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Republic of CAMEROON : CAMEROON (Yaounde)  President Paul Biya
Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization : Independent Republic of AMBAZONIA : AMBAZONIA ((Buea) + London + Bowie)  President Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe

Alternate Entities with similar names

Republic of CAMEROON

Republic of CAMEROON

Flag or logo since 1975-05-20
République du CAMEROUN (fr) + Republic of CAMEROON (en)
Emblem or Symbol

President Paul Biya
(ruler of CAMEROON since 1982-11-06)
Official languages:()
Official relgions:()


CAMEROON Republic of CAMEROON  (Yaounde)

10 Metropolitan Divisions:

ADAMAWA ADAMAWA Region  (Ngaoundere)Local: Région de l''ADAMAOUA (fr) + ADAMAWA Region (en)  (N''gaoundéré)
CENTRAL CENTRAL Region  (Yaounde)Local: Région du CENTRE (fr) + CENTRAL Region (en)  (Yaoundé)
EAST EAST Region  (Bertoua)Local: Région de l''EST (fr) + EAST Region (en)  (Bertoua)
FAR NORTH FAR NORTH Region  (Maroua)Local: Région de l''EXTRÊME-NORD (fr) + FAR NORTH Region (en)  (Maroua)
LITTORAL LITTORAL Region  (Douala)Local: Région du LITTORAL (fr) + LITTORAL Region (en)  (Douala)
NORTH NORTH Region  (Garoua)Local: Région du NORD (fr) + NORTH Region (en)  (Garoua)
NORTHWEST NORTHWEST Region  (Bamenda)Local: NORTHWEST Region (en) + Région du NORD-OUEST (fr)  (Bamenda)
SOUTH SOUTH Region  (Ebolowa)Local: Région du SUD (fr) + SOUTH Region (en)  (Ebolowa)
SOUTH-WEST SOUTH-WEST Region  (Buea)Local: SOUTH-WEST Region (en) + Région du SUD-OUEST (fr)  (Buea)
WEST WEST Region  (Bafoussam)Local: Région de l''OUEST (fr) + WEST Region (en)  (Bafoussam)

Other notable Territories in Africa:

