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Sultanate of OMAN


Flag or Logo since 1995-11-18
Mintaqah AZ-ZAHIRAH : منطقة الظاهرة (ar)
(Emblem or Symbol of OMAN)

Sultan Qaboos bin Said
(ruler of OMAN since 1971-10-07)
Capitals & administrative places: Ibri
Official & national languages: Arabic (ar) .

5 Territories:

BURAIMI BURAIMI Province  (Al Buraimi)Local: Wilayah AL-BURAYMI : ولاية البريمي (ar)  (Al-Buraymi)
DHANK DHANK Province  (Dhank)Local: Wilayat DHANK  (Dhank)
IBRI IBRI Province  (Ibri)Local: Wilayat IBRI  (Ibri)
MAHDHA MAHDHA Province  (Mahdha)Local: Wilayat MAHDHA : وِلَايَة مَحْضَة (ar)  (Mahdha)
YANKUL YANKUL Province  (Yankul)Local: Wilayat YANKUL  (Yankul)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

OMAN Sultanate of OMAN  (Muscat)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

MADHA MADHA Province [Enclave]  (Wadi Madha)
MASIRAH American Air Base of MASIRAH  (Camp Justice)
MUSANDAM Governorate of MUSANDAM  (Khasab)
MUSCAT SALALAH AND AL KHASAB American Naval Bases of MUSCAT SALALAH AND AL KHASAB  (Muscat + Salalah + Khasab)
PAK-OMAN PAK-OMAN Defense Co-operation : Joint Programme Review Group  (Pak-Oman)
SAIF SAREEA SAIF SAREEA Bases of Exercise  (Thumrait + Seeb)

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