Vitebsk 1922-DEC-30 - -   


RUSSIA  SOVIET UNION  Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic : RSFSR
(Moscow) - (Moscow) - (Moscow)

VITEBSK Government

Flag or Logo since 1919-04-19
VITEBSKAYA guberniya : ВИТЕБСКАЯ губерния (ru)
Emblem or Symbol

Vladimir Ilich Lenin
(ruler of RUSSIA since 1922-12-30)

Joseph Stalin
(ruler of SOVIET UNION since 1922-04-03)
Capitals & administrative places: Vitebsk
Official & national languages: Russian (ru) .

5 Territories:

BRASLAV BRASLAV Region  (Braslav)Local: BRASLAV  (Braslav)
LEPEL LEPEL Uyezd  (Lepel)Local: LEPELSKIY uyezd  (Lepel)
ORSHA ORSHA Region  (Orsha)Local: ORSHA  (Orsha)
POLOTSK POLOTSK Uyezd  (Polotsk)Local: POLOTSKIY uyezd  (Polotsk)
VITEBSK VITEBSK Uyezd  (Vitebsk)Local: VITEBSKIY uyezd  (Vitebsk)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BYELORUSSIA Socialist Soviet Republic of Byelorussia : SSRB [Central Executive Committee]  (Minsk)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

GOMEL GOMEL Oblast  (Gomel)
GRODNO GRODNO County  (Grodno)
KOSZYRSKI KOSZYRSKI County  (Kamien Koszyrski)
MINSK MINSK Oblast  (Minsk)
NOVOGRUDOK NOVOGRUDOK Voivodeship  (Novogrudok)
POLESIA POLESIA Voivodeship  (Brest-Litovsk)
VILEYKA VILEYKA County  (Vileyka)

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