS (en)  (Port Stanley)
FANNING ISLAND FANNING Island [British Annexation]  (English Harbour)Local: British FANNING ISLAND (en)  (English Harbour)
FLINT ISLAND FLINT Island [British Claim]  (Flint)Local: FLINT ISLAND Zone (en)  (Flint)
GAMBIA GAMBIA Protectorate  (Bathurst a + Brikama b)Local: GAMBIA Protectorate (en)  (Bathurst + Brikama)
GIBRALTAR British Crown Colony of GIBRALTAR  (Gibraltar)Local: British Crown Colony of GIBRALTAR (en)  (Gibraltar)
GILBERT AND ELLICE ISLANDS British Protectorates of THE GILBERT AND ELLICE ISLANDS  (Butaritari Village)Local: British Protectorates of THE GILBERT AND ELLICE ISLANDS (en)  (Butaritari Village)
GOLD COAST GOLD COAST Colony  (Akra)Local: GOLD COAST Colony (en)  (Akra)
GREATER ANTARCTICA British Territories in GREATER ANTARCTICA [British Claim]  ((Port Stanley))Local: British Territories in GREATER ANTARCTICA (en)  ((Port Stanley))
HONGKONG British Crown Colony of HONGKONG  (City of Victoria)Local: British Crown Colony of HONGKONG (en)  (City of Victoria)
ISLAND OF MALTA AND DEPENDENCIES British Crown Colony of the ISLAND OF MALTA AND ITS DEPENDENCIES  (Valletta a + Casal Attard r + Siggiewi s)Local: British Crown Colony of the ISLAND OF MALTA AND ITS DEPENDENCIES (en)  (Valletta + Casal Attard + Città Ferdinand)
JAMAICA AND DEPENDENCIES British Crown Colony of JAMAICA AND DEPENDENCIES  (Kingston)Local: British Crown Colony of JAMAICA AND DEPENDENCIES (en)  (Kingston)
KIUKIANG British Concession at KIUKIANG  (Kiukiang)Local: British Concession at KIUKIANG (en)  (Kiukiang)
LIUKUNG ISLAND AND WEIHAIWEI British Territories of LIUKUNG ISLAND AND WEIHAIWEI [Chinese Lease to United Kingdom - British Naval Forces in China]  (Port Edward)Local: British Territories of LIUKUNG ISLAND AND WEIHAIWEI (en) + LIU-KUNG TAO WEI-HAI-WEI Ling-Ti : 劉公島威海衛領地 (zh)  (Port Edward)
MACDONALD AND HEARD ISLANDS Territory of MACDONALD AND HEARD ISLANDS [British Claim]  ((London) + Heard Island q)Local: Territory of MACDONALD AND HEARD ISLANDS (en)  ((London) + Heard Island)
MAURITIUS AND DEPENDENCIES British Colony of THE MAURITIUS AND ITS DEPENDENCIES  (Port Louis a + Reduit in Moka r)Local: British Colony of THE MAURITIUS AND ITS DEPENDENCIES (en)  (Port Louis + Reduit)
NEW ZEALAND British Colony of New Zealand and its Dependencies : NZ  (Wellington)Local: British Colony of New Zealand and its Dependencies : NZ (en)  (Wellington)
NEWCHWANG British Concession at NEWCHWANG  (Newchwang)Local: British Concession at NEWCHWANG (en)  (Newchwang)
NEWFOUNDLAND Crown Colony of NEWFOUNDLAND  (Saint John´s)Local: Crown Colony of NEWFOUNDLAND (en)  (Saint John´s)
NKORE NKORE Kingdom [British Protectorate]  (Mbarara)Local: Kingdom of NKORE (en) + Omukana bwa NKORE (nyn)  (Mbarara)
SAINT HELENA British Crown Colony of SAINT HELENA  (Jamestown)Local: British Crown Colony of SAINT HELENA (en)  (Jamestown)
SIERRA LEONE SIERRA LEONE Colony and Protectorate  (Freetown)Local: SIERRA LEONE Colony and Protectorate (en)  (Freetown)
