Bristol Bay Yupiks 2003-MAY-17 - -   


United States of America : USA State of ALASKA UNORGANIZED Borough DILLINGHAM Census Area BRISTOL BAY Native Corporation [Federally Recognized Tribe of the Self-Governing Bristol Bay Area]
(Washington-District of Columbia) (Juneau)(Bethel)(Dillingham)((Anchorage) + Dillingham)

BRISTOL BAY Native Association

Flag or Logo since 1971-12-18
Bristol Bay Native Association : BBNA (en) + LILGAYAQ (esu)
Emblem or Symbol

President George Walker Bush
(ruler of AMERICA since 2001-01-20)
Capitals & administrative places: (Anchorage) + Dillingham
((Anchorage) + Dillingham)
() capital or HQ de facto partially ou totally outside of the territory
Official & national languages: