Germany 2003-MAY-17 - -   


(Berlin ar + Bonn lr + Karlsruhe d) - (Brussels a + Luxembourg j + Strasbourg l) -

Federal Republic of GERMANY

Flag or Logo since 1949-05-09
Bundesrepublik DEUTSCHLAND (de) UNO Member
Emblem or Symbol

Bundespresident Johannes Rau
(ruler of GERMANY since 1999-07-01)

President Romano Prodi
(ruler of EUROPEAN UNION since 1999-09-15)
Capitals & administrative places: Berlin ar + Bonn lr + Karlsruhe d
(Berlin + Bonn + Karlsruhe)
a administrative, national or political capital (also ruler's residence)
d constitutional court seat
l legislative or parliamentary capital, seat of government
r ruler's residence (royal or presidential, primary or secondary)
Official & national languages: