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Afar Sultanate of GOBAD
[Tributary of Aussa]

Flag or Logo since 1900-01-01
GOBAQAD Soltaana (aa) + Sultanat de GOBA´AD (fr) + Sultanat DEBNÉ (am) De facto Semi-Independent
Emblem or Symbol

Sultan Hummad Loitah
(ruler of GOBAD since 1900-01-01)

Sultan Muhammad Illalta bin Anfari
(ruler of AUSSA since 1900-01-01)

Emperor Menelik II
(ruler of ABYSSINIA since 1900-01-01)

President Emile Loubet
(ruler of FRANCE since 1900-01-01)
Capitals & administrative places: Debne
Official & national languages: Afar (aa) . Amharic (am) . French (fr) .


GOBAD Afar Sultanate of GOBAD  (Debne)

4 Divisions:

ADAL ADAL Territory  (Erer)Local: AWDAL (aa) + ADEL : አዳል (am) + Territoire d´ADAL (fr)  (Erer)
AS ELA AS ELA Territory  (As Eyla)Local: DIKSA (aa) + AS-ELA (am) + Territoire d´AS EYLA (fr)  (As-Eyla)
DIKKIL DIKKIL Territory  (Dikhil)Local: DIKHIL Rakaakay (aa) + DIKHIL (am) + Territoire de DIKKIL (fr)  (Dikhil)
GOBAD GOBAD Territory  (Debne)Local: GOBA´AD Saltanat (aa) + Territoire de GOBAAD (fr) + Sultanat DEBNÉ (am)  (Debné)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

FRENCH SOMALI COAST French Somaliland Colony : FRENCH SOMALI COAST  (Jibuti)
OBOCK OBOCK Territory  (Obock)
RAHAITA Afar Sultanate of RAHAITA [French Protectorate]  (Nouo-Dela + (Rahaita))
TADJOURA Afar Sultanate of TADJOURA [French Protectorate]  (Tadjoura)
YOBOKI YOBOKI Territory  (Yoboki)

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