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AFGHANISTAN  UNITED NATIONS  AMERICA  Transitional Islamic State of AFGHANISTAN [International Security Assistance Force : ISAF]
(Kabul) - (New York) - (Washington-District of Columbia) - (Kabul)

Province of ORUZGAN

Flag or Logo since 2002-06-27
URUZGAN Wilayat : روزگان ولايت (ps) + Astan ORŪZGĀN : ولایت اروزگان (prs)
(Emblem or Symbol of AFGHANISTAN)

President Hamid Karzai
(ruler of AFGHANISTAN since 2001-12-22)

SG Kofi Annan (gh)
(ruler of UNITED NATIONS since 1997-01-01)

President George Walker Bush
(ruler of AMERICA since 2001-01-20)
Capitals & administrative places: Tarin-Kot
Official & national languages: Dari Persian (prs) . Pashtun (ps) .

2 Territories:

DAYKUNDI Region of DAYKUNDI  (Khadir)Local: DAIKONDI  (Khedir)
TARIN-KOT TARIN-KOT Vicinity  (Tarin-Kot)Local: TARIN-KOWT  (Tarin-Kowt)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

AFGHANISTAN Transitional Islamic State of AFGHANISTAN [International Security Assistance Force : ISAF]  (Kabul)
SALAFI GROUP Society for the Call to the Quran : THE SALAFI GROUP  (Kunar Area)
TALIBAN AFGHANISTAN Islamic Emirate of AFGHANISTAN-in-Exile [Quetta Shura Taliban Council]  (Quetta)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BADAKHSHAN Province of BADAKHSHAN  (Fayzabad)
BADGHIS Province of BADGHIS  (Qalay-i Naw)
BAGHLAN Province of BAGHLAN  (Pul-i Khumri)
BALKH Province of BALKH  (Mazar-i-Sharif)
BAMIAN Province of BAMIAN  (Bamian)
FARAH Province of FARAH  (Farah)
FARYAB Province of FARYAB  (Maimana)
FREE ISLAMIC AFGHANISTAN Islamic Union for the Liberation of Afghanistan : IULA  (Dawah Al-Jihad)
GHAZNI Province of GHAZNI  (Ghazni)
GHOR Province of GHOR  (Chaghcharan-Firozkoh)
HELMAND Province of HELMAND  (Lashkargah)
HERAT Province of HERAT  (Herat)
ISAF International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan : ISAF  (Isaf Headquarters in Kabul)
JOZJAN Province of JOZJAN [Juzjan]  (Shibarghan)
KABUL Province of KABUL  (Kabul)
KANDAHAR Province of KANDAHAR  (Kandahar)
KAPISA Province of KAPISA  (Mahmud-i-Raqi)
KHOST Province of KHOST  (Khost)
KONDUZ Province of KONDUZ  (Konduz)
KUNAR Province of KUNAR  (Asadabad)
LAGHMAN Province of LAGHMAN  (Mihtarlam)
LOGAR Province of LOGAR  (Pul-i Alam)
NANGARHAR Province of NANGARHAR  (Jalalabad)
NIMRUZ Province of NIMRUZ  (Zaranj)
NORTH WEST AFGHANISTAN National Islamic Movement of AFGHANISTAN [Autonomous Warlordship of North Zone of Afghanistan]  (Mazar-i-Sharif)
NURISTAN Province of NURISTAN  (Parun)
PAKTIA Province of PAKTIA  (Gardez)
PAKTIKA Province of PAKTIKA  (Sharan)
PARWAN Province of PARWAN  (Charikar)
SAMANGAN Province of SAMANGAN  (Aybak)
SARI PUL Province of SARI PUL  (Sari-Pul)
TAKHAR Province of TAKHAR  (Talugan)
WARDAK Province of WARDAK  (Maidanshahr)
ZABUL Province of ZABUL  (Kalat)

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