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French Republic : FRENCH UNION

French Military Territory of FEZZAN-GHADAMES
[French Protectorate]

Flag or Logo since 1943-01-12
Territoire militaire français du FEZZAN-GHADAMÈS (fr)
Emblem or Symbol

Leon Blum
(ruler of FRENCH UNION since 1946-12-16)
Capitals & administrative places: Sabha
Official & national languages: French (fr) .


FEZZAN-GHADAMES French Military Territory of FEZZAN AND GHADAMES  (Sabha)

3 Divisions:

AOZOU STRIP AOZOU STRIP Territory  (Aozou)Local: Territoire de la BANDE D´AOUZOU (fr)  (Aozou)
FEZZAN FEZZAN Territory  (Sabha)Local: Territoire du FEZZAN (fr)  (Sebha)
GHADAMES Military Territory of GHADAMES  (Ghadames)Local: Territoire militaire de GHADAMÈS (fr)  (Ghadamès)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

CYRENAICA Senussi Emirate of CYRENAICA [British Protectorate]  (Benghazi)
EL ADEM Royal Air Force Station EL ADEM  (El Adem)
TRIPOLITANIA British Administration of TRIPOLITANIA [British Protectorate]  (Tripoli)
WHEELUS WHEELUS Army Air Field  (Wheelus)

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