French Equatorial Africa 1946-JAN-29 - -   


PAN-AFRICA (Manchester) Exile PAN-AFRICAN Federation : Jomo Kenyatta
FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA (Brazzaville)  French Equatorial Africa Federation : FEA :
FRENCH WEST AFRICA (Dakar)  Government-General of the French West Africa Federation : FWA :
SOUTH AFRICA (Pretoria ae + Cape Town lUNO Member South African Union : UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA : King George VI

Other Entities with similar names

Provisional Government of the French Republic : PGFR [French Colonial Empire]

French Equatorial Africa Federation : FEA

Flag or Logo since 1910-01-15
Fédération de l´Afrique Équatoriale Française : AÉF (fr)
Emblem or Symbol

Felix Gouin
(ruler of FRANCE since 1946-01-26)
Capitals & administrative places: Brazzaville
Official & national languages: French (fr) .


FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA French Equatorial Africa Federation : FEA  (Brazzaville)

4 Federated Divisions:

CHAD Territory of CHAD  (Fort Lamy)Local: Territoire du TCHAD (fr)  (Fort Lamy)
GABON GABON Territory  (Libreville)Local: Territoire du GABON (fr)  (Libreville)
MIDDLE CONGO MIDDLE CONGO Territory  (Brazzaville a)Local: Territoire du MOYEN-CONGO (fr)  (Brazzaville)
UBANGI-SHARI UBANGI-SHARI Territory  (Bangui)Local: Territoire de l´OUBANGUI-CHARI (fr)  (Bangui)

Dependent Protectorate:

BAGHIRMI BAGHIRMI Sultanate [French Protectorate of the Baghirmi Kingdom]  (Massenya)Local: Sultanat du BAGUIRMI (fr) + Mbang TAR BAGRIMMA (bmi) + Sultanat BAQIRMI : سلطانات باقرمي (ar)  (Massenya)

1 Organisation or Grouping membership (selective)

PUBLIC HEALTH International Office of Public Health : IOPH  (Paris)

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