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North Atlantic Treaty Organization : NATO Alliance

Flag or logo since 1953-11-09*
North Atlantic Treaty Organization : NATO (en) + Organisation du Traité de l´Atlantique-Nord : OTAN (fr) Organisation
Emblem or Symbol*

SG Anders Fogh Rasmussen (dk)
(since 2009-08-01)
Capitals & administrative places*: Brussels
Official & national languages: English (en) . French (fr) .


NORTH ATLANTIC ALLIANCE North Atlantic Treaty Organization : NATO Alliance  (Brussels)

3 Assisted Entities

AFGHANISTAN Islamic Republic of AFGHANISTAN [International Security Assistance Force : ISAF]  (Kabul) President Hamid Karzai
KOSOVO Independent Republic of KOSOVO [UNMIK-European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo]  (Prishtina) President Atifete Jahjaga
NEW LIBYA LIBYAN Republic [National Transitional Council - United Nations Support Mission in Libya-UNSMIL]  (Benghazi a + Tripoli b) Mustafa Abdul-Jaleel

4 Condominiums:

GROUND SAFETY ZONE Kosovo Demilitarized Zone : Kosovo Force GROUND SAFETY ZONE  (Camp Bondsteel + Dobrosin)Local: Kosovo Force : KFOR (en) + Snage na Kosovu : KFOR - Снаге на Косову : КФОР (sr)  (Camp Bondsteel + Dobrosin)
KAIA Kabul International Airport Multinational Force : KAIA  (Kabul International Airport)Local: Kabul International Airport Multinational Force : KAIA (en)  (Khwaja Rawash Airport)
KOSOVO AND METOCHIA Community of the Municipalities of the Autonomous Province of KOSOVO AND METOCHIA [UNMIK-European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo]  (Kosovska Mitrovitsa)Local: Autonomna Pokrajina KOSOVO I METOHIJA : Аутономна Покрајина КОСОВО И МЕТОХИJA (sr)  (Kosovska Mitrovica)
NATO-IRAQ NATO Training Mission-IRAQ  (Baghdad)Local: NATO Training Mission-IRAQ (en)  (Baghdad)

Military entities abroad, special or locally shared:

