Martinique 1943-JUL-13 - -   


French Committee of National Liberation : FCNL High Commission for the THEATER ATLANTIC WEST
(Algiers t + Westminster x) (Fort of France)

French Colony of MARTINIQUE

Flag or Logo since 1900-01-01
Colonie de la MARTINIQUE (fr)
Emblem or Symbol

General Charles de Gaulle
(ruler of FREE FRANCE since 1940-06-22)
Capitals & administrative places: Fort of France
Official & national languages: French (fr) .


MARTINIQUE French Colony of MARTINIQUE  (Fort of France)

1 Divisions:

MARTINIQUE Island of MARTINIQUE  (Fort of France)Local: Île de la MARTINIQUE (fr)  (Fort-de-France)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

THEATER ATLANTIC WEST High Commission for the THEATER ATLANTIC WEST  (Fort of France)

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