SOUTHERN AFRICA High Commission in and for South Africa : SAHC [High Commission Territories of Southern Africa]  (Cape Town)Local: High Commission in and for South Africa : High Commission Territories of SOUTHERN AFRICA (en)  (Cape Town)
STARBUCK ISLAND STARBUCK Island  (Starbuck)Local: STARBUCK Island (en)  (Starbuck)
STRAITS SETTLEMENTS Crown Colony of the STRAITS SETTLEMENTS  (Singapore)Local: Crown Colony of the STRAITS SETTLEMENTS (en)  (Singapore)
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO British Crown Colony of TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO  (Port-of-Spain)Local: British Crown Colony of TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO (en)  (Port-of-Spain)
TRISTAN DA CUNHA British Territory of TRISTAN DA CUNHA Group of Islands  (Edinburgh of The Seven Seas)Local: British Territory of TRISTAN DA CUNHA Group of Islands (en)  (Edinburgh of The Seven Seas)
UGANDA British Protectorate of UGANDA  (Kampala)Local: British Protectorate of UGANDA (en)  (Kampala)
WASHINGTON ISLAND WASHINGTON Island  (Tengkore)Local: British WASHINGTON ISLAND (en)  (Tangkore)
WUHU British Concession in WUHU  (Wuhu)Local: British Concession in WUHU (en)  (Wuhu)

29 Condominiums:

AMERICAN TIENTSIN TIENTSIN American Concession Territory [British Administration]  (Tientsin American Concession)Local: TIENTSIN American Concession Territory (en)  (Tientsin American Concession)
ANGLO-EGYPTIAN SUDAN Governorate-General of the Condominium of ANGLO-EGYPTIAN SUDAN  (Khartoum)Local: Condominium of ANGLO-EGYPTIAN SUDAN (en) + Imarat AS-SUDAN AL-ANGELAZY AL-MASRI : عمارات السودان الإنجليزي المصري (ar)  (Khartoum)
BHOOTAN State of BHOOTAN [British Indian Protectorate of the Regency of Bhutan Tributary of Sino-Nepalese Thibet]  (Paro a + Punakha w + Thimbu s)Local: State of BHOOTAN (en) + Druk Gyal-Khab : DRUK-YUL : འབྲུག་རྒྱལ་ཁབ་ : འབྲུག་ཡུལ་ (dz)  (Paro + Punakha + Thimphu)
CAPTAIN JAMES COOK MONUMENT CAPTAIN JAMES COOK MONUMENT on Kealakekua Bay  (Captain James Cook Monument)Local: CAPTAIN JAMES COOK MONUMENT on Kealakekua Bay (en)  (Captain James Cook Monument)
CARSEWENE Republic of CARSEWENE  (Carsewene)Local: République du CARSEVÈNE (fr) + Republic of CARSEWENE (en)  (Carsevène)
CHEFOO Settlement of CHEFOO  (Chefoo)Local: Settlement of CHEFOO (en) + Établissement de TCHÉ-FOU (fr) + CHIH-FU Chü-Lo : 浙輻聚落 (zh)  (Chih-Fu)
CHEKIANG CHE-KIANG Province [British Zone of Influence in Lower Yangtze]  (Hangchow)Local: CHE-CHIANG Sheng : 浙江省 (zh)  (Hang-Chou)
DIXON ENTRANCE Disputed Zone of DIXON ENTRANCE  (-)Local: Zone of DIXON ENTRANCE (en) + Zone de l´ENTRÉE DIXON (fr)  (-)
FORCADOS AND BAJIBO Lands of FORCADOS AND BAJIBO  (Forcados)Local: Lands of FORCADOS AND BAJIBO (en) + Terrains de FORCADOS ET BADJIBO (fr)  (Forcados)
FRENCH SHORE Treaty Shore Zone : FRENCH SHORE OF NEWFOUNDLAND  (Port Au Port)Local: Zone du Traité de la Côte : CÔTE FRANÇAISE DE TERRE-NEUVE (fr) + Treaty Shore Zone : FRENCH SHORE (en)  (Port-au-Port)
GREEN ISLAND GREEN ISLAND Archipelago  (Green Island)Local: GREEN ISLAND Archipelago (en) + Archipel de l´ÎLE VERTE (fr)  (Île Verte)
HONAN HONAN Province [British Zone of Influence]  (Kaifeng)Local: HO-NAN Sheng : 河南省 (zh)  (K´ai-Feng)
KENYA COAST KENYA Protectorate [Coastal Domains of Zanzibar]  (Mombasa)Local: KENYA Protectorate (en)  (Mombasa)
KOWEIT Sheikhdom of KOWEIT [British Protectorate part of the Ottoman Vilayet of Bassorah]  (Koweit)Local: Kazan-i KUVEYT : منطقة الكويت (ota) + Qada´a AL-KUWAYT : قضااء الكويت (ar) + District of KOWEIT (en)  (Kuveyt)
KWANGCHOW KWANGCHOW Region [British Zone of Influence]  (Canton)Local: KUANG-CHOU Ti-Chü : 廣州地區 (zh)  (Kuang-Chou)
KWEICHOW KWEICHOW Region [British Zone of Influence]  (Kweiyang)Local: KUEI-CHOU Ti-Ch´ü : 貴州地區 (zh)  (Kuei-Yang)
MAERONGSON Principality of MAE RONG SON [British Zone of Influence of the Province of Maerongson in Northwest Circle]  (Maehongson)Local: Mueang MAE HONG SORN : มืองแม่ฮ่องสอน (th)  (Mae Hong Son)
MALAY PENINSULA Zone of the MALAY PENINSULA [British Zone of Influence]  (Nakhon Si Thammarat)Local: P̣hūmip̣hākh KHAPSAMUT MALAYU : ภูมิภาคคาบสมุทรมลายู (th)  (Muang Nakhon Si Thammarat)
NANKING INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT NANKING General Foreign Settlement  (Nanking International Settlement)Local: NANKING General Foreign Settlement (en) + NAN-CHING Pan-Shih Ch´u : 南京辦事處 (zh)  (Nanking International Settlement)
NEUTRAL GROUND Gibraltar NEUTRAL GROUND  (Mill Tower)Local: Gibraltar NEUTRAL GROUND (en) + ZONA NEUTRAL de Gibraltar (es)  (Torre del Molino)
NEW HEBRIDES Anglo-French Naval Commissions of NEW HEBRIDES  (Port Vila)Local: Anglo-French Naval Commissions of NEW HEBRIDES (en) + Commissions navales anglo-françaises des NOUVELLES-HÉBRIDES (fr)  (Port Vila)
PACKOI Foreign Settlements of PACKOI  (Packhoi)Local: Ausländische Siedlungen von PAKHOI (de) + Foreign Settlements of PACKOI (en) + Établissements étrangers de PACKOI (fr) + Insediamenti Stranieri di PAKHOI (it) Assentamentos Estrangeiros de PAKHOI (pt) + PEI-HAI-te Tìng-Chü Tien : 北海的定居點 (zh)  (Packhoi)
PEKING LEGATIONS PEKING LEGATION Quarter [Boxer Rebellion]  (Peking Legation Quarter)Local: PEKING LEGATION Quarter (en) + Quartier des LÉGATIONS DE PÉKIN (fr) + TUNG CHIAO MIN Hsiang : 東交民巷 (zh)  (Tung Chiao-Min Hsiang)
SALAGA SALAGA Neutral Territory [German-British Neutral Zone of Northern States]  (Salaga)Local: SALAGA Neutrale Zone (de) + SALAGA Neutral Territory (en)  (Salaga)
SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT International Concession of Shanghai Municipal Council : SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT  (Shanghai International Settlement)Local: SHANGHAI International Settlement (en) + SHANGHAI International Koncession (da) + SCHANGHAI Internationalen Konzessionen (de) + Concesión Internacional de SHANGHÁI (es) + Concession Internationale de CHANGHAÏ (fr) + Concessione Internazionale di SCIANGAI (it) + SHIYANHAI Kiyoudou Sokai : 上海共同租界 (ja) + Internationale Concessie van SHANGHAI (nl) + SHANGHAI International Settlement (no) + Concessão Internacional de XANGAI (pt) + SHANHAYSKIY Mezhdunarodny Settlment : ШАНХАЙСКИЙ международный сеттльмент (ru) + SHANGHAI International Settlement (sv) + SHANG-HAI Kung-Kung Tsu-Chieh : 上海公共租界 (zh)  (Shanghai International Settlement)
