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Imperial State of ETHIOPIA
(Addis Ababa)

Imperial State of ETHIOPIA

Flag or Logo since 1941-05-05
Niguše Negešiti Menigišitī ze ĪTIYOP´IYA : ንጉሠ ነገሥት መንግሥቲ ዘ ኢትዮጵያ (ti) + Al-Ambratwryt al-´ITHYUBIA : الامبراطورية الاثيوبية (ar) UNO Member
Emblem or Symbol

Emperor Ras Tafari Haile Selassie I
(ruler of ETHIOPIA since 1941-05-05)
Capitals & administrative places: Addis Ababa
(Addis Abeba)
Official & national languages: Arabic (ar) . Tigrinian (ti) .


ETHIOPIA Empire of ETHIOPIA  (Addis Ababa)

12 Divisions:

ARUSI ARUSI Province  (Asela)Local: YeARSI Tekilayi Ghizati : የአርሲ ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Asela)
BEGAMDER BEGAMDER Province  (Gondar)Local: BEGEMDIRI Tekilayi Ghizati : በጌምድር ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Gonder)
DANAKIL DANAKIL Province  (Asaita)Local: DANAKILI Tekilayi Ghizati : ዳናክል ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Assayita)
GAMU-GOFA GAMU-GOFA Province  (Chencha)Local: GEMU GWEFA Tekilayi Ghizati : ጋሙ ጎፋ ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Ch´ench´a)
GOJAM GOJAM Province  (Debre Markos)Local: GOJJAM Tekilayi Ghizati : ጎጃም ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Debre Marqos)
HARAR HARAR Province  (Harar)Local: HĀRERI Tekilayi Ghizati : ሐረር ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Hārer)
KAFFA KAFFA Province  (Jimma)Local: KEFA Tekilayi Ghizati : ከፋ ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Jimma)
SHOWA SHOWA Province  (Addis Ababa)Local: SHEWA Tekilayi Ghizati : ሸዋ ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Addis Abeba)
SIDAMO-BORANA SIDAMO-BORANA Province  (Yirgalem)Local: SIDAMO-BORANA Tekilayi Ghizati : ሲዳሞ-ቦረና ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Yirga Alem)
TIGRE TIGRE Province  (Mekele)Local: TIGRAY Tekilayi Ghizati : ትግራይ ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Mek´elē)
WOLLEGA WOLLEGA Province  (Nakamte)Local: WÄLÄGÄ Tekilayi Ghizati : ወለጋ ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Nekemte)
WOLLO WOLLO Province  (Desie)Local: WELO Tekilayi Ghizati : ወሎ ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am)  (Dese)

1 Condominium:

ILLUBABOR ILLUBABOR Province [British Zone of Influence]  (Gorie)Local: ILUBABOR Tekilayi Ghizati : ኢሉባቦር ጠቅላይ ግዛት (am) + ILLUBABOR Province (en)  (Gore)

16 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

CTO Communications and Transit Organisation : CTO  (Geneva)
EFO Economic and Financial Organization of the League of Nations : EFO  (Brusells)
ICJ International Court of Justice : WORLD COURT  (The Hague)
IGCR High Commission for Refugees : Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees : IGCR  (Berne)
ILO International Labour Organization : ILO Specialized Agency  (Montreal)
IMF Agreement for International Monetary Fund : IMF  (Washington-District of Columbia)
INTERNATIONAL BANK INTERNATIONAL BANK for Reconstruction and Development  (Washington-District of Columbia)
LNHO League of Nations Health Organization : LNHO  (Geneva)
LON League of Nations Secretariat : LON  (Geneva)
ORIENTAL ORTHODOXISM Old Oriental Churches : ORIENTAL ORTHODOX Churches  (Alexandria + Echmiadzin)
PICAO Provisional International Civil Aviation Organization : PICAO Specialized Agency  (Montreal)
RED CROSS International Committee of the Red Cross : ICRC  (Geneva)
TELECOMMUNICATION International Telecommunication Union : ITU  (Berne)
UNITED NATIONS United Nations Organization : UNO [continuing the League of Nations]  (London)
UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION Universal Postal Union : UPU  (Berne)
UNRRA United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration : UNRRA  (Washington-District of Columbia)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BURE BURE Zone  (Bure)
GAMBELA British Concession of GAMBELA ENCLAVE  (Gambela)
ILLUBABOR ILLUBABOR Province [British Zone of Influence]  (Gorie)
OGADEN British Military Administration of the OGADEN  (Kelafo)
ZALAMBESSA ZALAMBESSA Vicinity  (Zalambessa)

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