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NORTH BORNEO-IN-EXILE (Kuala Lumpur) Exile NORTH BORNEO Federation-in-Exile [Brunei People´s Party] : (Yassin Affandi)
SABAH (Kota Kinabalu)  State of SABAH :

Other Entities with similar names

Federation of MALAYSIA
(Putrajaya aj + Kuala Lumpur ejlry)

State of SABAH

Flag or Logo since 1988-09-16
Negeri SABAH (ms)
Emblem or Symbol

Raja Syed Sirajuddin I
(ruler of MALAYSIA since 2001-12-13)
Capitals & administrative places: Kota Kinabalu
(Kota Kinabalu)
Official & national languages: Malay (ms) .


SABAH State of SABAH  (Kota Kinabalu)

5 Divisions:

INTERIOR INTERIOR Division  (Beaufort)Local: Bahagian PEDALAMAN (ms)  (Beaufort)
KUDAT KUDAT Division  (Kudat)Local: Bahagian KUDAT (ms)  (Kudat)
SANDAKAN SANDAKAN Division  (Sandakan)Local: Bahagian SANDAKAN (ms)  (Sandakan)
TAWAU TAWAU Division  (Tawau)Local: Bahagian TAWAU (ms)  (Tawau)
WEST COAST WEST COAST Division  (Kota Kinabalu)Local: Bahagian PANTAI BARAT (ms)  (Kota Kinabalu)

1 Territory:

SWALLOW REEFS SWALLOW REEFS Zone  (Layang)Local: Terumbu LAYANG LAYANG (ms)  (Layang)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

MALAYSIA Federation of MALAYSIA  (Putrajaya aj + Kuala Lumpur ejlry)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

AIR KUNING AIR KUNING Sub-State of Johol  (Pekan Air Kuning)
BUTTERWORTH BASE Royal Malaysian Air Force BUTTERWORTH Base  (Station Butterworth)
GEMENCHEH GEMENCHEH Sub-State of Johol  (Pekan Gemencheh Bahru)
GUNUNG PASIR GUNUNG PASIR Sub-State  (Pekan Gunung Pasir)
INAS INAS Sub-State  (Inas)
JELAI JELAI Sub-State of Johol  (Jelai)
JELEBU JELEBU District [Jelebu State]  (Kuala Klawang + Sungai Muntoh)
JEMPOL JEMPOL District [State of Jempol]  (Bandar Seri Jempol)
JEMPOL State of JEMPOL : Jempol District  (Bandar Seri Jempol)
JOHOL JOHOL District [Johol State]  (Pekan Johol)
JOHOL STATE JOHOL Traditional State  (Pekan Johol)
JOHOR Sultanate of the State and Dependencies of JOHOR ABODE OF DIGNITY  (Johor Bahru a + Muar Town r)
KEDAH Sultanate of KEDAH ABODE OF PEACE  (Alor Star a + Anak Bukit r)
KELANTAN Sultanate of KELANTAN THE BLISSFUL ABODE  (Kota Baharu a + Kubang Kerian r)
KEPIS KEPIS Sub-State of Johol  (Pekan Dangi)
KLANG Royal Town of KLANG  (Royal Town of Klang)
KUALA LUMPUR Federal Territory of KUALA LUMPUR  (Kuala Lumpur)
KUALA PILAH KUALA PILAH District [Directly Controlled Sub-States of Mengandung]  (Bandar Kuala Pilah + Seri Menanti)
LABUAN LABUAN Federal Territory  (Labuan Town)
LINGGI LINGGI Sub-State of Sungei Ujong  (Linggi)
MIDDLE TAMPIN TAMPIN State  (Bandar Tampin)
MUAR Royal City of MUAR  (Muar Town)
NEGERI SEMBILAN Elective Monarchy of the Confederation of NEGERI SEMBILAN THE SPECIAL ABODE  (Seremban a + Seri Menanti r)
PAHANG Sultanate of PAHANG ABODE OF TRANQUILITY  (Kuantan a + Pekan r)
PALONG PALONG Sub-State of Johol  (Bandar Gemas)
PASIR BESAR PASIR BESAR Sub-State of Johol  (Pekan Pasir Besar + Bandar Gemas)
PERAK Sultanate of PERAK LAND OF GRACE  (Ipoh a + Kuala Kangsar r)
PERLIS Kingdom of PERLIS INDERA KAYANGAN  (Kangar a + Arau r)
PORT DICKSON PORT DICKSON District [Part of Sungei Ujong State]  (Port Dickson)
PUTRAJAYA Federal Territory of PUTRAJAYA  (Putrajaya)
REMBAU REMBAU District [State of Rembau]  (Rembau + Kota + Chembong)
SARAWAK State of SARAWAK  (Kuching)
SELANGOR Sultanate of SELANGOR ABODE OF SINCERITY  (Shah Alam a + Royal Town of Klang r)
SEREMBAN SEREMBAN District [Part of Sungei Ujong State]  (Seremban)
TAMPIN TAMPIN District [Tampin State]  (Bandar Tampin)
TERACHI TERACHI Sub-State  (Terachi)
TERENGGANU Sultanate of TERENGGANU ABODE OF FAITH  (Kuala Terengganu ar)
ULU MUAR ULU MUAR Sub-State  (Bandar Kuala Pilah)

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