SIKKIM Kingdom of SIKKIM [British Protectorate under Tibetan influence]  (Gangtok)Local: Kingdom of SIKKIM (en) + SIKKIMA Rajya : सिक्किम राज्य (ne)  (Gangtok)
SINAI District of SINAI  (Sharm El-Sheikh)Local: Mintaqah SINA : منطقة سيناء (ar) + District of SINAI (en) + SINA Yarımadası : سيناء (ota)  (Sharm El-Sheikh)
SUEZ CANAL ZONE SUEZ CANAL Demilitarized Zone [Universal Suez Ship Canal Company]  (Port Suez + (Alexandria))Local: Universal Suez Ship Canal Company : SUEZ CANAL ZONE (en) + Compagnie universelle du Canal maritime de Suez : ZONE DU CANAL DE SUEZ (fr)  (Port Suez + (Alexandria))

Dependent Protectorates:

AKYEM ABUAKWA Akan State of AKYEM ABUAKWA [British Protectorate]  (Kibbi)Local: AKYEM ABUAKWA State (en) + Okyenhene : OKYEMAN (tw)  (Kibbi)
AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES Aboriginal Protection Board : AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL LANDS  (Canberra)Local: ABORIGINAL Protection Board (en)  (Canberra)
BAKGATLA BAKGATLA Tribal Reserve [British Protectorate]  (Mochudi)Local: BAKGATLA Tribal Reserve (en)  (Mochudi)
BAMALETE BAMALETE Territory [British Protectorate]  (Ramotswa)Local: BAMALETE Territory (en) + Kgôsi ya BAMALETE (tn)  (Ramotswa)
BAROLONG FARMS British Protectorate of BAROLONG FARMS  ((Mafeking))Local: British Protectorate of BAROLONG FARMS (en)  ((Mafeking))
BASUTOLAND Colony of BASUTOLAND [British Residency Commission for Basutoland]  (Maseru)Local: Colony of BASUTOLAND : British Residency Commission for Basutoland (en)  (Maseru)
BATLOKWA BATLOKWA Chiefdom [British Protectorate]  (Fort Gaberones)Local: BATLOKWA Chiefdom (en)  (Fort Gaberones)
BECHUANALAND British Protectorate of BECHUANALAND  ((Mafeking))Local: BECHUANALAND Protectorate (en)  ((Mafeking))
BRITISH SIERRA LEONE SIERRA LEONE Protectorate  ((Freetown))Local: SIERRA LEONE Protectorate (en)  ((Freetown))
BUGANDA Kingdom of BUGANDA [British Protectorate]  (Mengo)Local: Kingdom of BUGANDA (en) + Obwakabaka bwa BUGANDA (lg)  (Mengo)
BUNYORO-KITARA Kingdom of BUNYORO-KITARA [British Protectorate under Bugandan Governance]  (Hoima)Local: Kingdom of BUNYORO-KITARA (en) + Obukama bwa BUNYORO-KITARA (nyo)  (Hoima)
EGBALAND EGBA United Government [British Protectorate]  (Abeokuta)Local: EGBA United Government (en) + Alake ABEOKUTA (yor)  (Abeokuta)
ELLICE ISLANDS British Protectorate of ELLICE ISLANDS  (Vaiaku on Fongafale in Funafuti)Local: British Protectorate of ELLICE ISLANDS (en)  (Vaiaku on Fongafale in Funafuti)
GILBERT ISLANDS British Protectorate of GILBERT ISLANDS  (Butaritari Village)Local: British Protectorate of GILBERT ISLANDS (en)  (Butaritari Village)
IJEBU-REMO Ijebu Yoruba Vassal State of IJEBU-REMO  (Remo)Local: State of IJEBU-REMO (en) + Akarigbo REMO (yor)  (Remo)
