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Republic of BOLIVIA
(Sucre cj + La Paz eir)

LA PAZ Department

Flag or Logo since 1987-07-02
Departamento de LA PAZ (es)
Emblem or Symbol

President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada
(ruler of BOLIVIA since 2002-08-06)
Capitals & administrative places: La Paz
(Nuestra Señora de La Paz)
Official & national languages: Spanish (es) .

20 Territories:

ABEL ITURRALDE ABEL ITURRALDE Province  (Ixiamas)Local: Provincia de ABEL ITURRALDE (es)  (Ixiamas)
ANDES ANDES Province  (Pucarani)Local: Provincia de LOS ANDES (es)  (Pucarani)
AROMA AROMA Province  (Sica Sica)Local: Provincia de AROMA (es)  (Sica Sica)
BAUTISTA SAAVEDRA BAUTISTA SAAVEDRA Province  (Villa Juan Jose Perez-Charazani)Local: Provincia de BAUTISTA SAAVEDRA (es)  (Villa Juan José Perez-Charazani)
CARANAVI CARANAVI Province  (Caranavi)Local: Provincia de CARANAVI (es)  (Caranavi)
ELIODORO CAMACHO ELIODORO CAMACHO Province  (Port Acosta)Local: Provincia de ELIODORO CAMACHO (es)  (Puerto Acosta)
FRANZ TAMAYO FRANZ TAMAYO Province  (Apolo)Local: Provincia de FRANZ TAMAYO (es)  (Apolo)
GENERAL JOSE MANUEL PANDO GENERAL JOSE MANUEL PANDO Province  (Santiago of Machaca)Local: Provincia del GENERAL JOSÉ MANUEL PANDO (es)  (Santiago de Machaca)
GUALBERTO VILLAROEL GUALBERTO VILLAROEL Province  (San Pedro Curahuara of Carangas)Local: Provincia de GUALBERTO VILLAROEL (es)  (San Pedro de Curahuara de Carangas)
INGAVI INGAVI Province  (Viacha)Local: Provincia de INGAVÍ (es)  (Viacha)
INQUISIVI INQUISIVI Province  (Inquisivi)Local: Provincia de INQUISIVI (es)  (Inquisivi)
JOSE RAMON LOAYZA JOSE RAMON LOAYZA Province  (Luribay)Local: Provincia de JOSÉ RAMÓN LOAYZA (es)  (Luribay)
LARECAJA LARECAJA Province  (Sorata)Local: Provincia de LARECAJA (es)  (Sorata)
MANCO KAPAC MANCO KAPAC Province  (Copacabana)Local: Provincia de MANCO KAPAC (es)  (Copacabana)
MUNECAS MUNECAS Province  (Chuma)Local: Provincia de MUÑECAS (es)  (Chuma)
NORTH YUNGAS NORTH YUNGAS Province  (Coroico)Local: Provincia de NOR YUNGAS (es)  (Coroico)
OMASUYOS OMASUYOS Province  (Achacachi)Local: Provincia de OMASUYOS (es)  (Achacachi)
PACAJES PACAJES Province  (Coro Coro)Local: Provincia de PACAJES (es)  (Corocoro)
PEDRO DOMINGO MURILLO PEDRO DOMINGO MURILLO Province  (Palca + La Paz)Local: Provincia de PEDRO DOMINGO MURILLO (es)  (Palca + Nuestra Señora de La Paz)
SOUTH YUNGAS SOUTH YUNGAS Province  (Chulumani)Local: Provincia de SUD YUNGAS (es)  (Chulumani)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BOLIVIA Republic of BOLIVIA  (Sucre cj + La Paz eir)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

BENI PEOPLES Center of Indigenous Peoples of Beni : CPIB  ((The Santisime Trinidad))
BOLIVIAN AMAZONIA Indigenous Center of the Bolivian Amazon Region : CIRABO  ((Riberalta))
BOLIVIAN EAST Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Bolivian East : CIDOB  (Santa Cruz of the Sierra)
BOLIVIAN INDIANS Syndical Confederation of Settlers of Bolivia : CSCB  ((La Paz))
GUARANI NATION Assembly of the Guarani People : APG  (Camiri)
GUARAYO PEOPLES Center of Guarayo Native Peoples´ Organizations : COPNAG  ((Ascension of Guarayos))
LA PAZ PEOPLES Center of Indigenous Peoples of La Paz : CPILAP  ((La Paz))
LECOS OF APOLO Indigenous Center of the LECO OF APOLO People : CIPLA  ((Apolo + La Paz))
LECOS OF LARECAJA Leco Indigenous People and Originary Communities of Larecaja : PILCOL  ((Mapiri))
MOSETENS Indigenous Organization of the Moseten People : OPIM  (Palos Blancos)
PANDO AMAZONIAN PEOPLES Indigenous Center of the Originary Amazon Peoples of Pando : CIPOAP  ((Cobija))
TACANAS Indigenous Council of the Tacana People : CIPTA  ((San Buenaventura + Ixiamas))
TROPIC OF COCHABAMBA Coordination of Indigenous Peoples of the Tropic of Cochabamba : CPITCO  ((Chimore))
WEEHNAYEKS AND TAPIETES Organization of Weehnayek and Tapiete Captaincies : ORCAWETA  ((Comunity of San Antonio of Villa Montes))

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