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THAILAND  AMERICA  KAWTHOOLEI  Government of the Republic of KAWTHOOLEI Karen National Union : KNU
(Bangkok) - (Washington-District of Columbia) - (Mae Sot + Mae Tha Raw Hta) - (Mae Sot + Mae Tha Raw Hta)(Mae Tha Raw Hta)

Karen National Defence Organisation : KNDO

Flag or Logo since 1947-07-16
Karen National Defence Organisation : KNDO (en) + KAWTHOOLEI : ကီၢ်သူလ့ၤ (ksw) + KARAIN Aamyoesarr Karkwalrayy Aahpwal : ကရင်အမျိုးသားကာကွယ်ရေးအဖွဲ့ (my)
Emblem or Symbol

King Rama IX Bhumibol Adulyadej
(ruler of THAILAND since 1946-06-09)

President George Walker Bush
(ruler of AMERICA since 2001-01-20)

SG Pado Mahn Shar Lah Phan
(ruler of KAWTHOOLEI since 2000-01-02)
Capitals & administrative places: Mae Sot
(Mae Sot)
Official & national languages: English (en) . Sgaw Karen (ksw) . Burmese (my) .

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BURMA National Council of the Union of Burma : NCUB  (New York + Rockville)
CHINLAND Government of CHINLAND [Chin National Democratic Front : CNDF]  (Camp Victorian)
DEMOCRATIC BURMA All Burma Students´ Democratic Front : ABSDF  (Myanmar Borders)
EASTERN SHANLAND National Democratic Alliance Army Military and Local Administration Commitee-Eastern Shan State : NDAA-ESS  (Mong La)
FREE ARAKAN Arakan Liberation Party : ALP  (Karen Camps)
KACHINLAND Kachin National Organization : KNO  (Laiza)
KARENNI United Karenni States : UKS  (Huaypon Long)
KAWTHOOLEI Government of the Republic of KAWTHOOLEI  (Mae Sot + Mae Tha Raw Hta)
KOKANG ALLIANCE Kokang Democracy Party : KDP [Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army : MNDAA]  (Laukkai)
KUKILAND Kuki National Organisation-Burma : KNO  (Camp Salem)
LAHULAND Lahu National Organization : LNO  (Muang Na)
MON LEAGUE Mon Unity League and New Mon State Party : MUL-NMSP  (Bangkok + Yebyu)
MYANMAR Union of Myanmar : UOM [State Peace and Development Council]  (Yangon a)
PA-O Pa-O National Organization : PNO  (Hopong)
PADAUNG Kayan New Land Party : KNLP [Padaung Land]  (Pekhon)
PALAUNGLAND Palaung State Liberation Front : PSLF  ((Namhsan))
POPULAR KARENNI Karenni National People´s Liberation Front : KNPLF  (Kayah Borders)
RED PA-O Shan State Nationalities People´s Liberation Organization : SSNPLO  (Banyin)
SHAN STATES Interim Government of Federated SHAN STATES  (Loi Taleng)
SHAN-HSIPAW Shan State National Army : SSNA  (Hsipaw)
SHANLAND-NORTH Shan State Progress Party : SSPP  (Wan Hai)
SHANLAND-SOUTH Restoration Council of the Shan State : RCSS  (Loi Taleng)
UNITED ARAKAN National United Party of Arakan : NUPA  (Bangkok + Dhaka + (Sittwe))
WA LAND Independent WA State  (Pangkham)
WA-HOMONG Wa National Organization : WNO  (Homong)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ARAKAN ARMY Arakan Army of the National United Party of Arakan : AA  (Bangkok + Dhaka + (Sittwe))
ARAKANESE UNION All Arakan Students´ and Youths´ Congress : AASYC  (Bangkok)
AYEYARWADY AYEYARWADY Division [Irrawaddy]  (Pathein)
BAGO BAGO Division [Pegu]  (Bago)
BUDDHIST KAREN Democratic Karen Buddhist Organization : DKBO  (Kayin Area)
CHIN CHIN State  (Hakha)
COCO ISLANDS COCO ISLANDS Township  (Great Coco Island)
FREE BURMA Democratic Government of the LIBERATED AREA OF BURMA {Free Burma Coalition : FBC – National League for Democracy-Liberated Areas : NLD-LA]  (Bahan)
FREE KAREN Karen National Liberation Army : KNLA  (Mae Sot)
GOD´S ARMY GOD´S ARMY Christian Karen Revolutionary Group  (Kamerplaw)
KACHIN KACHIN State  (Myitkyina)
KACHIN ARMY Kachin Independence Army : KIA  (Laiza)
KACHIN-LAND Kachin Independence Organization : KIO  (Laiza)
KAREN-NI Karenni National Progressive Party : KNPP  (Nya Moe)
KARENLAND Karen National Union : KNU  (Mae Tha Raw Hta)
KARENNIA Special Region Two of the Kayah State governed by the Karenni State Nationalities Peoples´ Liberation Front : KSNPLF  (Kayah Borders)
KAWNGHKA Special Region Five of the Northern Shan State for the Kachin Democratic Army : KDA  (Kawnghka)
KAWTHOOLEI Kawthoolei Armed Forces : KAF  (Mae Sot)
KAYAH KAYAH State  (Loikaw)
KAYAN Special Region One of the Kayah State governed by the Kayan National Guard : KNG  (Kayan National Guard)
KAYIN KAYIN State  (Hpa-An)
KOKANG Shan State Special Region One : Special Region of KOKANG  (Laukkai)
LAIZA KACHIN Special Region Two of the Kachin Independence Organization  (Laiza)
LESSER MONGLA MONG LA Special Region  (Mong La)
MAGWAY MAGWAY Division [Magwe]  (Magway)
MANDALAY MANDALAY Division  (Mandalay)
MANEELOY Vigorous Burmese Student Warriors : VBSW [Maneeloy Refugee Camp]  (Maneeloy Refugee Camp)
MERGUI-TAVOY Myeik-Dawei United Front : MDUF [Communist Rebellion of Mergui-Tavoy]  (Dawei)
MOBYE Special Region Three of the Kayah State : MOBYE  (Pekhon)
MON MON State  (Mawlamyine)
MON STATE Mon National Liberation Army : MNLA [New Mon State Party : NMSP]  (Ye Chaung Phya)
MONGLA MONG LA Army  (Mong La)
MONLAND Monland Restoration Army : MRA  (Sangkhlaburi)
NATIONAL FRONT United Democratic Front : National Democratic Front : NDF  (Bahan)
NEW SOCIETY Democratic Party for a New Society : DPNS  (Kyauktada)
PA-O Special Region Six of the Southern Shan State for the Pa-O National Organization : PNO  (Hopong)
PALAUNG Special Region Seven of the Northern Shan State for the Palaung State Liberation Army : PSLA  (Namhsan)
PANGWA Kachin Special Region One for the New Democratic Army-Kachin : NDA-K  (Pangwa)
POPULAR BURMA People´s Liberation Front of Burma : PLF  (North Mae Sot)
SAGAING SAGAING Division  (Sagaing)
SHAN SHAN State  (Taunggyi)
SHAN-NORTH Special Region Three of the Shan State for the Shan State Army-North : SSA-SR3  (Wan Hai)
SOUTHERN SHAN SOUTHERN SHAN Sub-State [Myelat Region]  (Taunggyi)
TANINTHARYI TANINTHARYI Division [Tenasserim]  (Dawei)
UNION OF BURMA National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma : NCGUB  (Rockville)
WA WA Special Region Two of the Shan State  (Hopang)
WA HILLS United Wa State Party : UWSP  (Pangkham)
YANGON YANGON Division [Rangoon]  (Yangon)

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