KOYA-TEMNE Temne Kingdom of KOYA-TEMNE [British Protectorate]  (Baoma)Local: KOYA TEMNE Chiefdom (en) + Bais KOYA-TEMNE (tem)  (Baoma)
LAGOS LAGOS Colony and Protectorate  (Lagos)Local: LAGOS Colony and Protectorate (en)  (Lagos)
MALACCA Crown Colony of MALACCA [British Residency]  (Malacca Town)Local: Crown Colony of MALACCA (en)  (Malacca Town)
MALDIVE ISLANDS Sultanate of the MALDIVE ISLANDS [British Protectorate administered from Ceylon]  (Male)Local: Sultanate of the MALDIVE ISLANDS (en) + DHIVEHI RAJJE Sultanat : އައްސުލްޠާން ދިވެހިރާއްޖެ (dv)  (Male)
NEW SOUTH WALES ABORIGINES New South Wales Board for the Protection of Aborigines : Protectorate of the NEW SOUTH WALES ABORIGINES  (Sydney)Local: New South Wales Board for the Protection of ABORIGINES (en)  (Sydney)
NORTHERN BECHUANALAND NORTHERN Protectorate  (Old Palapye)Local: NORTHERN Protectorate (en)  (Old Palapye)
NORTHERN NIGERIA British Protectorate of NORTHERN NIGERIA  (Lokoja)Local: British Protectorate of NORTHERN NIGERIA (en)  (Lokoja)
NORTHERN TERRITORIES Military Protectorate of the NORTHERN TERRITORIES Dependency of Gold Coast  ((Gambaga))Local: NORTHERN TERRITORIES Dependency (en)  ((Gambaga))
NORTHERN TERRITORY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA Province of the NORTHERN TERRITORY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA [Australian Residency of the Territory of Northern Australia]  (Palmerston)Local: Province of the NORTHERN TERRITORY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA (en)  (Palmerston)
PENANG AND PROVINCE WELLESLEY Crown Colony of PENANG AND PROVINCE WELLESLEY [British Residency]  (George Town)Local: Crown Colony of PENANG AND PROVINCE WELLESLEY (en)  (George Town)
QUEENSLAND ABORIGINES Protectorate of QUEENSLAND ABORIGINES  (Brisbane)Local: Protectorate of QUEENSLAND ABORIGINES (en)  (Brisbane)
SOUTHERN BECHUANALAND SOUTHERN Protectorate  (Fort Gaberones)Local: SOUTHERN Protectorate (en)  (Fort Gaberones)
SOUTHERN NIGERIA British Protectorate of SOUTHERN NIGERIA  (Duke Town)Local: British Protectorate of SOUTHERN NIGERIA (en)  (Duke Town)
VICTORIAN ABORIGINES Victorian Central Board for the Protection of Aborigines : Protectorate of VICTORIA ABORIGINES  (Melbourne)Local: Victorian Central Board for the Protection of ABORIGINES (en)  (Melbourne)
WESTERN AUSTRALIA ABORIGINES Aborigines Department : Protectorate of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA ABORIGINES  (Perth)Local: ABORIGINES Department (en)  (Perth)
WITULAND WITU Sultanate [British Protectorate]  (Witu)Local: WITU Sultanate (en) + Usultani wa WITU (sw)  (Witu)
YORUBALAND OYO Empire [British Protectorate of Oyo in Yorubaland]  (Oyo-Ile)Local: Empire of Oyo : ODUALAND (en) + Ilú-ọba Ọ̀yọ́ : OODUA (yo)  (Oyo-Ile)

49 Assisted Countries

AFGHANISTAN Emirate of United AFGHANISTAN [British Indian Protected State]  (Kabul) Emir Abdor Rahman Khan
ASHANTI ASHANTI Empire [British Protectorate of Asanteman Confederation]  (Kumasi) Opoku Mensa
