Albania-In-Exile 1920-JAN-30 - -   


ALBANIAN KOSOVO (Trieste + Drenitsa Area) RebellionExile Committee for the National Defence of KOSOVO : Hoxha Kadri Prishtina
ALBANIA (Lushnja l + (Durres)) SDN Observer National Government of ALBANIA [High Council of Regency] : High Council
ALBANIAN FRONTIER ((Scutari))  ALBANIAN Military Frontier Territory :
ALBANIA-TOPTANI (Paris) Exile National Assembly of ALBANIA-in-Exile : Esad Pasha Toptani
ALBANIA-IN-EXILE (Berlin) Exile Principality of ALBANIA-IN-EXILE [Kingdom of Albania] : King William I of Wied-Skanderbeg II

Other Entities with similar names

(Weimar a + Berlin b) - (Berlin) -

Principality of ALBANIA-IN-EXILE
[Kingdom of Albania]

Flag or Logo since 1914-09-03
Principata e SHQIPINIS` (sq) Exile
Emblem or Symbol

Reichpresident Friedrich Ebert
(ruler of GERMANY since 1919-02-11)

King William I of Wied-Skanderbeg II
(ruler of ALBANIA-IN-EXILE since 1914-09-03)
Capitals & administrative places: Berlin
Official & national languages: