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MICRONESIA  AMERICA  Federated States of Micronesia : FSM [Freely Associated State with the United States]
(Palikir a + Kolonia b) - (Washington-District of Columbia) - (Palikir a + Kolonia b)

State of YAP

Flag or Logo since 1980-05-30
State of YAP (en) + Wa´ab : WAQAB (yap) + YAP (uli) + YAP (woe) + YAP (stw)
Emblem or Symbol

President Joseph John Urusemal
(ruler of MICRONESIA since 2003-05-11)

President George Walker Bush
(ruler of AMERICA since 2001-01-20)
Capitals & administrative places: Colonia on Yap
Official & national languages: English (en) . Satawalese (stw) . Ulithian (uli) . Woleaian (woe) . Yapese (yap) .


YAP State of YAP  (Colonia on Yap)

5 Divisions:

IFALIK-FARAULEP-EAURIPIK FOURTH District  (Falalop on Ifalik)Local: FOURTH District (en) + FOURTH District (woe)  (Falalop)
SATAWAL-LAMOTREK-ELATO FIFTH District  (Satawal)Local: FIFTH District (en) + FIFTH District (stw) + FIFTH District (woe)  (Satawal)
ULITHI-NGULU-FAIS SECOND District  (Mogmog on Ulithi)Local: SECOND District (en) + Wulthiy : WUGÖY (uli)  (Mogmog)
WOLEAI THIRD District  (Woleai)Local: THIRD District (en) + WOLEAI (woe)  (Woleai)
YAP MAIN ISLANDS FIRST District : Yap Main Islands Region  (Colonia on Yap)Local: FIRST District : Yap Main Islands Region (en) + Wa´ab : WAQAB (yap)  (Colonia)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

MICRONESIA Federated States of Micronesia : FSM [Freely Associated State with the United States]  (Palikir a + Kolonia b)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

CHUUK CHUUK State  (Weno)
KAPINGAMARANGI Chiefdom of KAPINGAMARANGI Municipality  (Hare)
KITTI Chiefdom of the KITTI Municipality  (Kitti)
KOSRAE KOSRAE State  (Tofol)
MADOLENIHMW Chiefdom of the MADOLENIHMW Municipality  (Madolenihmw)
MOKIL MOKIL Municipality  (Kahlap)
MORTLOCKS MORTLOCK ISLANDS Region  (Satawan + Nama + Namoluk)
NETT Chiefdom of the NETT Municipality  (Nett)
NORTHWEST OUTER ISLANDS NORTHWEST OUTER ISLANDS Region : Oksoritod  (Magur + Puluwat + Nomwin)
NUKUORO NUKUORO Municipality  (Nukuoro)
OROLUK OROLUK Municipality  (Oroluk)
PINGELAP Chiefdom of PINGELAP Municipality  (Pingelap)
POHNPEI POHNPEI State  (Kolonia on Ponape)
POHNPEI EAST THIRD District of Pohnpei  (Nett)
POHNPEI SOUTH SECOND District of Pohnpei  (Madolenihmw)
POHNPEI WEST FIRST District of Pohnpei  (Kolonia on Ponape)
SAPWUAHFIK SAPWUAHFIK Municipality  (Ngatik)

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