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Kingdom of ITALY

Kingdom of ITALY

Flag or logo since 1900-01-01*
Regno d´ITALIA (it) SDN Member
Emblem or Symbol*

King Victor Emmanuel III
(ruler of ITALY since 1900-07-29)
Capitals & administrative places*: Rome
Official & national languages: Italian (it) .


ITALY Kingdom of ITALY  (Rome)

16 Divisions:

ABRUZZES AND MOLISE Region of ABRUZZES AND MOLISE  (Aquila of Abruzzes)Local: Regione degli ABRUZZI E MOLISE (it)  (Aquila degli Abruzzi)
APULIA Region of APULIA  (Bari of Apulia)Local: Regione delle PUGLIE (it)  (Bari delle Puglie)
BASILICATA Region of BASILICATA  (Potenza)Local: Regione della BASILICATA (it)  (Potenza)
CALABRIA Region of CALABRIA  (Reggio Calabria)Local: Regione di CALABRIA (it)  (Reggio di Calabria)
CAMPANIA Region of CAMPANIA  (Naples)Local: Regione della CAMPANIA (it)  (Napoli)
EMILIA Region of EMILIA  (Bologna)Local: Regione dell´EMILIA (it)  (Bologna)
EUGANEAN VENETIA Region of EUGANEAN VENETIA  (Venice)Local: Regione della VENEZIA EUGANEA (it)  (Venezia)
LATIUM Region of LATIUM  (Rome)Local: Regione di LAZIO (it)  (Roma)
LIGURIA Region of LIGURIA  (Genoa)Local: Regione della LIGURIA (it)  (Genova)
LOMBARDY Region of LOMBARDY  (Milan)Local: Regione della LOMBARDIA (it)  (Milano)
MARCHES Region of THE MARCHES  (Ancona)Local: Regione delle MARCHE (it)  (Ancona)
PIEDMONT Region of PIEDMONT  (Turin)Local: Regione del PIEMONTE (it)  (Torino)
SARDINIA Region of SARDINIA  (Cagliari)Local: Regione della SARDEGNA (it)  (Cagliari)
SICILY Region of SICILY  (Palermo)Local: Regione della SICILIA (it)  (Palermo)
TUSCANY Region of TUSCANY  (Florence)Local: Regione della TOSCANA (it)  (Firenze)
UMBRIA Region of UMBRIA  (Perugia)Local: Regione dell´UMBRIA (it)  (Perugia)

9 Assisted Entities

ADJARIA Free Port of Batumi and Coastal Area : ADJARIA [League of Nations Protectorate]  (Batumi) King George V
ALBANIA National Government of the Regency of ALBANIA  (Tirana a + Lushnja l) High Council
HOLY SEE States of the Church : HOLY SEE  (Vatican Palace) Pope Benedictus XV
KELAFO Sultanate of KELAFO [Nominally part of Italian Somaliland]  (Au Calif) Sultan Olol Dinle
MAJERTEENIA Harti Sultanate of MAJERTEEN [Italian Protectorate]  (Bargal + Alula) Sultan Uthman III bin Mahamud
OBBIA Sultanate of OBBIA [Italian Protectorate]  (Obbia + Gallacaio) Sultan Ali Yusuf Kenadid
SAN MARINO Republic of SAN MARINO [Italian Protectorate]  (San Marino) Captains-Regent
TAVOLARA Kingdom of TAVOLARA  (The Point of the Canon) King Carlo I Bertoleoni
TRIPOLITANIA TRIPOLITANIAN Republic  (El Azizia) Ahmad Tahir al-Murayyid

13 Territories:

ADALIA Italian Occupation of ADALIA  (Adalia)Local: Occupazione italiana di ADALIA (it)  (Adalia)
CNIDIA PENINSULA Italian Occupied Territory of CNIDIA PENINSULA  (Reshadiye)Local: Territorio italiano della PENISOLA DI CNIDIA (it)  (Reshadiye)
DODECANESE ISLANDS Italian Territory of DODECANESE ISLANDS  (Rhodes)Local: Territorio di DODECANESO (it)  (Rodi)
ERITREA Italian Colony of ERITREA  (Massawa)Local: Colonia italiana dell´ERITREA (it)  (Massaua)
ITALIAN ALBANIA Italian Troops in ALBANIA  (Valora)Local: Truppe italiane in ALBANIA (it)  (Valona)
ITALIAN NORTH AFRICA Italian Territories of NORTH AFRICA  (Tripoli)Local: Territori italiani del AFRICA SETTENTRIONALE (it)  (Tripoli)
ITALIAN SOMALIA Crown Colony of ITALIAN SOMALIA  (Mogadishu)Local: Colonia della SOMALIA ITALIANA (it)  (Mogadiscio)
ITALIAN TIENTSIN TIENTSIN Italian Concession  (Tientsin Italian Concession)Local: Concessione di TIENTSIN (it)  (Tientsin)
ITALIAN TYROL Territory of ITALIAN TYROL : Tridentine Venetia  (Trent)Local: Territorio del TIROLO ITALIANO : Venezia Tridentina (it)  (Trento)
JULIAN VENETY Italian Commission of JULIAN VENETY  (Trieste)Local: Commissariato della VENEZIA GIULIA (it)  (Trieste)
PELAGOSA Archipelago of PELAGOSA [Italian Occupation]  (Greater Pelagosa)Local: Arcipelago di PELAGOSA (it)  (Grande Pelagosa)
SAZAN ISLAND Italian Territory of SAZAN ISLAND  (Sazan)Local: Isola di SASENO (it)  (Saseno)
ZARA Italian Military Governorate of ZARA  (Zara)Local: Governotarato Militare di ZARA (it)  (Zara)