BABADJOU Bamileke Chiefdom of BABADJOU  (Babadjou)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BABADJOU  (Babadjou)
BABETE Bamileke Kingdom of BABETE  (Mbouda)Local: Royaume bamiléké de BABÉTÉ  (Mbouda)
BABOUANTOU Bamileke Chiefdom of BABOUANTOU  (Baloum)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BABOUANTOU  (Baloum)
BABOUTCHA-NITCHEU Bamileke Chiefdom of BABOUTCHA-NITCHEU  (Baboutcha)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BABOUTCHA-NITCHEU  (Baboutcha)
BABUNGO BABUNGO Kingdom of Vengo  (Bamungo)Local: BABUNGO Kingdom of Vengoo  (Bamungo)
BADENKOP Bamileke Chiefdom of BADENKOP  (Badenkop)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BADENKOP  (Badenkop)
BADOUNGA Bamileke Chiefdom of BADOUNGA  (Tonga)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BADOUNGA  (Tonga)
BAFANG Bamileke Chiefdom of BAFANG  (Bafang)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAFANG  (Bafang)
BAFAW BAFAW Chiefdom  (Kumba)Local: BAFAW Chiefdom  (Kumba)
BAFOU Bamileke Chiefdom of BAFOU  (Bafou)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAFOU  (Bafou)
BAFOUSSAM Bamileke Chiefdom of BAFOUSSAM  (Bafoussam)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAFOUSSAM  (Bafoussam)
BAFUT BAFUT Kingdom  (Bafut)Local: BAFUT Kingdom  (Bafut)
BAGNOUN Bamileke Chiefdom of BAGNOUN  (Bazou)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAGNOUN  (Bazou)
BAHAM Bamileke Chiefdom of BAHAM  (Baham)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAHAM  (Baham)
BAHOUOC Bamileke Chiefdom of BAHOUOC  (Bahouoc)Local: Bamileke Chiefdom of BAHOUOC  (Bahouoc)
BAKONG Bamileke Chiefdom of BAKONG  (Bazou)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAKONG  (Bazou)
BALENG Bamileke Chiefdom of BALENG  (Lafe-Baleng)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BALENG  (Lafé-Baleng)
BALENGOU Bamileke Chiefdom of BALENGOU  (Balengou)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BALENGOU  (Balengou)
BALI-NYONGA BALI-NYONGA Kingdom  (Bali)Local: BALI-NYONGA Kingdom  (Bali)
BALIKUMBAT BALIKUMBAT Kingdom  (Balikumbat)Local: BALIKUMBAT Kingdom  (Balikumbat)
BALONG AND MOKONGE Chiefdom of BALONG AND MOKONGE  (Muyuka)Local: Chefferie de BALONG ET MOKONGE  (Muyuka)
BAMAHA Bamileke Chiefdom of BAMAHA  (Maha)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAMAHA  (Maha)
BAMBALANG BAMBALANG Chiefdom  (Bambalang)Local: Chefferie de BAMBALANG  (Bambalang)
BAMEKA Bamileke Chiefdom of BAMEKA  (Bameka)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAMEKA  (Bameka)
BAMENA Bamileke Chiefdom of BAMENA  (Bamena)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAMENA  (Bamena)
BAMENDANKWE BAMENDANKWE Kingdom  (Bamenda)Local: BAMENDANKWE Kingdom  (Bamenda)
BAMENDJINDA Bamileke Chiefdom of BAMENDJINDA  (Bamendjinda)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAMENDJINDA  (Bamendjinda)
BAMENDJO Bamileke Chiefdom of BAMENDJO  (Bamendjou)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAMENDJO  (Bamendjou)
BAMESSO Bamileke Chiefdom of BAMESSO  (Galim)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAMESSO  (Galim)
BAMOUGOUM Bamileke Chiefdom of BAMOUGOUM  (Kongso-Bamougoum)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAMOUGOUM  (Kongso-Bamougoum)
BAMUN BAMUN Sultanate  (Fumban)Local: Sultanat BAMOUN  (Foumban)
