French Algeria 1958-SEP-19 - -   


ALGERIA-IN-EXILE (Tunis x + Ouzellaguen g + (Algiers) cRebellionExile ALGERIAN Republic [Provisional Government-in-Exile] : President Ferhat Abbas
ALGERIA (Algiers)  General Delegation of FRENCH ALGERIA :
FRENCH ALGERIA (Algiers) Rebellion Organization of the Resistance of French Algeria : ORFA : Dr Rene Kovacs

Other Entities with similar names

French Republic : FRENCH UNION General Delegation of FRENCH ALGERIA Territory of ALGIERS Department of ALGIERS Arrondissement of ALGIERS
(Paris) (Algiers)(Algiers)(Algiers)(Algiers)

Organization of the Resistance of French Algeria : ORFA

Flag or logo since 1958-06-07*
Organisation de la résistance de l´Algérie française : ORAF (fr) Rebellion
Emblem or Symbol*

President Rene Coty
(ruler of FRENCH UNION since 1954-01-16)
Capitals & administrative places*: Algiers
Official & national languages: French (fr) .


FRENCH ALGERIA Organization of the Resistance of French Algeria : ORFA  (Algiers)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ALGERIA-IN-EXILE ALGERIAN Republic [Provisional Government-in-Exile]  (Tunis x + Ouzellaguen g + (Algiers) c)
HOGGAR KEL AHAGGAR Tuareg Confederation [under French Suzerainty]  (Abalessa)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ADRAR-TAMANRASSET Province Seven in ADRAR-TAMANRASSET  (Adrar-Tamanrasset)
ALGERIA General Delegation of FRENCH ALGERIA  (Algiers)
ALGEROIS Province Four in ALGEROIS  (Algerois)
AURES Province One in AURES  (Aures)
FRENCH SAHARA Departments of FRENCH SAHARA  (Colomb-Bechar + Wargla)
HAMMAGUIRA Interarmy Special Vehicles Test Centre : ISVTC – COLOMB-BECHAR AND HAMMAGIR Air Bases  (Colomb-Bechar + Hammaguir)
HODNA Zone of HODNA [rebellion]  (Hodna)
KABYLIA Province Three in KABYLIA  (Ouzellaguen)
KSOURS Zone of KSOURS [rebellion]  (Ksours)
MERS EL-KEBIR French Naval Base of MERS EL-KEBIR  (Mers El Kebir)
REGGAN Saharan Center for Military Experiments : SCME  (Tinoulef)
SOUK AHRAS East Base of SOUK AHRAS  (Souk Ahras)
SOUTH ALGERIA Province Six in SOUTH  (South Algeria)
WEST ALGERIA Province Five in WEST  (Tlemsen Mounts)

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