AUDHALI AUDHALI Sultanate [under British Protection]  (Lodar) Sultan Hamid bin Jabil al-Awdhali bin al-Awsaji
BALUCHISTAN BALUCHISTAN Agency [Princely States of Baloochistan]  (Kalat) Sir Mahmud Khan II
BARODA BARODA Residency  (Baroda) Maharajah Sir Sayajirao III Gaekwar
BAROTZILAND British Protectorate of BAROTZILAND  (Mongu) King Lubosi Lewanika I
BRITISH WESTERN PACIFIC Western Pacific High Commission : WPHC [British Western Pacific Territories]  (Suva) Queen Victoria
BRUNEI Sultanate of BRUNEI [British Protectorate]  (Brunei Town) Sultan Hashim Jalilul Alam Akamuddin
BUNDALAND Kingdom of BUNDALAND [Anglo-Portuguese Zone of Influence]  (Kangamba) King Mwene Mbandu I. Lyondthzi Kapova
CENTRAL INDIA CENTRAL INDIA Agency [Princely States under British Indian Suzerainty]  (Indore) Viceroy George Curzon
CHAN SANTA CRUZ Independent Mayan State of CHAN SANTA CRUZ [Pro-British Republic of Yucatan]  (Chan Santa Cruz) Felipe Carillo Puerto
COOK ISLANDS COOK ISLANDS Federation [British Protectorate]  (Avarua) Queen Makea Takau Ariki
CRETAN STATE International Council of the CRETAN STATE [Supreme Plenipotentiary Commission of the Powers of the Principality of Crete under Ottoman Suzerainty]  (Chania) King George I
CYPRUS Sanjak of CYPRUS [British Protectorate under nominal Ottoman Suzerainty in the Archipelago Vilayet]  (Nicosia) Queen Victoria
DAR GIMIR DAR GIMIR Sultanate Dependency of Dar Masalit  (Qanatir) Sultan Idris bin Abi Bakr
DAR MASALIT DAR MASALIT Sultanate [under Darfuri Suzerainty]  (Jebeil) Sultan Abbakar bin Ismail
DAR-FOR Sultanate of DARFUR [rebellion]  (Reheid El Berdi) Sultan Sanin al-Husayn
DARFUR Emirate of DARFUR : Sultanate of Dar Fur  (El Fasher) Sultan Ali Dinar bin Zakariya
DATHINA Tribal Confederation of DATHINA Sheikhdoms [Tributary to Upper Aulaqi Sultanate]  (Al Hafa-Suk Al-Saidi) Sheikh of Dathina
DHALEA Amiri Emirate of DHALA [Amiri State under British Protection]  (Dhala) Emir Shaif bin Sayf al-Amiri
DHOFAR Sheikhdom of DHOFAR [under Omani Suzerainty]  (Mirbat) Sheikh Ahmed Ali Al-Mashani
EGYPT Khediviate of EGYPT [British Occupation under nominal Ottoman Suzerainty]  (Cairo a + Alexandria r) Khedive Abbas II Hilmi Pasha
HUKWANG Governorate-General of HUKWANG [Viceroyalty of the Province of Hukwang]  (Wuchang) Viceroy Chang Chih-Tung
HUNZA Princely State of HUNZA [British Protectorate of the Princely State of Kanjut under Kashmiri Suzerainty]  (Baltit) Prince Mohammad Nazim Khan
HYDEBABAD HYDERABAD Residency [British Protectorate of the Princely State of Hyderabad Deccan]  (Hyderabad a + Bolarum r) Nizam Fath Jang Mahbub Sir Ali II Khan Asaf Jah VI
JAMMU AND KASHMIR Princely State of JAMMU AND KASHMIR [British Indian Protectorate]  (Jammu w + Srinagar s) Regent Sir Pratap Singh
JOHORE Sultanate of JOHORE [British Protectorate of the Unfederated Malay State of Johore]  (Johore Bahru a + Muar Town r) Sultan Ibrahim Al-Masyhur
LIANGKIANG Governorate-General of LIANGKIANG [Viceroyalty of the Two Yangtsekiang Provinces]  (Nanking) Viceroy Liu Kunyi
