Chihli 1900-JAN-01 - -   


CHIHLI  CHINA  Governorate-General of CHIH-LI [Viceroyalty of the Province of Chihli]
(Paoting) - (Peking) - (Paoting)

CHIHLI Province

Flag or Logo since 1900-01-01
CHIH-LI Sheng : 直隶省 (zh)
Emblem or Symbol

Viceroy Xitara Yulu
(ruler of CHIHLI since 1900-01-01)

Emperor Kwang-Hsu Tsai-Tien
(ruler of CHINA since 1900-01-01)
Capitals & administrative places: Paoting
Official & national languages: Chinese (zh) .

3 Territories:

EAST CHIHLI Counties of EAST CHIHLI  (Tangshan)Local: TUNG-CHIH-LI  (T´ang-Shan)
NANCHIHLI South Chihli Region : NANCHIHLI  (Paoting)Local: NAN-CHIH-LI Ti-Ch´ü : 南直隸地區 (zh)  (Pao-T´ing)
TIENTSIN Chinese Town of TIENTSIN  (Tientsin)Local: TIEN-CHIN Ch´eng-Shih : 天津城市 (zh)  (Tien-Chin)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

CHIHLI Governorate-General of CHIH-LI [Viceroyalty of the Province of Chihli]  (Paoting)
CHINA Great Manchu Empire of CHINA [Great Ch´ing Empire]  (Peking)
HUKWANG Governorate-General of HUKWANG [Viceroyalty of the Province of Hukwang]  (Wuchang)
LIANGKIANG Governorate-General of LIANGKIANG [Viceroyalty of the Two Yangtsekiang Provinces]  (Nanking)
LIANGKWANG Governorate-General of LIANGKWANG [Viceroyalty of the Province of Kwangtung and Kwangsi]  (Canton)