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Wattara Empire of KONG

Flag or Logo since 1900-01-01
Empire OUATTARA de Kong (fr) + Fama KONG : کونگ بادشاہت (dyu) + Fama KONG (sef) De facto Semi-Independent
Emblem or Symbol

President Emile Loubet
(ruler of FRANCE since 1900-01-01)

Emperor Pinntie Ba
(ruler of KONG since 1900-01-01)
Capitals & administrative places: Kong
Official & national languages: Dyula (dyu) . French (fr) . Tyebara Senufo (sef) .


KONG Wattara Empire of KONG  (Kong)

4 Divisions:

DABAKALA DABAKALA Subdivision  (Dabakala)Local: Subdivision de DABAKALA (fr) + DABAKALA : داباكالا (dyu) + DABAKALA (sef)  (Dabakala)
FERKESEDUGU FERKESEDUGU Subdivision  (Ferkesedugu)Local: Subdivision de FERKESSÉDOUGOU (fr) + FERKESEDUGU : فيركيسيدوغو (dyu) + FERKESEDUGU (sef)  (Ferkessédougou)
KONG KONG Subdivision  (Kong)Local: Subdivision de KONG (fr) + KONG : کونگ بادشاہت (dyu) + KONG (sef)  (Kong)
WANGOLODUGU WANGOLODUGU Subdivision  (Wangolodugu)Local: Subdivision de OUANGOLODOUGOU (fr) + WANGOLODUGU : أوانغولو دوغو (dyu) + WANGOLODUGU (sef)  (Ouangolodougou)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ALLANGOUA Traditional Anyi Ndenye Kingdom of ALLANGOUA  (Assahara)
APPOLONIA Traditional NZIMA Kingdom  (Grand Lahou)
BONDUKU Abron Kingdom of BONDUKU  (Bonduku)
BUNA Traditional State of the Kulango Kingdom of BUNA  (Buna)
BUNDIALI BUNDIALI Subdivision  (Bundiali)
DIMBOKRO Traditional Baule Kingdom of DIMBOKRO  (Dimbokro)
DJUABLIN Traditonal Anyi Kingdom of DJUABLIN  (Agnibilekrou)
EBRAH Traditional Abure Kingdom of EBRAH  (Ebrah)
INDENIE Traditonal Anyi Ndenye State of INDENIE Kingdom  (Abenguru)
IVORY COAST French Colony of the IVORY COAST  (Bingerville a + Grand Bassam b)
MAHU LAND Traditional Chiefdom of MAHU LAND  (Koro)
MOOSOU Abure Empire of MOOSOU in Grand Bassam  (Moosou)
NGOKRO Baule Kingdom of NGOKRO  (Ngokro)
NZIMA-KOTOKO Appolonian Kingship of KOTOKO  (Grand Bassam)
SAKASSO Baule Kingdom of SAKASSO  (Sakasso)
SANWI SANWI State of the Agni Kingdom of Krinjabo  (Krinjabo)
SIKENSI Traditional Abidji Chiefdom of SIKENSI  (Sikensi)
TABU Traditional Kru Kingdom of TABU  (Tabu)

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