BANA Bamileke Kingdom of BANA  (Bana)Local: Royaume bamiléké de BANA  (Bana)
BANDJA Bamileke Chiefdom of BANDJA  (Bandja)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BANDJA  (Bandja)
BANFELOUK Bamileke Chiefdom of BANFELOUK  (Banfelouk)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BANFELOUK  (Banfelouk)
BANGANG Bamileke Chiefdom of BANGANG  (Bangang-Fondji)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BANGANG  (Bangang-Fondji)
BANGANG FOKAM Bamileke Chiefdom of BANGANG FOKAM  (Bangang Fokam)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BANGANG FOKAM  (Bangang Fokam)
BANGANGTE Bamileke Chiefdom of BANGANGTE  (Bangangte)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BANGANGTÉ  (Bangangté)
BANGOU Bamileke Chiefdom of BANGOU  (Bangou)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BANGOU  (Bangou)
BANGOULAP Bamileke Chiefdom of BANGOULAP  (Bangoulap)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BANGOULAP  (Bangoulap)
BANGWA Bamileke Chiefdom of BANGWA  (Bangwa)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BANGOUA  (Bangoua)
BANJUN Bamileke Kingdom of BANJUN  (Banjun)Local: Royaume bamiléké de BANDJOUN  (Bandjoun)
BANKA Bamileke Chiefdom of BANKA  (Bafang)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BANKA  (Bafang)
BANKIM Tikar State of BANKIM  (Bankim)Local: État Tikar de M''BANKIM  (M''Bankim)
BANSO Tikar Kingdom of BANSO  (Banso)Local: Tikar Kingdom of BANSO  (Banso)
BANYO Vute Lamidate of BANYO  (Banyo)Local: Lamidat de BANYO (fr) + Lamidate of BANYO (en) + Lamido BANYO : لاميدو بانيو (fub) + Lamido BANYO (pfe)  (Banyo)
BAPA Bamileke Chiefdom of BAPA  (Bapa)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAPA  (Bapa)
BASA OF WURI BASA OF WURI Kingdom  (Douala)Local: Royaume BASSA DU WOURI  (Douala)
BATCHA Bamileke Chiefdom of BATCHA  (Batcha)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BATCHA  (Batcha)
BATCHAM Regency of BATCHAM  (Batcham)Local: Régence de BATCHAM  (Batcham)
BATCHINGOU Bamileke Chiefdom of BATCHINGOU  (Batchingou)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BATCHINGOU  (Batchingou)
BATOUFAM Bamileke Chiefdom of BATOUFAM  (Batoufam)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BATOUFAM  (Batoufam)
BAYANGAM Bamileke Chiefdom of BAYANGAM  (Bayangam)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAYANGAM  (Bayangam)
BAZOU Bamileke Chiefdom of BAZOU  (Bazou)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de BAZOU  (Bazou)
BAZOUS Bamileke Chiefdoms of BAZOU Arrondissement  (Bazou)Local: Chefferies bamilékés de l''Arrondissement de BAZOU  (Bazou)
BEBA BEBA Chiefdom  (Beba)Local: Chefferie de BEBA  (Beba)
BIBEMI BIBEMI Kingdom : Lamidate of Bibemi  (Bibemi)Local: Royaume de BIBÉMI : Lamidat de Bibémi  (Bibemi)
BONAKU Akwa Kingdom of BONAKU  (Bonaku)Local: Royaume Akwa de BONAKU  (Bonaku)
BONANJO BONANJO Kingdom of Douala  (Douala)Local: Royaume BONANJO de Douala  (Douala)
BONEBELA BONEBELA Chiefdom  (Bonebela)Local: Chefferie de BONEBELA  (Bonebela)
DITAM Tikar State of DITAM  (Ditam)Local: État Tikar de N''DITAM  (Nditam)
ESU ESU Kingdom  (Wum)Local: ESU Kingdom  (Wum)
EYUMJOCK AND OSSING Chiefdom of EYUMJOCK AND OSSING  (Eyumojock)Local: Chiefdom of EYUMJOCK AND OSSING  (Eyumojock)
FINGYE Kedjom Kingdom of FINGYE  (Bafingye)Local: Kedjom Kingdom of FINGYE  (Bafingye)
