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Governorate-General of FRENCH MADAGASCAR

Flag or Logo since 1944-08-25
Gouvernorat-général de MADAGASCAR FRANÇAISE (fr) + General Governorate of FRENCH MADAGASCAR (en)
Emblem or Symbol

Felix Gouin
(ruler of FRANCE since 1946-01-26)

King George VI
(ruler of UNITED KINGDOM since 1936-12-11)
Capitals & administrative places: Tananarive
Official & national languages: English (en) . French (fr) .


MADAGASCAR Governorate of MADAGASCAR  (Tananarive)

31 Divisions:

AMBATOLAMPY Province of AMBATOLAMPY  (Ambatolampy)Local: Province d´AMBATOLAMPY (fr) + Province of AMBATOLAMPY (en)  (Ambatolampy)
AMBATONDRAZAKA Province of AMBATONDRAZAKA  (Ambatondrazaka)Local: Province d´AMBATONDRAZAKA (fr) + Province of AMBATONDRAZAKA (en)  (Ambatondrazaka)
AMBOSITRA Province of AMBOSITRA  (Ambositra)Local: Province d´AMBOSITRA (fr) + Province of AMBOSITRA (en)  (Ambositra)
ANALALAVA Province of ANALALAVA  (Analalava)Local: Province d´ANALALAVA (fr) + Province of ANALALAVA (en)  (Analalava)
ANDRAMASINA Province of ANDRAMASINA  (Andramasina)Local: Province d´ANDRAMASINA (fr)  (Andramasina)
ANDROKA Province of ANDROKA  (Androka)Local: Province d´ANDROKA (fr)  (Androka)
ANDROY Province of ANDROY  (Ambovombe)Local: Province d´ANDROY (fr)  (Ambovombé)
ANKAZOBE Province of ANKAZOBE  (Ankazobe)Local: Province d´ANKAZOBÉ (fr) + Province of ANKAZOBE (en)  (Ankazobé)
ANTSIRANO Province of ANTSIRANO  (Antsirano)Local: Province of ANTSIRANO (en) + Province d´ANTSIRANO (fr)  (Antsirano)
BEFORONA Province of BEFORONA  (Beforona)Local: Province de BEFORONA (fr)  (Beforona)
BETAFO Province of BETAFO  (Betafo)Local: Province de BETAFO (fr)  (Betafo)
COMOROS Province of the COMOROS  (Dzaoudzi)Local: Province of THE COMOROS en) + Province des COMORES (fr)  (Dzaoudzi)
FARAFANGANA Province of FARAFANGANA  (Farafangana)Local: Province of FARAFANGANA (fr) + Province of FARAFANGANA (en)  (Farafangana)
FENERIVE Province of FENERIVE  (Fenerive)Local: Province de FÉNÉRIVE (fr) + Province of FENERIVE (en)  (Fénérive)
FIANARANTSOA Province of FIANARANTSOA  (Fianarantsoa)Local: Province of FIANARANTSOA (en) + Province de FIANARANTSOA (fr)  (Fianarantsoa)
MAHANORO Province of MAHANORO  (Mahanoro)Local: Province de MAHANORO (fr)  (Mahanoro)
MAINTIRANO Province of MAINTIRANO  (Maintirano)Local: Province de MAINTIRANO (fr) + Province of MAINTIRANO (en)  (Maintirano)
MAJUNGA Province of MAJUNGA  (Majunga)Local: Province of MAJUNGA (en) + Province de MAJUNGA (fr)  (Majunga)
MANANJARY Province of MANANJARY  (Manajary)Local: Province de MANANJARY (fr) + Province of MANANJARY (en)  (Manajary)
MANDRITSARA Province of MANDRITSARA  (Mandritsara)Local: Province de MANDRITSARA (fr)  (Mandritsara)
MANJAKANDRIANA Province of MANJAKANDRIANA  (Manjakandriana)Local: Province de MANJAKANDRIANA (fr)  (Manjakandriana)
MAROANTSETRA Province of MAROANTSETRA  (Maroantsetra)Local: Province de MAROANTSETRA (fr)  (Maroantsetra)
MEVATANANA Province of MEVATANANA  (Mevatanana)Local: Province de MEVATANANA (fr) + Province of MEVATANANA (en)  (Mevatanana)
MIARINARIVO Province of MIARINARIVO  (Miarinarivo)Local: Province de MIARINARIVO (fr) + Province of MIARINARIVO (en)  (Miarinarivo)
MOROMBE Province of MOROMBE  (Morombe)Local: Province of MOROMBE (en) + Province de MOROMBÉ (fr)  (Morombé)
MORONDAVA Province of MORONDAVA  (Morondava)Local: Province de MORONDAVA (fr)  (Morondava)
NOSY BE Province of NOSY BE  (Hell-Ville)Local: Province of NOSY BE (en) + Province de NOSY BE (fr)  (Hell-Ville)
SOALALA Province of SOALALA  (Soalala)Local: Province de SOALALA (fr) + Province of SOALALA (en)  (Soalala)
TAMATAVE Province of TAMATAVE  (Tamatave)Local: Province of TAMATAVE (en) + Province de TAMATAVE (fr)  (Tamatave)
TANANARIVE Province of TANANARIVE  (Tananarive)Local: Province of TANANARIVE (en) + Province de TANANARIVE (fr)  (Tananarive)
VOHEMAR Province of VOHEMAR  (Vohemar)Local: Province de VOHÉMAR (fr) + Province of VOHEMAR (en)  (Vohémar)

1 Organisation or Grouping membership (selective)

PUBLIC HEALTH International Office of Public Health : IOPH  (Paris)

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