ARRC Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps : ARRC  (Imjin Barracks-Innsworth)Local: Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps : ARRC (en)  (Imjin Barracks-Innsworth)
CONSTANTSA BASE Military Base in CONSTANTSA  (Mihail Kogalniceanu)Local: Baza 57 Aeriană (ro) + 57th Air Base (en)  (Mihail Kogălniceanu)
GERMAN-NETHERLANDS CORPS Rapid Deployable German-Netherlands Corps-MUNSTER  (Muenster)Local: Rapid Deployable German-Netherlands Corps-MÜNSTER (en) + DEUTSCH-NIEDERLÄNDISCHES Korps (de) + DUITS-NEDERLANDSE Legerkorps (nl)  (Münster)
HELMAND VALLEY American Bases in HELMAND RIVER VALLEY  (Camp Dwyer)Local: American Bases in HELMAND RIVER VALLEY (en)  (Camp Dwyer)
HORN OF AFRICA Operation Enduring Freedom-HORN OF AFRICA  (Camp Lemonnier)Local: Operation Enduring Freedom-Horn of Africa : OEF-HOA (en)  (Camp Lemonnier)
JALLC Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre : JALLC Monsanto  (Monsanto)Local: Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre : JALLC Monsanto (en)  (Monsanto)
KEFLAVIK BASE KEFLAVIK International Airport  (Keflavik International Airport)Local: KEFLAVÍKurflugvöllur (is)  (Keflavíkurflugvöllur)
KLEINE-BOGEL KLEINE-BOGEL Air Base  (Kleine-Bogel)Local: KLEINE BOGEL Air Base (en) + Base aérienne de KLEINE-BOGEL (fr)  (Kleine Bogel)
LAJES FIELD American-Portuguese Lajes Air Base : LAJES FIELD  (Lajes Field)Local: LAJES Field (en) + Base Aérea das LAJES (pt)  (Lajes Field)
MARCOM Allied Maritime Command : MARCOM  (Northwood)Local: Allied Maritime Command : MARCOM (en) + Commandement Maritime Allié : MARCOM (fr)  (Northwood)
NATO AGENCY NATO Communications and Information Systems Services Agency : NCSA  (Mons)Local: NATO Communications and Information Systems Services Agency : NCSA (en) + Agence OTAN des Services des Systèmes d´Information et de Communication : NCSA (fr)  (Mons)
NATO BRUNSSUM Allied Joint Force Command BRUNSSUM  (Brunssum)Local: Allied Joint Force Command BRUNSSUM (en) + Commandement de la Force interarmées de BRUNSSUM (fr)  (Brunssum)
NATO BYDGOSZCZ Joint Force Training Centre BYDGOSZCZ  (Bydgoszcz)Local: Joint Force Training Centre Bydgoszcz : JFTC (en) + Centre de Formation des Forces Interarmées Bydgoszcz : CFFI (fr)  (Bydgoszcz)
NATO FRANCE Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps-FRANCE  (Lille)Local: Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps-France : HQ RRC-FR (en) + Quartier-Général du Corps de Réaction Rapide-France : QG CRR-FR (fr)  (Lille)
NATO GREECE Nato Deployable Corps GREECE  (Thessalonica)Local: Nato Deployable Corps GREECE (en)  (Thessaloniki)
NATO ITALY NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy  (Solbiate Olona)Local: NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy (en)  (Solbiate Olona)
NATO LISBON Allied Joint Command LISBON  (Oeiras)Local: Allied Joint Command LISBON (en)  (Oeiras)
NATO MADRID Allied Force Command MADRID  (Madrid)Local: Allied Force Command MADRID (en)  (Madrid)
NATO NAPLES Allied Joint Force Command NAPLES  (Naples)Local: Allied Joint Force Command NAPLES (en) + Commandement de la Force Interarmées à NAPLES (fr)  (Napoli)
NATO NORFOLK Nato Allied Command Transformation : ACT  (Norfolk)Local: Nato Allied Command Transformation : ACT (en) + Commandement Allié Transformation : CAT (fr)  (Norfolk)
NATO NORTHEAST Multinational Corps NORTHEAST  (Szczecin)Local: Multinational Corps NORTHEAST (en) + Wielonarodowy Korpus PÓŁNOCNO-WSCHODNI (pl)  (Szczecin)
NATO SCHOOL NATO School-Oberammergau  (Oberammergau)Local: NATO School-Oberammergau (en) + École de l´OTAN-Oberammergau (fr)  (Oberammergau)
NATO SOUTHEAST Nato Joint Headquarters SOUTHEAST  (Izmir Air Station)Local: Nato Joint Headquarters SOUTHEAST (en)  (İzmir Hava İstasyonu)
NATO SPAIN NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Spain  (Valencia)Local: NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Spain (en)  (València)
NATO TURKEY Nato Rapid Deployable Corps TURKEY  (Ayazaga)Local: Nato Rapid Deployable Corps TURKEY (en)  (Ayazağa)
NATO-HEIDELBERG Allied Force Command Heidelberg : HQ FC HD  (Campbell Barracks in Heidelberg)Local: Allied Force Command Heidelberg : HQ FC HD (en)  (Campbell Barracks in Heidelberg)
PASHALIMAN PASHALIMAN Naval Base  (Pashaliman)Local: PASHALIMAN Baza e Kantierit (sq) + LIMAN PAŞA Baz (tr) + VLORA Naval Shipyard (en)  (Pashaliman)
RAMSTEIN Allied Air Command RAMSTEIN  (Ramstein)Local: Allied Air Command RAMSTEIN (en) + Commandement Aérien Allié de RAMSTEIN (fr)  (Ramstein)
SHAPE Allied Command Operations : Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe : SHAPE  (Casteau)Local: Allied Command Operations : Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe : SHAPE (en) + Commandement Allié des Opérations : Grand Quartier Général des Puissances Alliées en Europe : SHAPE (fr)  (Casteau)
SHEPPARD SHEPPARD Air Force Base  (Sheppard)Local: SHEPPARD Air Force Base (en)  (Sheppard)
SOUDA BAY Naval Base of SOUDA BAY  (Souda Bay)Local: Nafstathmos KRITIS : Ναύσταθμος ΚΡΗΤΗΣ (el) + Naval Support Activity SOUDA BAY (en)  (Kólpos Soúdas)
STAVANGER CENTRE Joint Warfare Centre STAVANGER  (Stavanger)Local: Joint Warfare Centre STAVANGER (en) + Centre de Guerre Interarmées STAVANGER (fr)  (Stavanger)
THULE THULE Air Base  (Pituffik)Local: THULE Air Base (en)  (Pituffik)
VAERNES VAERNES Air Station  (Vaernes)Local: VÆRNES Flystasjon (nb) + VÆRNES Flystasjon (nn)  (Værnes)

