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French Republic : FR [French Colonial Empire] High Commission of the Republic in the PACIFIC OCEAN Government-General of the Indochinese Union : FRENCH INDOCHINA [French Protectorate]
(Paris) (Noumea)(Hanoi)

Kingdom of CAMBODIA
[French Protectorate]

Flag or Logo since 1900-01-01
Royaume du CAMBODGE (fr) + Preah Reach Ana Pak KAMPUCHEA : ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា (km)
Emblem or Symbol

President Gaston Doumergue
(ruler of FRANCE since 1924-06-13)
Capitals & administrative places: Phnom Penh
(Phnom Penh)
Official & national languages: French (fr) . Khmer (km) .


CAMBODIA Kingdom of CAMBODIA  (Phnom Penh)

15 Divisions:

BATTAMBANG BATTAMBANG Province  (Battambang)Local: Province de BATTAMBANG (fr) + Khêt BATDÂMBÂNG : ខេត្ត បាត់ដំបង (km)  (Battambang)
KAMPOT KAMPOT Province  (Kampot)Local: Province de KAMPOT (fr) + Khêt KÂMPÔT : ខេត្ត កំពត (km)  (Kampot)
KANDAL KANDAL Province [Central Province]  (Phnom Penh)Local: Province de KANDAL (fr) + Khêt KÂNDAL : ខេត្ត កណ្តាល (km)  (Phnom Penh)
KOMPONG CHAM KOMPONG CHAM Province  (Kompong Cham)Local: Province de KOMPONG CHAM (fr) + Khêt KÂMPÓNG CHAM : ខេត្ត កំពង់ចាម (km)  (Kompong Cham)
KOMPONG CHNANG KOMPONG CHNANG Province  (Kompong Chnang)Local: Province de KOMPONG CHNANG (fr) + Khêt KÂMPÓNG CHHNĂNG : ខេត្ត កំពង់ឆ្នាំង (km)  (Kompong Chnang)
KOMPONG SPEU KOMPONG SPEU Province  (Kompong Speu)Local: Province de KOMPONG SPEU (fr) + Khêt KÂMPÓNG SPŒ : ខេត្ត កំពង់ស្ពឺ (km)  (Kompong Speu)
KRATIE KRATIE Province  (Kratie)Local: Province de KRATIÉ (fr) + Khêt KRÂCHÉH : ខេត្ត ក្រចេះ (km)  (Kratié)
MELUPREY MELUPREY Province  (Kompong Thom)Local: Province de MELOU PREI (fr) + Khêt MLU PREI : ខេត្ត ម៉ាលីព្រៃ (km)  (Kompong Thom)
PREY VENG PREY VENG Province  (Prey Veng)Local: Province de PREY VENG (fr) + Khêt PREY VÊNG : ខេត្ត ព្រៃវែង (km)  (Prey Veng)
SEAMMARAT SEAMMARAT Province  (Seammarat)Local: Province de SEAMMARAT (fr) + Khêt SIEMRÉAB : ខេត្ត សៀមរាប (km)  (Seammarat)
SISOPHON SEREY SAOPHAN Province : Sisophon Province  (Sisophon)Local: Province de SREY SAOPHAN (fr) + Khêt SEREI SAOPHOAN : ខេត្ត សិរីសោភ័ណ (km)  (Sisophon)
SOAIRIENG SOAIRIENG Province  (Soairieng)Local: Province de SOAIRIENG (fr) + Khêt SVAAY RIENG : ខេត្ត ស្វាយរៀង (km)  (Soairieng)
STUNG TRENG STUNG TRENG Province  (Stung Treng)Local: Province de STOENG TRÊNG (fr) + Khêt STŒ̆NG TRÊNG : ខេត្ត ស្ទឹងត្រែង (km)  (Stoeng Trêng)
TAKEO TAKEO Province  (Takeo)Local: Province de TAKÉO (fr) + Khêt TAKÊV : ខេត្ត តាកែវ (km)  (Takéo)
TONLE REPOU TONLE REPOU Province  (Pursat)Local: Province de TONLÉ REPOU (fr) + Khêt TONLE ROPOU : ខេត្ត ទន្លេប្សី (km)  (Pousat)

1 Organisation or Grouping membership (selective)

THERAVADA BUDDHISM Teaching of Little Vehicle Buddhism : THERAVADA BUDDHISM  (Sarnath)

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