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Republic of NICARAGUA

SOUTH ATLANTIC Autonomous Region

Flag or Logo since 1990-04-26
Región Autónoma del ATLÁNTICO SUR (es)
Emblem or Symbol

President Enrique Bolanos Geyer
(ruler of NICARAGUA since 2002-01-10)
Capitals & administrative places: Bluefields
Official & national languages: Spanish (es) .


SOUTH ATLANTIC SOUTH ATLANTIC Autonomous Region  (Bluefields)

4 Divisions:

BLUEFIELDS BLUEFIELDS Municipality  (Bluefields)Local: Municipio de BLUEFIELDS (es)  (Bluefields)
CORN ISLAND CORN ISLAND Municipality  (Corn Island)Local: Municipalidad de LAS ISLA DEL MAÍZ (es)  (Isla del Maíz)
CROSS OF RIO GRANDE THE CROSS OF RIO GRANDE Municipality  (The Cross of Rio Grande)Local: Municipio de LA CRUZ DE RÍO GRANDE (es)  (La Cruz de Río Grande)
EL AYOTE EL AYOTE Municipality  (El Ayote)Local: Municipio de EL AYOTE (es)  (El Ayote)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

NICARAGUA Republic of NICARAGUA  (Managua)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BOACO Department of BOACO  (Boaco)
CARAZO Department of CARAZO  (Jinotepe)
CHINANDEGA Department of CHINANDEGA  (Chinandega)
CHONTALES Department of CHONTALES  (Juigalpa)
ESTELI Department of ESTELI  (Esteli)
GRANADA Department of GRANADA  (Granada)
JINOTEGA Department of JINOTEGA  (Jinotega)
LEON Department of LEON  (Leon)
MADRIZ Department of MADRIZ  (Madriz)
MANAGUA Department of MANAGUA  (Managua)
MASAYA Department of MASAYA  (Masaya)
MATAGALPA Department of MATAGALPA  (Matagalpa)
NEW SEGOVIA Department of NEW SEGOVIA  (Ocotal)
NORTH ATLANTIC NORTH ATLANTIC Autonomous Region  (Bilwi-Puerto Cabezas)
RIO SAN JUAN Department of RIO SAN JUAN  (San Carlos)
RIVAS Department of RIVAS  (Rivas)

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