FOMBELE Bamileke Chiefdom of FOMBELE  (Fombele)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de FOMBELÉ  (Fombelé)
FONDANTI Bamileke Chiefdom of FONDANTI  (Fondanti)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de FONDANTI  (Fondanti)
FONFUKA FONFUKA Kingdom  (Fonfuka)Local: FONFUKA Kingdom  (Fonfuka)
FOREKE-DSCHANG Bamileke Chiefdom of FOREKE-DSCHANG  (Dschang)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de FOREKE-DSCHANG  (Dschang)
FOTETSA Bamileke Chiefdom of FOTETSA  (Fotetsa)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de FOTETSA  (Fotetsa)
FOTO Bamileke Chiefdom of FOTO  (Foto)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de FOTO  (Foto)
FOTOUNI Bamileke Chiefdom of FOTOUNI  (Fotouni)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de FOTOUNI  (Fotouni)
FOYANTCHA Bamileke Chiefdom of FOYANTCHA  (Bametchetcha)Local: Chefferie bamiléké de FOYANTCHA  (Bametchetcha)
GAROUA Fulbe Lamidate of GAROUA  (Garoua)Local: Lamido GARUA : لاميدو غاروا (fub) + Lamidat de GAROUA (fr) + Lamidate of GARUA (en)  (Garoua)
GBEA GBEA Chiefdom of Buea  (Buea)Local: GBEA Chiefdom of Buea  (Buea)
INA Tikar State of INA  (Ina)Local: État Tikar d''INA  (Ina)
JEREM JEREM Department : Tibati Lamidate  (Tibati)Local: Département du DJÉREM : Lamidat de Tibati  (Tibati)
KEDJOM KEKU KEDJOM KEKU Kingdom  (Tubah)Local: Royaume de KEDJOM KEKU  (Tubah)
KEDJOM KETINGUH KEDJOM KETINGUH Kingdom  (Babanki-Tungo)Local: KEDJOM KETINGUH Kingdom  (Babanki-Tungo)
KOM KOM Kingdom  (Laikom)Local: KOM Kingdom (en) + Royaume de KOM (fr)  (Laikom)
KUNGI Chiefdom of KUNGI  (Tiko)Local: Chefferie de KUNGI  (Tiko)
LEWOH LEWOH Chiefdom  (Lewoh)Local: LEWOH Chiefdom  (Lewoh)
LIMBE LIMBE Chiefdom  (Limbe)Local: LIMBE Chiefdom  (Limbe)
LOWER BAKOSSI LOWER BAKOSSI Chiefdom  (Tombel)Local: LOWER BAKOSSI Chiefdom  (Tombel)
MAGBA Tikar Kingdom of MAGBA  (Magba)Local: Royaume Tikar de MAGBA  (Magba)
MAMBILA MAMBILA Chiefdom  (Somie)Local: Chefferie de MAMBILA (fr) + MAMBILA Chiefdom (en) + Mambere : MAMBILA (mcu)  (Somié)
MANKON Kingdom of MANKON Community  (Bamenda)Local: Kingdom of MANKON Community  (Bamenda)
MAROUA MAROUA Sultanate  (Maroua)Local: Sultanat de MAROUA  (Maroua)
MBIAME Tikar Kingdom of MBIAME  (Mbiame)Local: Tikar Kingdom of MBIAME  (Mbiame)
MBUM Tikar Kingdom of MBUM  (Ngaoundere)Local: Royaume tikar de MBOUM  (N''gaoundéré)
MOMO MOMO Department : Batibo Kingdom  (Mbengwi)Local: MOMO Department : Batibo Kingdom  (Mbengwi)
NGAMBE Tikar State of NGAMBE  (Ngambe-Tikar)Local: État Tikar de NGAMBÉ  (Ngambé-Tikar)
NGAOUNDERE NGAOUNDERE Lamidate  (Ngaoundere)Local: Lamidat de N''GAOUNDÉRÉ  (N''gaoundéré)
NGUME Tikar State of NGUME  (Ngume)Local: État Tikar de NGOUMÉ  (Ngoumé)
NKAR NKAR Chiefdom  (Nkar)Local: NKAR Chiefdom  (Nkar)
REY-BOUBA REY-BOUBA Sultanate  (Rey-Bouba)Local: Sultanat de REY-BOUBA  (Rey-Bouba)
TALLA TALLA Chiefdom  (Talla)Local: Chefferie de TALLA  (Talla)
UPPER BAKOSSI UPPER BAKOSSI Chiefdom  (Bangem)Local: UPPER BAKOSSI Chiefdom  (Bangem)
WANDALA WANDALA Sultanate  (Mora)Local: Sultanat de WANDALA (fr) + Saltanat MANDARA (mfi)  (Mora)
WE Tikar State of WE  (We)Local: État Tikar de WÉ  (Wé)
WONYANGOMBA WONYANGOMBA Chiefdom  (Bonangomba)Local: Chefferie de WONYANGOMBA  (Bonangomba)
YAKONG Tikar State of YAKONG  (Yakong)Local: État Tikar de YAKONG  (Yakong)

