Surinam 1946-JAN-29 - -   


Kingdom of the NETHERLANDS [Dutch Realm]
(Amsterdam a + The Hague jlr + Wassenaar r)

Netherlands Overseas Territory of SURINAM

Flag or Logo since 1900-01-01
Overzeesch Gebiedsdeel SURINAME (nl)
Emblem or Symbol

Queen Wilhelmina
(ruler of NETHERLANDS since 1940-05-15)
Capitals & administrative places: Paramaribo
Official & national languages: Dutch (nl) .


SURINAM Netherlands Overseas Territory of SURINAM  (Paramaribo)

7 Divisions:

COMMEWYNE Rural District of COMMEWYNE  (New Amsterdam)Local: Land-District COMMEWIJNE (nl)  (Nieuw Amsterdam)
CORONIE Rural District of CORONIE  (Totness)Local: Land-District CORONIE (nl)  (Totness)
MAROWINI Rural District of MAROWINI  (Albina)Local: Land-District MAROWIJNE (nl)  (Albina)
NICKERIE Rural District of NICKERIE  (New Nickerie)Local: Land-District NICKERIE (nl)  (Nieuw Nickerie)
PARAMARIBO Urban District of PARAMARIBO  (Paramaribo)Local: Stad-District PARAMARIBO (nl)  (Paramaribo)
SARAMACCA Rural District of SARAMACCA  (Groningen)Local: Land-District SARAMACCA (nl)  (Groningen)
SURINAM Rural District of SURINAM  (Paramaribo)Local: Land-District SURINAME (nl)  (Paramaribo)

2 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

CALVINISM Alliance of Reformed Churches in the World : ARCW  (Geneva)
FIFA Federation of International Football Association : FIFA  (Zurich)

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