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Province of NOVA SCOTIA

Flag or logo since 2013-05-10
Province of NOVA SCOTIA (en)
Emblem or Symbol

Queen Elizabeth II
(ruler of UNITED KINGDOM since 1952-02-06)
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Official religions:()


NOVA SCOTIA Province of NOVA SCOTIA  (Halifax)

18 Metropolitan Divisions:

ANNAPOLIS ANNAPOLIS County  (Annapolis Royal)Local: ANNAPOLIS County (en)  (Annapolis Royal)
ANTIGONISH ANTIGONISH County  (Antigonish)Local: ANTIGONISH County (en)  (Antigonish)
CAPE BRETON CAPE BRETON County  (Sydney)Local: CAPE BRETON County (en)  (Sydney)
COLCHESTER COLCHESTER County  (Truro)Local: COLCHESTER County (en)  (Truro)
CUMBERLAND CUMBERLAND County  (Amherst)Local: CUMBERLAND County (en)  (Amherst)
DIGBY DIGBY County  (Digby)Local: DIGBY County (en)  (Digby)
GUYSBOROUGH GUYSBOROUGH County  (Guysborough)Local: GUYSBOROUGH County (en)  (Guysborough)
HALIFAX HALIFAX County  (Halifax)Local: HALIFAX County (en)  (Halifax)
HANTS HANTS County  (Windsor)Local: HANTS County (en)  (Windsor)
INVERNESS INVERNESS County  (Port Hood)Local: INVERNESS County (en)  (Port Hood)
KINGS KINGS County  (Kentville)Local: KINGS County (en)  (Kentville)
LUNENBURG LUNENBURG County  (Lunenburg)Local: LUNENBURG County (en)  (Lunenburg)
PICTOU PICTOU County  (Pictou)Local: PICTOU County (en)  (Pictou)
QUEENS QUEENS County  (Liverpool)Local: QUEENS County (en)  (Liverpool)
RICHMOND RICHMOND County  (Arichat)Local: RICHMOND County (en)  (Arichat)
SHELBURNE SHELBURNE County  (Shelburne)Local: SHELBURNE County (en)  (Shelburne)
VICTORIA VICTORIA County  (Baddeck)Local: VICTORIA County (en)  (Baddeck)
YARMOUTH YARMOUTH County  (Yarmouth)Local: YARMOUTH County (en)  (Yarmouth)

Other notable Territories in Americas:

ACADIA MICMACS ACADIA First Nation  (Yarmouth + Gold River)Local: ACADIA First Nation (en) + ACADIA (mic)  (Yarmouth + Gold River)
ANNAPOLIS VALLEY MICMACS ANNAPOLIS VALLEY First Nation part of the Confederacy of Mainland Micmacs  (Cambridge Station)Local: ANNAPOLIS VALLEY First Nation (en) + ANNAPOLIS VALLEY (mic)  (Cambridge Station)
BEAR RIVER MICMACS BEAR RIVER First Nation part of the Confederacy of Mainland Micmacs  (Bear River)Local: BEAR RIVER First Nation (en) + L''SƗTKUK (mic)  (Bear River)
CHAPEL ISLAND MICMACS CHAPEL ISLAND First Nation  (Chapel Island)Local: POTLOTEK First Nation (en) + POTLOTEK (mic)  (Potlotek)
ESKASONI MICMACS Micmac Chiefdom of ESKASONI First Nation  (Eskasoni)Local: ESKASONI Mi''Kmaw Nation (en) + ESSISOQNI Wutaniminu (mic)  (Eskasoni)
GLOOSCAP MICMACS GLOOSCAP First Nation part of the Confederacy of Mainland Micmacs  (Glooscap)Local: PESIKITK First Nation (en) + PESIKITK'' (mic)  (Pesikitk'')
MAINLAND MICMACS Confederacy of MAINLAND MICMACS  (Truro)Local: Confederacy of MAINLAND MI''KMAQ (en) + MI''KMAQ (mic)  (Truro)
MEMBERTOU MICMACS MEMBERTOU First Nation Community  (Membertou)Local: MEMBERTOU First Nation Community (en) + MEMBERTOU Unamak''i (mic)  (Membertou)
MICMACS MIKMAQ National Council  (Bras D''Or Lake on Chapel Island)Local: MI''KMAQ National Council (en) + MI''KMAQ Santé Mawiómi (mic)  (Mniku on Potlotek)
MILLBROOK MICMACS Chiefdom of MILLBROOK First Nation part of the Confederacy of Mainland Micmacs  (Millbrook)Local: MILLBROOK First Nation (en) + MILLBROOK (mic)  (Millbrook)
PICTOU LANDING MICMACS PICTOU LANDING First Nation part of the Confederacy of Mainland Micmacs  (Trenton)Local: PICTOU LANDING First Nation (en) + PICTOU LANDING (mic)  (Trenton)
POMQUET MICMACS POMQUET First Nation : Afton First Nation part of the Confederacy of Mainland Micmacs  (Pomquet and Afton)Local: PAQ''TNKEK First Nation : Paq''tnkek Mi''kmaw Nation (en) + PAQ''TNKEK MI''KMAW (mic)  (Paqtnkek-Niktuek)
SHUBENACADIE MICMACS SHUBENACADIE First Nation : Shubenacadie Band  (Indian Brook)Local: SHUBENACADIE First Nation (en) + SIPEKNE''KATIK (mic)  (Indian Brook)