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ENCLAVE OF CABINDA (Pointe Noire + Paris + Cabinda Rebel Zones) RebellionExile Federal Republic of CABINDA [Cabinda Governments-in-Exile] : Commandant Antonio Luis Lopes
CABINDA (Tsiowa)  Province of CABINDA :

Other Entities with similar names

Republic of ANGOLA

Province of CABINDA

Flag or Logo since 1975-11-11
Província de CABINDA (pt)
Emblem or Symbol

President Jose Eduardo dos Santos
(ruler of ANGOLA since 1979-09-10)
Capitals & administrative places: Tsiowa
Official & national languages: Portuguese (pt) .

4 Territories:

BELIZE BELIZE Municipality  (Luali)Local: Concelho de BELIZE (pt)  (Luali)
BUCO-ZAU BUCO-ZAU Municipality  (Buco-Zau)Local: Concelho de BUCO-ZAU (pt)  (Buco-Zau)
CABINDA CABINDA Municipality  (Tsiowa)Local: Concelho do CABINDA (pt)  (Tchiowa)
CACONGO CACONGO Municipality  (Capelo)Local: Concelho do CACONGO (pt)  (Capelo)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ANGOLA Republic of ANGOLA  (Luanda)
ENCLAVE OF CABINDA Federal Republic of CABINDA [Cabinda Governments-in-Exile]  (Pointe Noire + Paris + Cabinda Rebel Zones)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BAILUNDO Ovimbundu State of BAILUNDO  (Bailundo)
BENGO BENGO Province  (Caxito)
BENGUELA BENGUELA Province  (Benguela)
BIE BIE Province  (Kuito)
CUANDO CUBANGO CUANDO CUBANGO Province [Kwando Kubango]  (Menongue)
CUANZA NORTH CUANZA NORTH Province [Kwanza North]  (Ndalantando)
CUANZA SOUTH CUANZA SOUTH Province [Kwanza South]  (Sumbe)
CUNENE CUNENE Province  (Ondjiva)
HUAMBO HUAMBO Province  (Huambo)
HUILA HUILA Province  (Lubango)
KONGO Regency of KONGO  (Mbanza Congo)
LOW OF KASSANJE Ambundu Kingdom of LOW OF KASSANJE  (Matamba)
LUANDA LUANDA Province  (Luanda)
MALANJE MALANJE Province  (Malanje)
MOXICO MOXICO Province  (Lwena)
NAMIBE NAMIBE Province  (Namibe)
UIGE UIGE Province  (Uige)
ZAIRE ZAIRE Province  (Mbanza Congo)

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