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State of JAPAN KYUSHU Regional Governors´ Association
(Tokyo) (Fukuoka)

SAGA Prefecture

Flag or Logo since 1992-06-01
SAGA-ken : 佐賀県 (ja)
Emblem or Symbol

Emperor Naruhito
(ruler of JAPAN since 2019-05-01)
Capitals & administrative places: Saga
Official & national languages: Japanese (ja) .

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

JAPAN State of JAPAN  (Tokyo)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ADACHI ADACHI Special Ward  (Adachi City)
AICHI AICHI Prefecture  (Nagoya)
AKITA AKITA Prefecture  (Akita)
AMERICAN BASES IN JAPAN United States Forces Japan : USFJ  (Yokota)
AMERICAN BASES IN OKINAWA United States Bases in OKINAWA  (Kadena + Torii + Futenma)
AOMORI AOMORI Prefecture  (Aomori)
ARAKAWA ARAWAKA Special Ward  (Arakawa City)
ATSUGI Naval Air Facility ATSUGI  (Atsugi)
BUNKYO BUNKYO Special Ward  (Bunkyo City)
CAMP FUJI Combined Arms Training Center CAMP FUJI  (Camp Fuji)
CHIBA CHIBA Prefecture  (Chiba)
CHIYODA CHIYODA CITY Special Ward  (Tokyo)
CHUBU CHUBU Governors´ Association  (Nagoya)
CHUGOKU CHUGOKU Regional Governors´ Association  (Hiroshima)
CHUO CHUO Special Ward  (Chuo City)
DAITO ISLANDS DAITO ISLANDS Archipelago  (Minamidaito + Kitadaito)
EDOGAWA EDOGAWA Special Ward  (Edogawa City)
EHIME EHIME Prefecture  (Matsuyama)
FUKUI FUKUI Prefecture  (Fukui)
FUKUOKA FUKUOKA Prefecture  (Fukuoka)
FUKUSHIMA FUKUSHIMA Prefecture  (Fukushima)
GIFU GIFU Prefecture  (Gifu)
GUNMA GUNMA Prefecture  (Maebashi)
HACHIJO HACHIJO Subprefecture  (Hachijo)
HIROSHIMA HIROSHIMA Prefecture  (Hiroshima)
HOKKAIDO HOKKAIDO Prefecture  (Sapporo)
HOKKAIDO-TOHOKU HOKKAIDO-TOHOKU Regional Governors´ Association  (Sendai)
HYOGO HYOGO Prefecture  (Kobe)
IBARAKI IBARAKI Prefecture  (Mito)
ISHIKAWA ISHIKAWA Prefecture  (Kanazawa)
ITABASHI ITABASHI Special Ward  (Itabashi City)
IWAKUNI Marine Corps Air Station IWAKUNI  (Iwakuni)
IWATE IWATE Prefecture  (Morioka)
JAPAN BASES Japan Self-Defense Forces : JSDF  (Shinjuku-Ichigaya)
KAGAWA KAGAWA Prefecture  (Takamatsu)
KAGOSHIMA KAGOSHIMA Prefecture  (Kagoshima)
KANAGAWA KANAGAWA Prefecture  (Yokohama)
KANTO KANTO Regional Governors´ Association  (Tokyo)
KATSUSHIKA KATSUSHIKA Special Ward  (Katsushika City)
KINKI BLOC KINKI BLOC Governors´ Association  (Osaka)
KITA KITA Special Ward  (Kita City)
KOCHI KOCHI Prefecture  (Kochi)
KOTO KOTO Special Ward  (Koto City)
KUMAMOTO KUMAMOTO Prefecture  (Kumamoto)
KYOTO KYOTO Urban Prefecture  (Kyoto)
KYUSHU KYUSHU Regional Governors´ Association  (Fukuoka)
MARCUS ISLAND Southern Bird Island : MARCUS ISLAND  (Minamitori)
MEGURO MEGURO Special Ward  (Meguro City)
MIE MIE Prefecture  (Tsu)
MINATO MINATO Special Ward  (Minato City)
MISAWA MISAWA Air Base  (Misawa)
MIYAGI MIYAGI Prefecture  (Sendai)
MIYAKE MIYAKE Subprefecture  (Miyake)
MIYAZAKI MIYAZAKI Prefecture  (Miyazaki)
NAGANO NAGANO Prefecture  (Nagano)
NAGASAKI NAGASAKI Prefecture  (Nagasaki)
NAKANO NAKANO Special Ward  (Nakano City)
NARA NARA Prefecture  (Nara)
NERIMA NERIMA Special Ward  (Nerima City)
NIIGATA NIIGATA Prefecture  (Niigata)
NORTH KANTO-BANETSU NORTHERN KANTO-BANETSU Five Prefecture Governors´ Association  (Mito)
OGASAWARA OGASAWARA Subprefecture  (Omura)
OITA OITA Prefecture  (Oita)
OKAYAMA OKAYAMA Prefecture  (Okayama)
OKINAWA OKINAWA Prefecture  (Naha)
OKINOTORI ISLANDS Distant Bird Island : OKINOTORI ISLANDS  (Okinotorishima)
OSAKA OSAKA Urban Prefecture  (Osaka)
OSHIMA OSHIMA Subprefecture  (Oshima)
OTA OTA Special Ward  (Ota City)
PINNACLE ISLANDS SENKAKU-DIAOYUTAI ISLANDS Archipelago [Contested Pinnacle Islands]  (Uotsuri Island)
SAITAMA SAITAMA Prefecture  (Saitama)
SASEBO United States Fleet Activities SASEBO  (Sasebo)
SETAGAYA SETAGAYA Special Ward  (Setagaya City)
SHIBUYA SHIBUYA Special Ward  (Shibuya City)
SHIGA SHIGA Prefecture  (Otsu)
SHIKOKU SHIKOKU Governors´ Assocation  (Matsuyama)
SHIMANE SHIMANE Prefecture  (Matsue)
SHINAGAWA SHINAGAWA Special Ward  (Shinagawa City)
SHINJUKU SHINJUKU Special Ward  (Shinjuku City)
SHIZUOKA SHIZUOKA Prefecture  (Shizuoka)
SUGINAMI SUGINAMI Special Ward  (Suginami City)
SUMIDA SUMIDA Special Ward  (Sumida City)
TAITO TAITO Special Ward  (Taito City)
TOCHIGI TOCHIGI Prefecture  (Utsunomiya)
TOKUSHIMA TOKUSHIMA Prefecture  (Tokushima)
TOKYO Special Wards Area of TOKYO Metropolis  (Tokyo)
TOKYO METROPOLIS TOKYO METROPOLIS Prefecture [Tokyo Metropolitan Government]  (Tokyo)
TOSHIMA TOSHIMA Special Ward  (Toshima City)
TOTTORI TOTTORI Prefecture  (Tottori)
TOYAMA TOYAMA Prefecture  (Toyama)
TSUSHIMA TSUSHIMA Subprefecture  (Tsushima)
WAKAYAMA WAKAYAMA Prefecture  (Wakayama)
YAMAGATA YAMAGATA Prefecture  (Yamagata)
YAMAGUCHI YAMAGUCHI Prefecture  (Yamaguchi)
YOKOSUKA United States Fleet Activities YOKOSUKA  (Yokosuka)
YOKOTA YOKOTA Army Field  (Yokota)
ZAMA Camp ZAMA  (Zama)

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