7 Condominiums:

FIUME Territory of FIUME  (Fiume)Local: Territorio della Citta di FIUME (it)  (Fiume)
KULANGSU INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT Municipal Council of the KULANGSU INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT  (Kulangsu)Local: KULANGSU International Koncession (da) + Internationale Konzession von KULANGSU (de) + KULANGSU International Concession (en) + Concesión Internacional de KULANGSU (es) + Concession internationale de KOULANGSEU (fr) + Concessione internazionale di KULANGSU (it) + KORONSU no Kokusai Sokai : コロンスの国際租界 (ja) + Internationale Concessie van KULANGSU (nl) + KULANGSU Internasjonale Konsesjon (no) + Concessão Internacional de KULANGSU (pt) + KULANGSU International Koncession (sv) + KU-LANG-YÜ Kuo-Tsì T´e-Hsü Ching-Ying : 鼓浪嶼國際特許經營 (zh)  (Kulangyu)
MARIENWERDER-KWIDZYN Imperial Commissariat of the District of MARIENWERDER-KWIDZYN under the Administration and Plebiscite Commission of the Principal Allied and Associated Powers  (Marienwerder)Local: Commissariat impérial du District de MARIENWERDER-KWIDZYN administré par la Commission de contrôle et de plébiscite des Principales Puissances Alliées et Associées  (Marienwerder)
PAKHOI Foreign Settlements of PAKHOI  (Pakhoi)Local: Ausländische Siedlungen von PAKHOI (de) + Foreign Settlements of PAKHOI (en) + Établissements étrangers de PAK-HOI (fr) + Insediamenti Stranieri di PAKHOI (it) + Assentamentos Estrangeiros de PAKHOI (pt) + PEI-HAI-te Tìng-Chü Tien : 北海的定居點 (zh)  (Pak-Hoi)
PEKING LEGATION QUARTER Joint Administrative Commission of the Diplomatic Quarter : PEKING LEGATION QUARTER  (Peking Legation Quarter)Local: Administrative Commission of the Diplomatic Quarter : PEKING LEGATION QUARTER (en) + Commission administrative du Quartier Diplomatique à Pékin : QUARTIER DES LÉGATIONS DE PÉKIN (fr) + TUNG CHIAO MIN Hsiang : 東交民巷 (zh)  (Tung Chiao-Min Hsiang)
SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT International Concession of Shanghai Municipal Council : SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT  (Shanghai International Settlement)Local: SHANGHAI International Settlement (en) + SHANGHAI International Koncession (da) + SCHANGHAI Internationalen Konzessionen (de) + Concesión Internacional de SHANGHÁI (es) + Concession Internationale de CHANGHAÏ (fr) + Concessione Internazionale di SCIANGAI (it) + SHIYANHAI Kiyoudou Sokai : 上海共同租界 (ja) + Internationale Concessie van SHANGHAI (nl) + Concessão Internacional de XANGAI (pt) + SHANHAYSKIY Mezhdunarodny Settlment : ШАНХАЙСКИЙ международный сеттльмент (ru) + SHANGHAI International Settlement (sv) + SHANG-HAI Kung-Kung Tsu-Chieh : 上海公共租界 (zh)  (Shanghai International Settlement)
STRAITS ZONE ZONE OF THE STRAITS Allied Occupied Demilitarized Area  (Constantinople)Local: ZONE OF THE STRAITS Demilitarized Area (en) + Aire démilitarisée de la ZONE DES DÉTROITS (fr)  (Constantinople)

Dependent Protectorates:

