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People''s Republic of CHINA People''s Republic of CHINA
(Beijing) (Beijing)

BEIJING Special Municipality

Flag or logo since 1949-10-01
BEIJING Shi : 北京市 (zh)
Emblem or Symbol

Xi Jinping
(ruler of CHINA since 2012-11-15)
Official languages:()
Official relgions:()


BEIJING BEIJING Special Municipality  (Beijing)

4 Metropolitan Divisions:

BEIJING OLD CITY BEIJING OLD CITY Districts  (Beijing)Local: LAO CHENG Qu Beijing Diqu : 老城区北京地区 (zh)  (Beijing)
BEIJING URBAN BEIJING URBAN Districts  (Chaoyang)Local: BEIJING SHI-de Qu : 北京市的区 (zh)  (Chaoyang)
INNER SUBURBS INNER SUBURBS Districts  (Tongzhou)Local: Qu JINJIAO : 区近郊 (zh)  (Tongzhou)
OUTER SUBURBS OUTER SUBURBS Districts  (Miyun)Local: Qu YUANJIAO : 区远郊 (zh)  (Miyun)

Other Current States within the 2018's internationaly recognized Country boundaries (listed below in grey, it may contain errors)

CHINA People''s Republic of CHINA  (Beijing)
CHINA-TAIPEI Republic of CHINA  (Taipei)
HONG KONG HONG KONG Special Administrative Region of the People''s Republic of China  (Victoria City)
ISLAMIC EAST TURKESTAN East Turkestan Islamic Movement : ETIM  (Wana)
MACAO MACAO Special Administrative Region of the People''s Republic of China  (Macao)

Other Current Territories within the 2018's internationaly recognized Country boundaries (listed below in grey, it may contain errors)