MAIMANA Uzbek Khanate of MAIMANA  (Maimana) Kemal Khan
MALAY STATES Federated MALAY STATES [British Malaya Territory]  (Kuala Lumpur) Queen Victoria
MUSTANG Kingdom of MUSTANG [Kingdom of Lo under Nepalese Suzerainty]  (Lo Manthang) King Jambian Pelbar
MYSORE Kingdom of MYSORE [British Residency]  (Bangalore) Maharajah Krishnaraja IV Wodeyar
NAGAR Princely State of NAGAR [under Kashmiri Suzerainty]  (Nagar) Prince Jafar Zahed Khan
NEPAUL Kingdom of NEPAUL [British Protectorate under Chinese Suzerainty]  (Kathmandu) Maharajah Prithivi Bir Bikram Shah Dev
NORTH BORNEO State of NORTH BORNEO [British Protectorate under Suzerainty of the Sultanate of Sulu]  (Sandakhan) Queen Victoria
PATANI DARUSSALAM Sultanate of PATANI DARUSSALAM [Kingdom of Pattanee]  (Tani) King Tengku Abdul Kadir Kamaruddeen
PERSIAN GULF STATES PERSIAN GULF Residency  (Bushire) Viceroy George Curzon
RAJPUTANA RAJPUTANA Agency [Princely States under British Indian Suzerainty]  (Mount Abu) Viceroy George Curzon
SAMOA Kingdom of SAMOA [Provisional Government of the Tripartite Protectorate]  (Apia) Provisional Government
SARAWAK Kingdom of SARAWAK [British Protectorate]  (Kuching a + Claude Town r) Rajah Charles Johnson Brooke
SENUSSIA Independent Senussi Sheikhdom of CYRENAICA [British Sphere of Influence on Zuwayya Tribe]  (Tayserbo) Sheikh Sidi Muhammad bin Sidi Muhammad al-Mahdi al-Senussi
SZECHWAN Governorate-General of SZECHWAN [Viceroyalty of the Province of Szechwan]  (Chengtu) Viceroy Kuei-Chun
TANAWAL Country of TANAWAL [Feudal Tanawal States]  (Amb r + Darband a + Phulra a) Nawab Sir Mohammad Akram Khan
THIBET Kingdom of THIBET [under Chinese and Nepalese Suzerainty]  (Lhasa) Dalai Lama Thubten Gyatso
TORO TORO Kingdom [British Protectorate]  (Fort Portal) King Kasagama Kyebambe IV
UPPER AULAQI OF MAAN UPPER AULAQI Sheikhdom of Maan [under British Protection]  (Yashbum + Said) Sheikh Amir Amm Rassas bin Farid al-Yaslami al-Awlaki
UPPER AULAQI OF NISAB UPPER AULAQI Sultanate of Nisab [under British Protection]  (Nisab) Sultan Salih bin Abd Allah al-Awlaqi
UPPER YAFA Sultanate of UPPER YAFA [under British Protection]  (Mahjaba) Sultan Qahtan bin Umar bin al-Husayn Al-Harhara
ZANZIBAR Sultanate of ZANZIBAR [British Protectorate]  (Zanzibar Stone Town) Sultan Sidi Hamud bin Muhammad

Military entities abroad, special or locally shared:

BRITISH GURKHAS British Gurkhas Nepal : BGN  (Jawalakhel + Pokhara)Local: British Gurkhas Nepal : BGN (en)  (Jawalakhel + Pokhara)
CAPTAIN JAMES COOK MONUMENT CAPTAIN JAMES COOK MONUMENT on Kealakekua Bay  (Captain James Cook Monument)Local: CAPTAIN JAMES COOK MONUMENT on Kealakekua Bay (en)  (Captain James Cook Monument)
SIMONSTOWN British Naval Base of SIMON´S TOWN  (Simon´s Town)Local: Naval Base SIMON´S TOWN (en)  (Simon´s Town)
TROODOS British Military Base of TROODOS Signals Station  (Troodos)Local: TROODOS Signals Station (en)  (Troödos)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland : UK  (London a + Westminster lr + Edinburgh s + Windsor r)
