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IRELAND (Dublin) UNO Member Republic of IRELAND : President Mary McAleese
NEW IRELAND (Kavieng)  NEW IRELAND Province :
THIRTY-TWO COUNTY (Dublin + Rira) Rebellion Thirty-Two County Sovereignty Movement : Real Irish Republican Army : RIRA : Mickey McKevitt
NORTHERN IRELAND (Belfast)  Country of NORTHERN IRELAND [Direct administration] :
UNITED IRELAND (Limerick + Cira) Rebellion Pro-Irish Continuity Army Council : Continuity Irish Republican Army : CIRA : Continuity Army Council

Other Entities with similar names

(Brussels a + Luxembourg j + Strasbourg l) - (Dublin) -

Republic of IRELAND

Flag or Logo since 1919-01-21
Republic of IRELAND (en) + Poblacht na hÉireann : ÉIRE (ga) UNO Member
Emblem or Symbol

President Romano Prodi
(ruler of EUROPEAN UNION since 1999-09-15)

President Mary McAleese
(ruler of IRELAND since 1997-11-11)
Capitals & administrative places: Dublin
(Baile Átha Cliath)
Official & national languages: