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FRENCH STATE  FRENCH State [Government of Vichy]
(Vichy q + (Paris) c) - (Vichy q + (Paris) c)

French Colony of REUNION

Flag or Logo since 1929-01-02
Colonie française de la RÉUNION (fr)
Emblem or Symbol

Marshal Philippe Petain
(ruler of FRENCH STATE since 1940-07-11)
Capitals & administrative places: Saint Denis of the Reunion
(Saint-Denis de la Réunion)
Official & national languages: French (fr) .


REUNION French Colony of REUNION  (Saint Denis of the Reunion)

1 Divisions:

REUNION ISLAND Communes of REUNION ISLAND  (Saint Denis of the Reunion)Local: Communes de l´ÎLE DE LA RÉUNION (fr)  (Saint-Denis de la Réunion)

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