Villa Medici 1946-JAN-29 - -   


Provisional Government of the French Republic : PGFR [French Colonial Empire]

French Possession of VILLA MEDICI
[French Academy in Rome]

Flag or Logo since 1900-01-01
Académie de France à Rome : Domaine français de la VILLA MÉDICIS (fr)
Emblem or Symbol

Felix Gouin
(ruler of FRANCE since 1946-01-26)
Capitals & administrative places: Villa Medici
(Villa Médicis)
Official & national languages: French (fr) .

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ITALY Kingdom of ITALY [Regency of the Italian Empire – Allied Commission for Italy]  (Rome a)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

AOSTA Special Administrative Autonomous Province of AOSTA  (Aosta)
APULIA Region of APULIA  (Bari)
CALABRIA Region of CALABRIA  (Reggio Calabria)
CAMPANIA Region of CAMPANIA  (Naples)
CAMPIONE OF ITALY Commune of CAMPIONE OF ITALY [Enclave]  (Campione of Italy)
EMILIA Region of EMILIA  (Bologna)
FRENCH ESTABLISHMENT IN LORETO Pious French Establishment in Loreto : National Chaplaincy of France in LORETO  (National Chaplaincy of France in Loreto)
GENOA Dukedom of GENOA  (Genoa)
HOLY HOUSE OF LORETO Papal Basilica of Major Sanctuary of the HOLY HOUSE OF LORETO  (Holy House of Loreto)
HOLY SEE IN THE REST OF ITALY Properties of the HOLY SEE IN THE REST OF ITALY  (Saint Francis of Assisi)
JULIAN VENETY Allied Military Government of JULIAN VENETY [Allied Commission in the Territories of Julian March]  (Udine)
LATIUM Region of LATIUM  (Rome)
LIGURIA Region of LIGURIA  (Genoa)
LIVIGNO Commune of LIVIGNO [Enclave]  (Livigno)
LODI Dukedom of LODI  (Lodi)
LOMBARDY Region of LOMBARDY  (Milan)
LUCANIA Region of LUCANIA  (Potenza)
MARCHES Region of the MARCHES  (Ancona)
PALACE FARNESE French Embassy in Italy : PALACE FARNESE  (Palace Farnese)
PELAGIAN ISLANDS Commune of Lampedusa and Linosa : PELAGIAN ISLANDS Archipelago  (Lampedusa + Linosa)
PIEDMONT Region of PIEDMONT  (Turin)
SAINT ANTHONY OF PADUA Pontifical Basilica of SAINT ANTHONY OF PADUA  (Saint Anthony of Padua)
SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI Major Papal Basilica of SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI  (Saint Francis of Assisi)
SAINT ROSARY OF POMPEII Pontifical Basilica of the Major Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of the SAINT ROSARY OF POMPEII  (Saint Rosary of Pompeii)
SARDINIA High Commission of SARDINIA  (Cagliari)
SICILY High Commission of SICILY  (Palermo)
TAVOLARA Kingdom of TAVOLARA  (The Point of the Canon)
TRIESTE Allied Military Governorate of the ZONE A OF TRIESTE [Anglo-American Military Administration]  (Trieste)
TUSCANY Region of TUSCANY  (Florence)
UMBRIA Region of UMBRIA  (Perugia)

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