ADI KAIEH ADI KAIEH Residency  (Adi Kaieh)Local: Residenza di ADDI CAIEH (it)  (Addi Caieh)
ADI QUALA ADI QUALA Vice-Residency  (Adi Quala)Local: Vice Residenza di ADDI QUALÀ (it)  (Addi Qualà)
ADI UGRI ADI UGRI Residency  (Adi Ugri)Local: Residenza di ADDI UGRI (it)  (Addi Ugri)
AGORDAT AGORDAT Residency  (Agordat)Local: Residenza di AGORDAT (it)  (Agordat)
ARAFALI ARAFALI Vice-Residency  (Arafali)Local: Vice Residenza di ARAFALI (it)  (Arafali)
ASMARA ASMARA Residency  (Asmara)Local: Residenza di ASMARA (it)  (Asmara)
ASSABA ASSABA Residency  (Assaba)Local: Residenza di ASSABA (it)  (Assaba)
BARENTU BARENTU Residency  (Barentu)Local: Residenza di BARENTÙ (it)  (Barentù)
DECAMERE DECAMERE Residency  (Decamere)Local: Residenza di DECAMERÈ (it)  (Decamerè)
GHINDA GHINDA Vice-Residency  (Ghinda)Local: Vice Residenza di GHINDA (it)  (Ghinda)
KEREN KEREN Residency  (Keren)Local: Residenza di CHEREN (it)  (Cheren)
MASSAWA MASSAWA Residency  (Massawa)Local: Residenza di MASSAUA (it)  (Massaua)
NAKFA NAKFA Residency  (Nakfa)Local: Residenza di NACFA (it)  (Nacfa)
OMHAJER OMHAJER Vice-Residency  (Omhajer)Local: Vice Residenza di OM AGER (it)  (Om Ager)
SENAFE SENAFE Vice-Residency  (Senafe)Local: Vice Residenza di SENAFÈ (it)  (Senafè)
TESSENEY TESSENEY Residency  (Tesseney)Local: Residenza di TESSENEI (it)  (Tessenei)
THIO THIO Residency  (Thio)Local: Residenza di THIÒ (it)  (Thiò)

2 Governments or Movements in Exile

ALBANIAN KOSOVO Committee for the National Defence of KOSOVO  (Trieste + Drenitsa Area) Hoxha Kadri Prishtina
SAINT JOHN OF JERUSALEM Order of the Knights Hospitaller of SAINT JOHN OF JERUSALEM  (Palace of Malta x + Via Condotti b) Grandmaster Count Galeas von Thun and Hohenstein

34 Organisations (or Groupings) of membership (selective)

AERIAL NAVIGATION International Air Convention relating to the regulation of AERIAL NAVIGATION  (Paris)
AFRICAN WILDLIFE Convention for the Preservation of Wild Animals Birds and Fish in Africa : LONDON CONVENTION  (London)
AIR SPORTS World Air Sports Federation : WASF  (Lausanne)
ALLIED POWERS ALLIED Entente Powers : Supreme War Council  (Neuilly on Seine)
AMBASSADORS Conference of AMBASSADORS of the Principal Allied and Associated Powers  (Paris)
BRUSSELS CONVENTION Convention relative to the Slave Trade and Importation into Africa of Firearms Ammunition and Spiritous Liquors : BRUSSELS CONVENTION  (Saint Germain in Laye)
CTW Committee on the Traffic in Women and Children : CTW  (New York City)
DANUBE Inter-Allied DANUBE Commission : International Danube Commission  (Versailles)
ELECTROTECHNICAL International Electrotechnical Commission : IEC  (London)
FIFA Federation of International Football Association : FIFA  (Paris)
HAGUE CONVENTION Permanent Court of Arbitration : PCA  (The Hague)
HPIO Hygiene Permanent International Organization : HPIO  (London)
ILO International Labour Organization : ILO Specialized Agency  (London)
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY United International Bureaux for the Protection of Intellectual Property : UIBPIP  (Berne)
INTERNATIONAL LAW Institute of International Law : IIL  (Ghent)
INTERNATIONAL POLICE International Congress of POLICE  (Monaco)
IOC International Opium Convention : IOC  (The Hague)
LATIN UNION Latin Monetary Union : LMU  (Paris)
LEAGUE OF NATIONS League of Nations Covenant : LON  (Geneva)
LEAGUE OF RED CROSS League of Red Cross Societies : LORCS  (Paris)
MARITIME LAW International Maritime Committee : IMC  (Antwerp)
NAVAL CONFERENCE London NAVAL Conference  (London)
OLYMPIC GAMES International Olympic Committee : IOC  (Lausanne + Antwerp)
PUBLIC HEALTH International Office of Public Health : IOPH  (Paris)
RED CROSS International Committee of the Red Cross : ICRC  (Geneva)
REFRIGERATION International Institute of Refrigeration : IIR  (Paris)
SCT Section for Communications and Transit : SCT  (Paris)
TELEGRAPH International Telegraph Union : ITU  (Berne)
UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION Universal Postal Union : UPU  (Berne)
WEIGHTS AND MEASURES International Bureau of Weights and Measures : IBWM  (Sevres)
WORLD BUSINESS International Chamber of Commerce : ICC [The Word Business Organization]  (Paris + Atlantic City)

* The emblems shown for the subdivisions may in some cases be those of their capital.

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2022's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

TAVOLARA Kingdom of TAVOLARA  (The Point of the Canon)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2022's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

FRENCH ESTABLISHMENT IN LORETO Pious French Establishment in Loreto : National Chaplaincy of France in LORETO  (National Chaplaincy of France in Loreto)
PALACE FARNESE French Embassy in Italy : PALACE FARNESE  (Palace Farnese)
VILLA MEDICI French Academy in Rome : French Possession of VILLA MEDICI  (Villa Medici)
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