GUERNSEY Bailiwick of GUERNSEY  (Saint Peter Port)
ISLE OF MAN ISLE OF MAN Crown Dependency  (Douglas)
JERSEY Bailiwick of JERSEY  (Saint Helier)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ABERCORN Dukedom of ABERCORN  (Baronscourt)
ALBANY Dukedom of ALBANY  ((Atholl))
ALDERNEY Parish of ALDERNEY  (Saint Anne´s)
ARGYLL Dukedom of ARGYLL  (Inveraray)
ATHOLL Dukedom of ATHOLL  (Atholl)
BEAUFORT Dukedom of BEAUFORT  (Badminton)
BEDFORD Dukedom of BEDFORD  (Woburn)
BERKSHIRE County of BERKSHIRE  (Reading)
BRANDON Dukedom of BRANDON  (Brandon)
BRECHOU Isle of BRECHOU  (Brechou)
BUCCLEUCH Dukedom of BUCCLEUCH  (Melrose)
BURHOU Dependency of BURHOU  (The Hut)
CAMBRIDGE Dukedom of CAMBRIDGE  (Cambridge)
CINQUE PORTS Ward of THE CINQUE PORTS  (Hastings + New Romney + Hythe + Dover + Sandwich + Winchelsea + Rye + Seaford)
CITY OF LONDON City and County of London : Corporation of THE CITY OF LONDON  (London)
CORNWALL County of CORNWALL  (Truro)
ECREHOUS THE ECREHOUS Archipelago  (La Maitresse Ile)
EDINBURGH Dukedom of EDINBURGH  (Edinburgh)
ENGLAND Country of ENGLAND  (London a + Westminster lr)
FIFE Dukedom of FIFE  (Elsick House)
GORDON Dukedom of GORDON  (Huntly)
GRAFTON Dukedom of GRAFTON  (Grafton Regis)
HAMILTON Dukedom of HAMILTON  (Hamilton)
HERM Tenantry of HERM  (Herm)
ISLE OF WIGHT Administrative County of ISLE OF WIGHT  (Newport)
ISLE-OF-PORTLAND Dukedom of PORTLAND  (Portland)
JETHOU Tenantry of JETHOU  (Jethou)
LANCASTER Duchy of LANCASTER  (Lancaster)
LEEDS Dukedom of LEEDS : County Borough of Leeds  (Leeds)
LENNOX Dukedom of LENNOX  (Lennoxtown)
LIHOU Tenantry of LIHOU  (Lihou)
LUNDY ISLAND Fiefdom of LUNDY ISLAND [Kingdom of Heaven]  (Lundy)
MANCHESTER Dukedom of MANCHESTER  (Manchester)
MINQUIERS THE MINQUIERS Archipelago  (Maitresse-Ile)
MONTROSE Dukedom of MONTROSE  (Montrose)
NORFOLK Dukedom of NORFOLK  (Norwich)
ORKNEY County of ORKNEY  (Kirkwall)
QUEENSBERRY Dukedom of QUEENSBERRY  (Drumlanrig Castle)
RICHMOND Dukedom of RICHMOND  (Westhampnett)
ROCKALL Disputed Zone of ROCKALL  (-)
ROTHESAY Dukedom of ROTHESAY  (Rothesay)
ROXBURGHE Dukedom of ROXBURGHE  (Roxburgh)
RUTLAND Dukedom of RUTLAND  (Bottesford)
SAINT ALBANS Dukedom of SAINT ALBANS  (Saint Albans)
SARK Seigniory of SARK  (La Seigneurie)
SCILLY ISLANDS Lord Propriety of SCILLY ISLANDS  (Hugh Town)
SCOTLAND Country of SCOTLAND  (Edinburgh)
SOMERSET Dukedom of SOMERSET  (Maiden Bradley)
STIRLINGSHIRE County of Stirling : STIRLINGSHIRE [Royal Burgh of Stirling]  (Stirling)
SUTHERLAND Dukedom of SUTHERLAND  (Trentham)
WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE Principality of WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE  ((Westminster) + Cardiff k)
WELLINGTON Dukedom of WELLINGTON  (Wellington)
WESTMINSTER Dukedom of WESTMINSTER  (Westminster)
WINDSOR Royal Borough of WINDSOR  (Windsor)
YORK Dukedom of YORK  (York)
ZETLAND County of ZETLAND  (Lerwick)

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