BARKOL BARKOL Kazakh Autonomous County  (Barkol)
BAYINGOLIN BAYINGOLIN Mongol Autonomous Prefecture  (Korla)
BENXI BENXI Manchu Autonomous County  (Xiaoshi)
BORTALA BORTALA Mongol Autonomous Prefecture  (Bole)
CANGYUAN CANGYUAN Va Autonomous County  (Cangyuan)
CHANGBAI CHANGBAI Korean Autonomous County  (Changbai)
CHANGCHI CHANGCHI Huei Autonomous Prefecture  (Changchi)
CHAPCHAL CHAPCHAL Sibo Autonomous County  (Chapchal)
CHUXIONG CHUXIONG Yi Autonomous Prefecture  (Chuxiong)
DALI DALI Pai Autonomous Prefecture  (Dali)
DATONG DATONG Huei and Monguor Autonomous County  (Datong)
DEQEN DEQEN Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Shangri-La)
DORBETIA DORBET Mongol Autonomous County  (Derbet)
ENSHI ENSHI Tukia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture  (Enshi)
ESHAN ESHAN Yi Autonomous County  (Eshan)
EVENK EVENK Autonomous Banner  (Bayan Tohoi)
FUKIEN Province of FUKIEN : Quemoy and Matsu Islands  (Jinsheng)
FUXIN FUXIN Mongol Autonomous County  (Shijiazi)
GAOSHAN Taiwan First Nations : GAOSHAN  (Taipei)
GARZE GARZE Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Kangding)
GENGMA GENGMA Tai and Va Autonomous County  (Gengma)
GOLOG GOLOG Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Machin)
GONSHAN GONGSHAN Derung and Nu Autonomous County  (Gongshan)
HAINAN Special Economic Zone of HAINAN Province  (Haikou)
HAIXI HAIXI Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Delhi Hot)
HEKOU HEKOU Yao Autonomous County  (Hekou)
HENAN HENAN Mongol Autonomous County  (Youganning)
HENGQIN Leased Lands in the Special Economic District of HENGQIN New Area  (Hengqin)
HOBOKSAR HOBOKSAR Mongol Autonomous County  (Hoxtolgay)
HONGHE HONGHE Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture  (Mengzi)
HUALONG HUALONG Huei Autonomous County  (Qunke)
HUANREN HUANREN Manchu Autonomous County  (Huanren)
HUZHU HUZHU Monguor Autonomous County  (Weiyuan)
ILI ILI Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture  (Kulja)
INNER MONGOLIA INNER MONGOLIA Autonomous Region  (Huhehot)
JIANGCHENG JIANGCHENG Hani and Yi Autonomous County  (Jiangcheng)
JINGDONG JINGDONG Yi Autonomous County  (Jingdong)
JINGGU JINGGU Tai and Yi Autonomous County  (Jinggu)
JINPING JINPING Miao Yao and Tai Autonomous County  (Jinping)
KANLHO GANNAN Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Dzoi)
KHARCHIN LEFT WING KHARCHIN LEFT WING Mongol Autonomous County  (Dachengzi)
KIEN GORLOS KIEN GORLOS Mongol Autonomous County  (Kien Gorlos)
KIZILSU KIZILSU Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture  (Atush)
KUANDIAN KUANDIAN Manchu Autonomous County  (Kuandian)
KWANGSI KWANGSI Chuang Autonomous Region  (Nanning)
LANCANG LANCANG Lahu Autonomous County  (Lancang)
LANPING LANPING Pai and Prumi Autonomous County  (Lanping)
LIANGSHAN LIANGSHAN Yi Autonomous Prefecture  (Xichang)
LINXIA LINXIA Huei Autonomous Prefecture  (Linxia)
LUQUAN LUQUAN Yi and Miao Autonomous County  (Luquan)
MALHO HUANGNAN Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture : Malho  (Rebkong)
MENYUAN MENYUAN Huei Autonomous Prefecture  (Haomen)
MINHE MINHE Huei and Monguor Autonomous County  (Chuankou)
MOJIANG MOJIANG Hani Autonomous County  (Mojiang)
MONGLIAN MONGLIAN Tai Lahu and Va Autonomous County  (Monglian)
MORI MORI Kazakh Autonomous County  (Mori)
MORIN DAWA MORIN DAWA Daur Autonomous Banner  (Nirgi)
NANJIAN NANJIAN Yi Autonomous County  (Nanjian)
NGABA NGABA Tibetan and Hsiang Autonomous Prefecture  (Barkam)
NINGER NINGER Hani and Yi Autonomous County  (Ninger)
NINGLANG NINGLANG Yi Autonomous County  (Ninglang)
NINGSIA NINGSIA Huei Autonomous Region  (Yinchuan)
NUJIANG NUJIANG Lisu Autonomous Prefecture  (Liuku)
OROCHEN OROCHEN Autonomous Banner  (Alihe)
PENGSHUI PENGSHUI Miao and Tukia Autonomous County  (Hanjia Town)
PINGBIAN PINGBIAN Miao Autonomous County  (Pingbian)
PRATAS ISLANDS Military Territory of PRATAS ISLANDS  (Dongsha)
QINGYUAN QINGYUAN Manchu Autonomous County  (Qingyuan)
SHILIN SHILIN Yi Autonomous County  (Shilin)
SHIZHU SHIZHU Tukia Autonomous County  (Nanbin Town)
SHUANGJIANG SHUANGJIANG Lahu Va Blang and Tai Autonomous County  (Shuangjiang)
SINKIANG SINKIANG Uyghur Autonomous Region  (Urumchi)
SIPSONGPANNA SIPSONGPANNA Tai Autonomous Prefecture  (Jinghung)
SOUTH CHINA SEA ISLANDS SANSHA City-Prefecture : South China Sea Islands  (Woody Island)
TAIWAN Province of TAIWAN  (Zhongxing New Village)
TASHKURGAN TASHKURGAN Tajik Autonomous County  (Tashkurgan)
TIBET TIBETAN Autonomous Region  (Lhasa)
TSHOLHO HAINAN Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture : Tsholho  (Kabka)
TSHOYANG HAIBEI Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture : Tshoyang  (Xihai)
WEISHAN WEISHAN Yi and Huei Autonomous County  (Weishan)
WEIXI WEIXI Lisu Autonomous County  (Weixi)
WENSHAN WENSHAN Chuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture  (Wenshan)
XIANGXI XIANGXI Tukia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture  (Jishou)
XIMENG XIMENG Va Autonomous County  (Ximeng)
XINBIN XINBIN Manchu Autonomous County  (Xinbin)
XINPING XINPING Yi and Tai Autonomous County  (Xinping)
XIUSHAN XIUSHAN Tukia and Miao Autonomous County  (Xiushan)
XIUYAN XIUYAN Manchu Autonomous County  (Xiuyan)
XUNDIAN XUNDIAN Huei and Yi Autonomous County  (Xundian)
XUNHUA XUNHUA Salar Autonomous County  (Jishi)
YANBIAN YANBIAN Korean Autonomous Prefecture  (Yanji)
YANGBI YANGBI Yi Autonomous County  (Yangbi)
YENCHI YENCHI Huei Autonomous County  (Yenchi)
YITONG YITONG Manchu Autonomous County  (Yitong)
YOUYANG YOUYANG Tukia and Miao Autonomous County  (Youyang)
YUANJIANG YUANJIANG Hani Yi and Tai Autonomous County  (Lijiang)
YULONG YULONG Nakhi Autonomous County  (Yulong)
YULSHUL YULSHUL Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  (Gyegu)
ZHENYUAN ZHENYUAN Yi Hani and Lahu Autonomous County  (Zhenyuan)
DEHONG DEHONG Tai and Chingpo Autonomous Prefecture  (Mang City)

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