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BOTSWANA (Gaborone) UNO Member Republic of BOTSWANA : President Seretse Khama
BOPHUTHATSWANA (Mafeking)  Autonomous Homeland of BOPHUTHATSWANA :

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Republic of BOTSWANA

Republic of BOTSWANA

Flag or Logo since 1966-09-30
Republic of BOTSWANA (en) + Lefatshe la BOTSWANA (tn) UNO Member
Emblem or Symbol

President Seretse Khama
(ruler of BOTSWANA since 1966-09-30)
Capitals & administrative places: Gaborone
Official & national languages: English (en) . Tswana (tn) .


BOTSWANA Republic of BOTSWANA  (Gaborone)

17 Divisions:

BAROLONG BAROLONG District  (Good Hope)Local: BAROLONG District (en) + Kgaolo ya BARÔLÔNG (tn)  (GoodHope)
CHOBE CHOBE District  (Kasane)Local: CHOBE District (en) + Kgaolo ya CHOBE (tn)  (Kasane)
FRANCISTOWN FRANCISTOWN Town Council  (Francistown)Local: FRANCISTOWN Town Council (en) + Toropo ya FRANCISTOWN (tn)  (Francistown)
GABORONE GABORONE Town Council  (Gaborone)Local: GABORONE Town Council (en) + Toropo ya GABORONE (tn)  (Gaborone)
GHANZI GHANZI District  (Ghanzi)Local: GHANZI District (en) + Kgaolo ya GHANZI (tn)  (Ghanzi)
KGALAGADI KGALAGADI District  (Tsabong)Local: KGALAGADI District (en) + Kgaolo ya KGALAGADI (tn)  (Tshabong)
KGATLENG KGATLENG District  (Mochudi)Local: KGATLENG District (en) + Kgaolo ya KGATLENG (tn)  (Mochudi)
KWENENG KWENENG District  (Molepolole)Local: KWENENG District (en) + Kgaolo ya KWÊNENG (tn)  (Molepolole)
LOBATSE LOBATSE Town Council  (Lobatse)Local: LOBATSE Town Council (en) + Toropo ya LOBATSE (tn)  (Lobatse)
NGAMILAND NGAMILAND District  (Maun)Local: NGAMILAND District (en) + Kgaolo ya NGAMI (tn)  (Maun)
NGWAKETSE NGWAKETSE District  (Kanye)Local: NGWAKETSE District (en) + Kgaolo ya NGWAKETSE (tn)  (Kanye)
NGWATO NGWATO District  (Serowe)Local: NGWATO District (en) + Kgaolo ya NGWATO (tn)  (Serowe)
NORTH-EAST NORTH-EAST District  (Masunga)Local: NORTH-EAST District (en) + Kgaolo ya BOKONE-BOTHLABA (tn)  (Masunga)
ORAPA ORAPA Town Council  (Orapa)Local: ORAPA Town Council (en) + Toropo ya ORAPA (tn)  (Orapa)
SELEBI-PHIKWE SELEBI-PHIKWE Town Council  (Selebi-Phikwe)Local: SELIBE-PHIKWE Town Council (en) + Toropo ya SELEBI-PHIKWE (tn)  (Selibe-Phikwe)
SOUTH-EAST SOUTH-EAST District  (Ramotswa)Local: SOUTH-EAST District (en) + Kgaolo ya BORWA-BOTHLABA (tn)  (Ramotswa)
TULI TULI District  (Tuli)Local: TULI District (en) + Kgaolo ya TULI (tn)  (Tuli)

29 Organisations or Groupings membership (selective)

AFRICAN BANK African Development Bank : AFDB  (Abidjan)
AFRICAN NATURE African Convention on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources : CONVENTION ON CONSERVATION  (Algiers)
AFRICAN UNITY Organization of African Unity : OAU  (Addis Ababa)
ASIA-AFRICA Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee : AALCC  (New Delhi)
COMMON FUND Common Fund for Commodities : CFC  (Geneva)
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations : FAO Specialized Agency  (Rome)
FRONT LINE STATES Front Line States Organization : FLS  (Lusaka)
GROUP OF SEVENTY-SEVEN Coalition of Developing Countries : GROUP OF SEVENTY-SEVEN  (Manila)
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development : IBRD  (Washington-District of Columbia)
ICJ International Court of Justice : ICJ  (The Hague)
IMF International Monetary Fund : IMF Specialized Agency  (Washington-District of Columbia)
ITU International Telecommunication Union : ITU Specialized Agency  (Geneva)
LEAGUE OF RED CROSS League of Red Cross Societies : LORCS  (Geneva)
NON-ALIGNED Non-Aligned Movement : NAM  (Algiers + New York)
NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty : NPT  (New York)
RED CROSS International Committee of the Red Cross : ICRC  (Geneva)
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development : UNCTAD  (Geneva)
UNDP United Nations Development Programme : UNDP Specialized Agency  (New York)
UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme : UNEP Specialized Agency  (Nairobi)
UNHCR United Nations High Commission for Refugees : UNHCR Agency  (Geneva)
UNICEF United Nations International Children´s Emergency Fund : UNICEF Specialized Agency  (New York)
UNITED NATIONS United Nations Organization : UNO  (New York)
UNOOSA Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies : OUTER SPACE Treaty  (Vienna)
UPU Universal Postal Union : UPU Specialized Agency  (Berne)
WFP World Food Programme : WFP  (Rome)
WHO World Health Organization : WHO Specialized Agency  (Pregny-Chambesy)
WMO World Meteorological Organization : WMO Specialized Agency  (Geneva)

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