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(Capitol Hill on Saipan a + Susupe on Saipan b) - (Washington-District of Columbia) -

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands : CNMI

Flag or Logo since 1995-07-04
Commonwealth of THE NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS (en) + Sankattan Siha Na ISLAS MARIÅNAS (cal) + Sankattan Siha i NOTTE MARIÅNAS (ch) De facto Semi-Independent
Emblem or Symbol

President George Walker Bush
(ruler of AMERICA since 2001-01-20)
Capitals & administrative places: Capitol Hill on Saipan a + Susupe on Saipan b
(Capitol Hill on Saipan+ Susupe on Saipan)
a administrative, national or political capital (also ruler's residence)
b site with government buildings
Official & national languages: Carolinian (cal) . Chamorro (ch) . English (en) .


NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands : CNMI  (Capitol Hill on Saipan + Susupe on Saipan)

4 Regionalized Divisions:

NORTHERN ISLANDS Municipality of the NORTHERN ISLANDS  (Shomushon)Local: Municipality of the NORTHERN ISLANDS (en) + ISLAS NOTTE (cal) + ISLAS NOTTE (ch)  (Shomushon)
ROTA Municipality of ROTA  (Songsong on Rota)Local: Municipality of ROTA (en) + LUTA (cal) + LUTA (ch)  (Songsong on Rota)
SAIPAN Municipality of SAIPAN  (Capitol Hill on Saipan)Local: Municipality of SAIPAN (en) + SEIPÉL (cal) + SEIPÉL (ch)  (Capitol Hill on Saipan)
TINIAN AND AGUIGAN Municipality of TINIAN AND AGUIGUAN  (San Jose on Tinian)Local: Municipality of TINIAN AND AGUIGUAN (en) + TINIAN Y AGIGUAN (cal) + TINIAN Y AGUIGUAN (ch)  (San Jose on Tinian)

2 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

PACIFIC COMMUNITY Secretariat of the Pacific Community : SPC  (Noumea)
SOUTH PACIFIC REGION South Pacific Regional Environment Programme : SPREP  (Apia)

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