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COTE D´IVOIRE (Yamoussoukro a + Abidjan dlnUNO Member Republic of Cote d´Ivoire : RCI [French-Ecowas Occupation] : President Laurent Gbagbo
NEW FORCES (Bouake) Rebellion NEW FORCES Alliance : Guillaume Soro

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Flag or Logo since 2003-04-02
Alliance des FORCES NOUVELLES (fr) RebellionDe facto Independent
Emblem or Symbol

Guillaume Soro
(ruler of NEW FORCES since 2002-09-19)
Capitals & administrative places: Bouake
Official & national languages: French (fr) .


NEW FORCES NEW FORCES Alliance  (Bouake + Korhogo)

6 Federated Divisions:

BOUAKE BOUAKE Zone [part of Bandama Valley Region]  (Bouake)Local: Zone de BOUAKÉ (fr)  (Bouaké)
BUNA BUNA Zone  (Buna)Local: Zone de BOUNA (fr)  (Bouna)
BUNDIALI BUNDIALI Zone [part of Savannas Region]  (Bundiali)Local: Zone de BOUNDIALI (fr)  (Boundiali)
KATIOLA KATIOLA Zone [part of Valley of the Bandama Region]  (Katiola)Local: Zone de KATIOLA (fr)  (Katiola)
KORHOGO KORHOGO Zone [part of Savannas Region]  (Korhogo)Local: Zone de KORHOGO partie de la Région des Savanes (fr)  (Korhogo)
ODIENNE ODIENNE Zone [Denguele Region]  (Odienne)Local: Zone d´ODIENNÉ : Région du Denguélé (fr)  (Odienné)

2 Territories:

GREAT WEST Ivorian Popular Movement of the Great West : MPIGO  (Tuba)Local: Mouvement populaire ivoirien du Grand Ouest : MPIGO (fr)  (Touba)
JUSTICE AND PEACE Movement for Justice and Peace : MPJ  (Man)Local: Mouvement pour la Justice et la Paix : MPJ (fr)  (Man)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

COTE D´IVOIRE Republic of Cote d´Ivoire : RCI [French-Ecowas Occupation]  (Yamoussoukro a + Abidjan dln)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ALLANGOUA Traditional Anyi Ndenye Kingdom of ALLANGOUA  (Assahara)
APPOLONIA Traditional NZIMA Kingdom  (Grand Lahou)
BONDUKU Abron Kingdom of BONDUKU  (Bonduku)
DIMBOKRO Traditional Baule Kingdom of DIMBOKRO  (Dimbokro)
DJUABLIN Traditonal Anyi Kingdom of DJUABLIN  (Agnibilekrou)
EBRAH Traditional Abure Kingdom of EBRAH  (Ebrah)
INDENIE Traditonal Anyi Ndenye State of INDENIE Kingdom  (Abenguru)
MOOSOU Abure Kingdom of MOOSOU  (Moosou)
NZIMA-KOTOKO NZIMA-KOTOKO Kingship  (Grand Bassam)
SIKENSI Traditional Abidji Chiefdom of SIKENSI  (Sikensi)
TABU Traditional Kru Kingdom of TABU  (Tabu)
UNICORN FORCE French Troops in Ivory Coast : UNICORN FORCE  (Port-Bouet)

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