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International Organization ARGENTINE  BRAZIL  DENMARK  EGYPT  SPAIN  FRANCE  MONACO  POLAND  PORTUGAL  SWEDEN  SIAM  CHINA  UNITED KINGDOM  AMERICA  URUGUAY  United Nations Organization : UNO [continuing the League of Nations]

International Hydrographic Bureau : IHB Specialized Agency

Flag or Logo since 1921-06-21
Bureau Hydrographique International : Agence spécialisée du BHI (fr) + International Hydrographic Bureau : IHB Specialized Agency (en) Organisation
Emblem or Symbol

President John Dodd Nares (uk)
(since 1932-01-02)
Capitals & administrative places: Monaco
Official & national languages: English (en) . French (fr) .

15 Members (excluding the associate or suspended members but including the countries represented on their behalf)   [The rulers are not necessarily the representatives in the organisation. ] :

ARGENTINE (Buenos Aires a + Olivos r) President Edelmiro Julian Farrell
BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro) President Jose Linhares
DENMARK (Copenhagen) King Christian X
EGYPT (Cairo a + Alexandria r) King Farouk I
SPAIN (Madrid) Caudillo Francisco Franco
FRANCE (Paris) Felix Gouin
MONACO (Monaco q) Prince Louis II
POLAND (Warsaw a) Wladyslaw Gomulka
PORTUGAL (Lisbon) President Oscar Carmona
SWEDEN (Stockholm) King Gustav V
SIAM (Bangkok) King Rama VIII Ananda Mahidol
CHINA (Chungking t + Nanking c) Chiang Kai-Shek
UNITED KINGDOM (London a + Westminster lr + Edinburgh s + Windsor r) King George VI
AMERICA (Washington-District of Columbia) President Harry Truman
URUGUAY (Montevideo) President Juan Jose de Amezaga

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