Mobye 1962-MAR-02 - -   


Union of Burma : UOB KAYAH State
(Rangoon a) (Loikaw)

Padaung Rebellion of MOBYE

Flag or Logo since 1962-03-02
MOBYE (pdu) Rebellion
Emblem or Symbol

President Ne Win
(ruler of BURMA since 1962-03-02)
Capitals & administrative places: Mong Pai
Official & national languages: Padaung (pdu) .


MOBYE Padaung Rebellion of MOBYE  (Mong Pai)

1 Divisions:

MOBYE MONG PAI District [Mobye]  (Mong Pai)Local: MOBYE  (Mobye)

Note: * Possible flag

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ARAKAN FRONTS ARAKAN National Fronts  ((Sittwe))
BURMA Union of Burma : UOB  (Rangoon a)
CHINLAND Chin National Union : CNU  ((Falam))
COMMUNIST ARAKAN Independent Socialist Republic of ARAKAN [Communist Rebellion]  (Myebon)
COMMUNIST CHIN Chin National Vanguard Party : CNVP  (Thayetmyo Area)
KACHINLAND Kachin Independence Organization : KIO  (Pajau)
KARENNI Karenni National Progressive Party : KNPP  (Buko)
KAWTHOOLEI Independent Republic of KAWTHOOLEI  (Manerplaw)
MON STATE New Mon State Party : NMSP  (Yebyu)
NORTH ARAKAN NORTH ARAKAN Muslim League  (Eastern Buthidaung)
PA-O Union Pa-O National Organization : UPNO  (Hopong)
PEOPLE´S BURMA People´s Republic of BURMA [Communist Party of Burma in the National Democratic United Front]  (Arakan Zone)
SHAN STATE SHAN National United Front  (Yawnghwe)
SHANLAND Shan National Independence Army : SNIA  (Piangluang)
TAI-LAND Tai Revolutionary Council : TRC  (Ban Hintaek)
ZOLAND Chin Independence Army : CIA  (Falam Area)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ARAKAN ARAKAN Division  (Sittwe)
ARAKAN FRONT ARAKAN National Fronts  ((Sittwe))
ARAKAN MOUNTAINS Arakan National Liberation Party : ANLP  (Arakan Mountains)
CHIN HILLS CHIN HILLS Special Division  (Falam)
COMMUNIST KAREN Karen National United Party : KNUP  (Gayetau)
EASTERN SHANLAND EASTERN SHAN State [Kuomintang Groups leadership]  (Tam Ngob + Doe Mae Salong)
FREE ARAKAN ARAKAN Movements  (Sittwe)
FREE KAREN Karen National Liberation Army : KNLA  (Manerplaw)
KACHIN KACHIN State  (Myitkyina)
KACHIN ARMY Kachin Independence Army : KIA  (Pajau)
KAREN COUNTRY Karen National Defence Organisation : KNDO  (Manerplaw)
KARENLAND Karen National Union : KNU  (Manerplaw)
KAWA MOUNTAINS KAWA MOUNTAINS Groups [Chinese Kuomintang Control]  (Panghsang)
KAWNGHKA Kachin Defence Army : KDA  (Kawnghka)
KAWTHOOLEI Karen People´s Liberation Army : KPLA [Kawthoolei Armed Forces : KAF]  (Manerplaw)
KAYAH KAYAH State  (Loikaw)
KENGTUNG KENGTUNG Region  (Kengtung)
KOKANG KOKANG Warlordship  (Kungkeng)
LAHULAND National Organization of Lahus : LNO  ((Monghsu))
MAGWE MAGWE Division  (Yenangyaung)
MANDALAY MANDALAY Division  (Mandalay)
MAYU FRONTIER Direct Administration of the MAYU FRONTIER District  (Maungdaw)
MERGUI-TAVOY Mergui-Tavoy United Front : MTUF [Communist Rebellion]  (Tavoy)
PEGU PEGU Division  (Rangoon)
RED BURMA Red Flag Communist Party Burma : RFCP  (Dedaye)
SAGAING SAGAING Division  (Sagaing)
SHAN SHAN State Council  (Taunggyi)
SOUTHERN SHAN SOUTHERN SHAN Sub-State [Myelat Region]  (Taunggyi)
WHITE BURMA White Flag Communist Party of Burma : CPB  (Arakan Zone)

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