5 Organisations (or Groupings) of membership (selective)

EURO-ATLANTIC Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council : EAPC  (Sintra)
EUROCORPS European Corps : EUROCORPS  (Strasbourg)
ISTANBUL COOPERATION Istanbul Cooperation Initiative : ICI  (Istanbul)
MEDITERRANEAN DIALOGUE North Atlantic Treaty Organization´s Plan in Mediterranean : MEDITERRANEAN DIALOGUE  (Brussels)
NATO-PEACE Partnership for Peace : PFP  (Brussels)

28 Members (excluding the associate or suspended members but including the countries represented on their behalf)   [The rulers are not necessarily the representatives in the organisation. ] :

ALBANIA (Tirana) President Bamir Topi
BELGIUM (Brussels) King Albert II
BULGARIA (Sofia) President Georgi Parvanov
CANADA (Ottawa) Queen Elizabeth II
CZECHIA (Prague elr + Brno dj + Lany r) President Vaclav Klaus
GERMANY (Berlin ar + Bonn lr + Carlsruhe d) Bundespresident Christian Wulff
DENMARK (Copenhagen) Queen Margaret II
ESTONIA (Tallinn a + Tartu b) President Toomas Hendrik Ilves
SPAIN (Madrid) King Juan Carlos I
FRANCE (Paris) President Nicolas Sarkozy
GREECE (Athens a) President Karolos Papoulias
CROATIA (Zagreb) President Ivo Josipovich
HUNGARY (Budapest) President Pal Schmitt
ICELAND (Reykjavik a + Alftanes r) President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson
ITALY (Rome) President Giorgio Napolitano
LITHUANIA (Vilnius) President Dalia Grybauskaite
LUXEMBOURG (Luxembourg City) Grand Duke Henri
LATVIA (Riga) President Andris Berzins
NETHERLANDS (Amsterdam a + The Hague jlr + Wassenaar r) Queen Beatrix
NORWAY (Oslo) King Harald V
POLAND (Warsaw) President Bronislaw Komorowski
PORTUGAL (Lisbon) President Anibal Cavaco Silva
ROMANIA (Bucharest) President Traian Basescu
SLOVENIA (Ljubljana) President Danilo Turk
SLOVAKIA (Bratislava a + Kosice d) President Ivan Gasparovic
TURKEY (Ankara) President Abdullah Gul
UNITED KINGDOM (London a + Westminster lr) Queen Elizabeth II
AMERICA (Washington-District of Columbia) President Barack Obama

* The emblems shown for the subdivisions may in some cases be those of their capital.
Notes: aims to find the countries, territories, governments, administrative divisions and main international organisations that have existed during the 20th century.
   Current depth of investigation: . [red: country considered completed, rose: 1 level yet to complete, white: 2 levels yet to complete]
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    + the other sources are added according to the consulted entity.


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