Albania 1920-JAN-30 - -   


ALBANIAN KOSOVO (Trieste + Drenitsa Area) RebellionExile Committee for the National Defence of KOSOVO : Hoxha Kadri Prishtina
ALBANIA (Lushnja l + (Durres)) SDN Observer National Government of ALBANIA [High Council of Regency] : High Council
ALBANIAN FRONTIER ((Scutari))  ALBANIAN Military Frontier Territory :
ALBANIA-TOPTANI (Paris) Exile National Assembly of ALBANIA-in-Exile : Esad Pasha Toptani
ALBANIA-IN-EXILE (Berlin) Exile Principality of ALBANIA-IN-EXILE [Kingdom of Albania] : King William I. of Wied-Skanderbeg II

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(Lushnja l + (Durres)) - (Rome a) - (Berlin) -

National Government of ALBANIA
[High Council of Regency]

Flag or Logo since 1920-01-20
Reggenza di ALBANIA (it) + Regjencë e SHQIPËRISË (sq) SDN Observer
Emblem or Symbol

High Council
(ruler of ALBANIA since 1920-01-30)

King Victor Emmanuel III
(ruler of ITALY since 1900-07-29)

King William I. of Wied-Skanderbeg II
(ruler of ALBANIA-IN-EXILE since 1914-09-03)
Capitals & administrative places: Lushnja l + (Durres)
(Lushnja + (Durazzo))
l legislative or parliamentary capital, seat of government
() capital or HQ de facto partially ou totally outside of the territory
Official & national languages: Italian (it) . Albanian (sq) .


ALBANIA ALBANIAN National Government  (Lushnja + (Durres))

6 Divisions:

BERAT BERAT Prefecture  (Berat)Local: Prefektura i BERATIT (sq) + Prefettura di BERAT (it)  (Berat)
DIBRA DIBRA Prefecture  (Dibra)Local: Prefektura i DIBRËS (sq)  (Dibër)
ELBASAN ELBASAN Prefecture  (Elbasan)Local: Prefektura i ELBASANIT (sq) + Prefettura di ELBASAN (it)  (Elbasan)
GIROKASTER GIROKASTER Prefecture  (Girokaster)Local: Prefettura di ARGIROCASTRO (it) + Prefektura i GJIROKASTRËS (sq)  (Gjirokastër)
SCUTARI SCUTARI Prefecture  (Scutari)Local: Prefettura di SCUTARI (it) + Prefektura i SHKODRËS (sq)  (Scutari)
TIRANA TIRANA District  (Tirana)Local: Rrethe i TIRANËS (sq) + Distretto di TIRANA (it)  (Tirana)

1 Territory:

DURRES DURRES Prefecture [Italian Occupation]  (Durres)Local: Prefektura i DURRËSIT (sq) + Prefettura di DURAZZO (it)  (Durazzo)

1 Government or Movement in Exile

ALBANIAN KOSOVO Committee for the National Defence of KOSOVO  (Trieste + Drenitsa Area) Hoxha Kadri Prishtina

1 Organisation or Grouping membership (selective)

LATIN UNION Latin Monetary Union : LMU  (Paris)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ALBANIAN FRONTIER ALBANIAN Military Frontier Territory  ((Scutari))
ITALIAN ALBANIA Italian Troops in ALBANIA  (Valora)
KORITZA French Province of KORITZA  (Koritza)
SAZAN ISLAND Italian Territory of SAZAN ISLAND  (Sazan)

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