Twenty Seventh Of February School 2003-MAY-17 - -   


ALGERIA  WESTERN SAHARA  UNITED NATIONS  Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia El-Hamra and Rio de Oro : POLISARIO
(Algiers a + El Biar d + El Mouradia r) - (Tifariti qt + Bir Lehlu b + Camp Laayoune of Tindouf x) - (New York) - (Camp Rabouni)


Flag or Logo since 1976-02-27
Emblem or Symbol

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika
(ruler of ALGERIA since 1999-04-27)

President Mohamed Abdelaziz
(ruler of WESTERN SAHARA since 1976-08-30)

SG Kofi Annan (gh)
(ruler of UNITED NATIONS since 1997-01-01)
Capitals & administrative places: Twenty Seventh of February School
(Madrasat Sbet Waeishrun Fibrayir)
Official & national languages:

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ALGERIA People´s Democratic Algerian Republic : PDAR  (Algiers a + El Biar d + El Mouradia r)
TRANSAHARA Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat : SGPC  (Transaharan Zone gz)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ADRAR Province of ADRAR  (Adrar)
AIN DEFLA Province of AIN DEFLA  (Ain Defla)
AIN TEMOUCHENT Province of AIN TEMOUCHENT  (Ain Temouchent)
ALGIERS Province of ALGIERS  (Algiers)
AWSERD CAMP Polisario Refugee Camp of AWSERD [Enclave]  (Camp Awserd)
BATNA Province of BATNA  (Batna)
BAYADH Province of EL BAYADH  (El Bayadh)
BECHAR Province of BECHAR  (Bechar)
BEJAIA Province of BEJAIA [Province of Bougie]  (Bejaia)
BISKRA Province of BISKRA  (Biskra)
BLIDA Province of BLIDA  (Blida)
BONA Province of ANNABA [Province of Bone]  (Bona)
BOUIRA Province of BOUIRA  (Bouira)
BOUMERDES Province of BOUMERDES  (Boumerdes)
CONSTANTINE Province of CONSTANTINE  (Constantine)
DAKHLA CAMP Polisario Refugee Camp of DAKHLA [Enclave]  (Dakhla)
DJELFA Province of DJELFA  (Djelfa)
GHARDAIA Province of GHARDAIA  (Ghardaia)
GUELMA Province of GUELMA  (Guelma)
ILLIZI Province of ILLIZI  (Illizi)
JIJEL Province of JIJEL  (Jijel)
KHENCHELA Province of KHENCHELA  (Khenchela)
LAAYOUNE CAMP Polisario Refugee Camp of LAAYOUNE [Enclave]  (Camp Laayoune of Tindouf)
LAGHWAT Province of LAGHWAT  (Laghwat)
MASCARA Province of MASCARA  (Mascara)
MEDEA Province of MEDEA  (Medea)
MILA Province of MILA  (Mila)
MOSTAGANEM Province of MOSTAGANEM  (Mostaganem)
MSILA Province of MSILA  (Msila)
NAAMA Province of NAAMA  (Naama)
ORAN Province of ORAN  (Oran)
OUED Province of EL OUED  (El Oued)
RABOUNI CAMP Polisario Refugee Camp of RABOUNI [Enclave]  (Camp Rabouni)
RELIZANE Province of RELIZANE  (Relizane)
SAIDA Province of SAIDA  (Saida)
SETIF Province of SETIF  (Setif)
SHELIFF Province of CHELIFF  (Sheliff)
SIDI BEL ABBES Province of SIDI BEL ABBES  (Sidi Bel Abbes)
SKIKDA Province of SKIKDA  (Skikda)
SMARA CAMP Polisario Refugee Camp of SMARA [Enclave]  (Camp Smara)
SOUK AHRAS Province of SOUK AHRAS  (Souk Ahras)
TAMANRASSET Province of TAMANRASSET  (Tamanrasset)
TARF Province of EL TARF  (El Tarf)
TEBESSA Province of TEBESSA  (Tebessa)
TIARET Province of TIARET  (Tiaret)
TINDOUF Province of TINDOUF  (Tindouf)
TIPAZA Province of TIPAZA  (Tipaza)
TISSEMSILT Province of TISSEMSILT  (Tissemsilt)
TIZI OUZOU Province of TIZI OUZOU  (Tizi Ouzou)
TLEMSEN Province of TLEMSEN  (Tlemsen)
UMM AL-BAWAKI Province of OUM EL BOUAGHI  (Umm Al-Bawaki)
WARGLA Province of WARGLA  (Wargla)

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