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KUFRA Territory
[Free French Occupation and administration from Chad]

Flag or Logo since 1941-03-01
Territoire militaire de KOUFRA (fr) + Iqlim al-KUFARAT al-Askari : إقليم الكفرة العسكري (ar)
Emblem or Symbol

General Charles de Gaulle
(ruler of FREE FRANCE since 1940-06-22)

Sidi Muhammad Idris Al-Senussi
(ruler of SENUSSIA since 1941-02-28)
Capitals & administrative places: Kufra
Official & national languages: Arabic (ar) . French (fr) .

4 Territories:

AOZOU STRIP AOZOU STRIP Territory  (Aozou)Local: Territoire de la BANDE D´AOUZOU (fr)  (Aozou)
EASTERN MURZUK DESERT EASTERN MURZUK DESERT Zone  (Free French Forces)Local: Zone du DÉSERT DE MOURZOUK ORIENTAL (fr)  (Forces Françaises Libres)
KUFRA KUFRA Territory  (Kufra)Local: AL-KUFRAH  (Al-Kufrah)
SARRA SARRA Territory  (Matan As-Sarra)Local: Territoire de SARRA (fr) + Mintaqah AS-SARRA : منطقة السرة (ar)  (Ma´tan as-Sarra)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

SENUSSIA SENUSSI Sheikhdom of Cyrenaica  (Jarabub)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BENGHAZI Provincial General Commissariat of BENGHAZI  (Benghazi)
BRITISH CYRENAICA British Forces in CYRENAICA  (British Forces in Cyrenaica)
DERNA Provincial General Commissariat of DERNA  (Derna)
GHAT Kel Ajjer Tuareg Federation Territory of GHAT  (Ghat)
ITALIAN LIBYA Territories of ITALIAN LIBYA  (Sabha g)
JARABUB Italian Cyrenaica Enclave of JARABUB  (Jarabub)
MISRATA Provincial General Commissariat of MISRATA  (Misrata)
NORTH AFRICA Axis Forces in NORTH AFRICA [German Africa Corps Division]  (Tripoli)
SOUTH LIBYA South Military Territory : LIBYAN SAHARA  (Hun)
TRIPOLI Provincial General Commissariat of TRIPOLI  (Tripoli)

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