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Union of Myanmar : UOM [State Peace and Development Council]
(Yangon a)

MAGWAY Division

Flag or Logo since 2002-09-27
MAGWAY tuing: – မကွေးတိုင်း (my)
Emblem or Symbol

Than Shwe
(ruler of MYANMAR since 1992-04-23)
Capitals & administrative places: Magway
Official & national languages: Burmese (my) .

4 Territories:

MAGWAY MAGWAY District : Magwe District  (Magway)Local: MAGWAY Hkarine : မကွေးခရိုင် (my)  (Magway)
MINBU MINBU District  (Minbu)Local: MAINBHU Hkarine : မင်းဘူးခရိုင် (my)  (Minbu)
PAKOKKU PAKOKKU District  (Pakokku)Local: PAGUKKU Hkarine : ပခုက္ကူခရိုင် (my)  (Pagukku)
THAYET THAYETMYO District : Thayet District  (Thayetmyo)Local: SARAT Hkarine : သရက်ခရိုင် (my)  (Sarak)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BURMA National Council of the Union of Burma : NCUB  (New York + Rockville)
CHINLAND Government of CHINLAND [Chin National Democratic Front : CNDF]  (Camp Victorian)
DEMOCRATIC BURMA All Burma Students´ Democratic Front : ABSDF  (Myanmar Borders)
EASTERN SHANLAND National Democratic Alliance Army Military and Local Administration Commitee-Eastern Shan State : NDAA-ESS  (Mong La)
FREE ARAKAN Arakan Liberation Party : ALP  (Karen Camps)
KACHINLAND Kachin National Organization : KNO  (Laiza)
KARENNI United Karenni States : UKS  (Huaypon Long)
KAWTHOOLEI Government of the Republic of KAWTHOOLEI  (Mae Sot + Mae Tha Raw Hta)
KOKANG ALLIANCE Kokang Democracy Party : KDP [Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army : MNDAA]  (Laukkai)
KUKILAND Kuki National Organisation-Burma : KNO  (Camp Salem)
LAHULAND Lahu National Organization : LNO  (Muang Na)
MON LEAGUE Mon Unity League and New Mon State Party : MUL-NMSP  (Bangkok + Yebyu)
MYANMAR Union of Myanmar : UOM [State Peace and Development Council]  (Yangon a)
PA-O Pa-O National Organization : PNO  (Hopong)
PADAUNG Kayan New Land Party : KNLP [Padaung Land]  (Pekhon)
PALAUNGLAND Palaung State Liberation Front : PSLF  ((Namhsan))
POPULAR KARENNI Karenni National People´s Liberation Front : KNPLF  (Kayah Borders)
RED PA-O Shan State Nationalities People´s Liberation Organization : SSNPLO  (Banyin)
SHAN STATES Interim Government of Federated SHAN STATES  (Loi Taleng)
SHAN-HSIPAW Shan State National Army : SSNA  (Hsipaw)
SHANLAND-NORTH Shan State Progress Party : SSPP  (Wan Hai)
SHANLAND-SOUTH Restoration Council of the Shan State : RCSS  (Loi Taleng)
UNITED ARAKAN National United Party of Arakan : NUPA  (Bangkok + Dhaka + (Sittwe))
WA LAND Independent WA State  (Pangkham)
WA-HOMONG Wa National Organization : WNO  (Homong)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ARAKAN ARMY Arakan Army of the National United Party of Arakan : AA  (Bangkok + Dhaka + (Sittwe))
ARAKANESE UNION All Arakan Students´ and Youths´ Congress : AASYC  (Bangkok)
AYEYARWADY AYEYARWADY Division [Irrawaddy]  (Pathein)
BAGO BAGO Division [Pegu]  (Bago)
BUDDHIST KAREN Democratic Karen Buddhist Organization : DKBO  (Kayin Area)
CHIN CHIN State  (Hakha)
COCO ISLANDS COCO ISLANDS Township  (Great Coco Island)
FREE BURMA Democratic Government of the LIBERATED AREA OF BURMA {Free Burma Coalition : FBC – National League for Democracy-Liberated Areas : NLD-LA]  (Bahan)
FREE KAREN Karen National Liberation Army : KNLA  (Mae Sot)
GOD´S ARMY GOD´S ARMY Christian Karen Revolutionary Group  (Kamerplaw)
KACHIN KACHIN State  (Myitkyina)
KACHIN ARMY Kachin Independence Army : KIA  (Laiza)
KACHIN-LAND Kachin Independence Organization : KIO  (Laiza)
KAREN COUNTRY Karen National Defence Organisation : KNDO  (Mae Sot)
KAREN-NI Karenni National Progressive Party : KNPP  (Nya Moe)
KARENLAND Karen National Union : KNU  (Mae Tha Raw Hta)
KARENNIA Special Region Two of the Kayah State governed by the Karenni State Nationalities Peoples´ Liberation Front : KSNPLF  (Kayah Borders)
KAWNGHKA Special Region Five of the Northern Shan State for the Kachin Democratic Army : KDA  (Kawnghka)
KAWTHOOLEI Kawthoolei Armed Forces : KAF  (Mae Sot)
KAYAH KAYAH State  (Loikaw)
KAYAN Special Region One of the Kayah State governed by the Kayan National Guard : KNG  (Kayan National Guard)
KAYIN KAYIN State  (Hpa-An)
KOKANG Shan State Special Region One : Special Region of KOKANG  (Laukkai)
LAIZA KACHIN Special Region Two of the Kachin Independence Organization  (Laiza)
LESSER MONGLA MONG LA Special Region  (Mong La)
MANDALAY MANDALAY Division  (Mandalay)
MANEELOY Vigorous Burmese Student Warriors : VBSW [Maneeloy Refugee Camp]  (Maneeloy Refugee Camp)
MERGUI-TAVOY Myeik-Dawei United Front : MDUF [Communist Rebellion of Mergui-Tavoy]  (Dawei)
MOBYE Special Region Three of the Kayah State : MOBYE  (Pekhon)
MON MON State  (Mawlamyine)
MON STATE Mon National Liberation Army : MNLA [New Mon State Party : NMSP]  (Ye Chaung Phya)
MONGLA MONG LA Army  (Mong La)
MONLAND Monland Restoration Army : MRA  (Sangkhlaburi)
NATIONAL FRONT United Democratic Front : National Democratic Front : NDF  (Bahan)
NEW SOCIETY Democratic Party for a New Society : DPNS  (Kyauktada)
PA-O Special Region Six of the Southern Shan State for the Pa-O National Organization : PNO  (Hopong)
PALAUNG Special Region Seven of the Northern Shan State for the Palaung State Liberation Army : PSLA  (Namhsan)
PANGWA Kachin Special Region One for the New Democratic Army-Kachin : NDA-K  (Pangwa)
POPULAR BURMA People´s Liberation Front of Burma : PLF  (North Mae Sot)
SAGAING SAGAING Division  (Sagaing)
SHAN SHAN State  (Taunggyi)
SHAN-NORTH Special Region Three of the Shan State for the Shan State Army-North : SSA-SR3  (Wan Hai)
SOUTHERN SHAN SOUTHERN SHAN Sub-State [Myelat Region]  (Taunggyi)
TANINTHARYI TANINTHARYI Division [Tenasserim]  (Dawei)
UNION OF BURMA National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma : NCGUB  (Rockville)
WA WA Special Region Two of the Shan State  (Hopang)
WA HILLS United Wa State Party : UWSP  (Pangkham)
YANGON YANGON Division [Rangoon]  (Yangon)

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