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HUKLANDIA (Utrecht) RebellionExile National Democratic Front of Philippines : NDFP : Jose Maria Sison
PHILIPPINES (Manila acr + Quezon City b + Pasay City bUNO Member Republic of the PHILIPPINES : President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

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Republic of the PHILIPPINES
(Manila acr + Quezon City b + Pasay City b)

Republic of the PHILIPPINES

Flag or Logo since 1997-09-16
Republika ng PILIPINAS (fil) + Republic of the PHILIPPINES (en) + República de FILIPINAS (es)w + Jumhuriyat al-FILIBIYN : جمهورية الفلبين (ar)w UNO Member
Emblem or Symbol

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
(ruler of PHILIPPINES since 2001-01-20)
Capitals & administrative places: Manila acr + Quezon City b + Pasay City b
(Maynila + Lungsod Quezon + Lungsod ng Pasay)
a administrative, national or political capital (also ruler's residence)
b site with government buildings
c constitutional, official or de jure capital
r ruler's residence (royal or presidential, primary or secondary)
Official & national languages: