Afars And Issas 1975-JUN-02 - -   


AFARS AND ISSAS (Jibuti)  French Territory of the Afars and Issas : FTAI :
FREE AFARIA (Mogadishu) Exile AFAR Liberation Front : Ali Mireh Hanfareh Jr
AFARIA (Dikhil) Exile Afar Sultanate in Exile : GREAT AFARIA : Sultan Ali Mireh Hanfareh

Other Entities with similar names

French Republic : FRENCH COMMUNITY

French Territory of the Afars and Issas : FTAI

Flag or Logo since 1900-01-01
Territoire français des Afars et des Issas : TFAI (fr)
Emblem or Symbol

President Valery Giscard d´Estaing
(ruler of FRANCE since 1974-05-27)
Capitals & administrative places: Jibuti
Official & national languages: French (fr) .


AFARS AND ISSAS French Territory of the Afars and Issas : FTAI  (Jibuti)

4 Divisions:

ALI SABIEH ALI SABIEH District  (Ali Sabieh)Local: District d´ALI SABIEH (fr)  (Ali Sabieh)
DIKHIL DIKHIL District  (Dikhil)Local: District de DIKHIL (fr)  (Dikhil)
JIBUTI JIBUTI District  (Jibuti)Local: District de DJIBOUTI (fr)  (Djibouti)
TADJOURA TADJOURA District  (Tadjoura)Local: District de TADJOURA (fr)  (Tadjoura)

Dependent Protectorate:

TADJOURA Afar Sultanate of TADJOURA [French Protectorate]  (Tadjoura)Local: Sultanat afar de TADJOURA (fr) + TAGÓRRI Sultanat : سلطنة تاجورا (aa)  (Tadjoura)

1 Organisation or Grouping membership (selective)

WMO World Meteorological Organization : WMO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)

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