77 Organizations (or Groupings) of membership (selective)

AFRICA-FRANCE Conference of Heads of State of Africa and France : AFRICA-FRANCE Summit  (Bamako)
AFRICAN BANK African Development Bank : AFDB  (Tunis)
AFRICAN CARIBBEAN AND PACIFIC STATES African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States : ACP STATES  (Brussels)
AFRICAN NATURE African Convention on Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources : CONVENTION ON CONSERVATION  (Maputo)
AFRICAN UNION African Union : AU  (Addis Ababa + Midrand)
AIPO African Intellectual Property Organization : AIPO  (Yaounde)
APPA African Petroleum Producers'' Association : APPA  (Brazzaville)
ASECNA Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar : ASECNA  (Dakar)
ASIA-AFRICA Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization : AALCO  (New Delhi)
CENTRAL AFRICA Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa : EMCCA  (Bangui)
CENTRAL AFRICAN STATES Economic Community of Central African States : ECCAS  (Libreville)
CHEMICAL WEAPONS PROHIBITION Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons : OPCW  (The Hague)
COMMON FUND Common Fund for Commodities : CFC  (Geneva)
CUSTOMS World Customs Organization : WCO  (Brussels)
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations : FAO Specialized Agency  (Rome)
FRANCOPHONIE International Organization of The Francophonie : OIF  (Paris)
GLOBAL FUND The Global Fund to Fight Aids Tuberculosis and Malaria : GFATM  (Vernier-Geneva)
GROUP OF SEVENTY-SEVEN Coalition of Developing Countries : GROUP OF SEVENTY-SEVEN  (New York City)
HAGUE CONVENTION Permanent Court of Arbitration : PCA  (The Hague)
HYDROGRAPHY International Hydrographic Organization : IHO  (Monaco)
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency : IAEA Specialized Agency  (Vienna)
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development : IBRD  (Washington-District of Columbia)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization : ICAO Specialized Agency  (Montreal)
ICJ International Court of Justice : ICJ  (The Hague)
IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development : IFAD Specialized Agency  (Rome)
ILO International Labour Organization : ILO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
IMF International Monetary Fund : IMF Specialized Agency  (Washington-District of Columbia)
IMO International Maritime Organization : IMO Specialized Agency  (London)
IMSO International Mobile Satellite Organization : IMSO  (London)
INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UNION Inter-Parliamentary Union : IPU  (Grand Saconnex)
INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization : ICPO  (Lyons)
IOM International Organization for Migration : IOM Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
ISESCO Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization : ISESCO  (Rabat)
ISLAM Organization of Islamic Cooperation : OIC  (Jeddah)
ISLAMIC BANK Islamic Development Bank : IDB  (Jeddah)
ITU International Telecommunication Union : ITU Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
LAKE CHAD BASIN Lake Chad Basin Commission : LCBC  (Ndjamena)
NATURE CONSERVATION International Union for Conservation of Nature : IUCN  (Gland)
NON-ALIGNED Non-Aligned Movement : NAM - Advancing South South Cooperation  (Jakarta + New York City)
NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty : NPT  (New York City)
NUCLEAR TEST BAN Provisional Secretariat of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Organization : CTBTO  (Vienna)
OHADA Organisation for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa : OHADA  (Yaounde)
OHCHR Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights : OHCHR Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
OLYMPIC GAMES International Olympic Committee : IOC  (Lausanne)
PELINDABA TREATY African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty : ANWFZ  (Pelindaba)
RED CROSS International Committee of the Red Cross : ICRC  (Geneva)
RED CROSS AND RED CRESCENT International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies : IFRCS  (Geneva)
REFRIGERATION International Institute of Refrigeration : IIR  (Paris)
SEABED Secretariat of the International Seabed Authority : ISA  (Kingston)
SOUTH ATLANTIC ZONE South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone : SAPCZ  (Brasilia)
STANDARDIZATION International Organization for Standardization : ISO  (Geneva)
TELECOMMUNICATIONS SATELLITE International Telecommunications Satellite Organization : ITSO  (Washington-District of Columbia)
TRIBUNAL OF THE SEA International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea : ITLOS  (Hamburg)
UN-HABITAT United Nations Human Settlements Programme : UN-HABITAT Specialized Agency  (Nairobi)
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development : UNCTAD  (Geneva)
UNDP United Nations Development Programme : UNDP Specialized Agency  (New York City)
UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme : UNEP Specialized Agency  (Nairobi)
UNESCO United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization : UNESCO Specialized Agency  (Paris)
UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change : UNFCCC  (New York City)
UNHCR United Nations High Commission for Refugees : UNHCR Agency  (Geneva)
UNICEF United Nations International Children''s Emergency Fund : UNICEF Specialized Agency  (New York City)
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization : UNIDO Specialized Agency  (Vienna)
UNITED NATIONS United Nations Organization : UNO  (New York City)
UNODA Conference on Disarmament : United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs : UNODA  (Geneva)
UNODC United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime : UNODC Agency  (Vienna)
UNOOSA Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies : OUTER SPACE Treaty  (Vienna)
UNWTO World Tourism Organization : UNWTO Specialized Agency  (Madrid)
UPEACE University for Peace : UPEACE  (Ciudad Colon)
UPU Universal Postal Union : UPU Specialized Agency  (Berne)
WFP World Food Programme : WFP  (Rome)
WHALING International Whaling Commission : IWC  (Impington)
WHO World Health Organization : WHO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization : WIPO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
WMO World Meteorological Organization : WMO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
WORLD TRADE World Trade Organization : WTO  (Geneva)

Other Current States within the 2018's internationaly recognized Country boundaries (listed below in grey, it may contain errors)

AMBAZONIA Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization : Independent Republic of AMBAZONIA  ((Buea) + London + Bowie)
BAKASSI Self-Declared Democratic Republic of BAKASSI  (Akwa Obutong)

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