New Ireland 1975-JUN-02 - -   


IRELAND (Dublin) UNO Member Republic of IRELAND [Presidential Commission] : President Cearbhall O. Dalaigh
NEW IRELAND (Kavieng)  NEW IRELAND Province :
NORTHERN IRELAND (Belfast)  Country of NORTHERN IRELAND [Direct administration] :

Other Entities with similar names

AUSTRALIA  UNITED KINGDOM  Commonwealth of AUSTRALIA Self-Governing Territory of Papua New Guinea : TPNG Provinces of NEW GUINEA
(Canberra) - (London a + Westminster lr + Edinburgh s + Windsor r) - (Canberra)(Port Moresby a + Konedobu b)(Rabaul)


Flag or Logo since 1971-03-12
NEW IRELAND Province (en)
Emblem or Symbol

Queen Elizabeth II
(ruler of UNITED KINGDOM since 1952-02-06)
Capitals & administrative places: Kavieng
Official & national languages: English (en) .

6 Territories:

KAVIENG KAVIENG District  (Kavieng)Local: KAVIENG District (en)  (Kavieng)
KONOS KONOS District  (Konos)Local: KONOS District (en)  (Konos)
LIHIR LIHIR District  (Potzlaka)Local: LIHIR District (en)  (Potzlaka)
MUSSAU EMIRA MUSSAU EMIRA District  (Palakau)Local: MUSSAU EMIRA District (en)  (Palakau)
NAMATANAI NAMATANAI District  (Namatanai)Local: NAMATANAI District (en)  (Namatanai)
NEW HANOVER NEW HANOVER District  (Taskul)Local: NEW HANOVER District (en)  (Taskul)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

NEW GUINEA Provinces of NEW GUINEA  (Rabaul)
NORTH SOLOMONS NORTH SOLOMONS Province [Bougainville Interim Provincial Government]  (Sohano)
PAPUA Provinces of PAPUA  (Port Moresby)
PAPUA NEW GUINEA Self-Governing Territory of Papua New Guinea : TPNG  (Port Moresby a + Konedobu b)

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