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OROMIA (Nazret)  OROMIA National Regional State :
OROMO (Asmara + Qoryoley) RebellionExile Oromo Liberation Front : OLF : Daud Ibsa Ayana

Other Entities with similar names

Federal Democratic Republic of ETHIOPIA
(Addis Ababa)

OROMIA National Regional State

Flag or Logo since 1999-12-29
OROMIYAA (om) + OROMIYA Kilili : ኦሮሚያ ክልል (am) + OROMIA Region (en)
Emblem or Symbol

President Girma Wolde-Giorgis
(ruler of ETHIOPIA since 2001-10-08)
Capitals & administrative places: Nazret
Official & national languages: Amharic (am) . English (en) . Oromo (om) .


OROMIA OROMIA National Regional State  (Nazret)

14 Divisions:

ARSI ARSI Zone  (Asela)Local: Godina ARSII (om) + Ye-ARSI Zoni : የአርሲ ዞን (am) + ARSI Zone (en)  (Asela)
BALE BALE Zone  (Goba)Local: Godina BAALEE (om) + BALĒ Zoni : ባሌ ዞን (am) + BALE Zone (en)  (Goba)
BORANA BORANA Zone  (Yabelo)Local: Godina BOORANA (om) + BORENA Zoni : ቦረና ዞን (am) + BORANA Zone (en)  (Iavello)
EAST HARARGHE EAST HARARGHE Zone  (Alemaya)Local: Godina HARARGEE BAHAA (om) + MISRAQ HĀRERGĒ Zoni : ምስራቅ ሀረርጌ ዞን (am) + EAST HARARGHE Zone (en)  (Alemaya)
EAST SHOWA EAST SHOWA Zone  (Nazret)Local: Godina SHAWAA BAHAA (om) + MISRAQI SHEWA Zoni : ምስራቅ ሸዋ ዞን (am) + EAST SHOWA Zone (en)  (Adaamaa)
EAST WOLEGA EAST WOLEGA Zone  (Nakamte)Local: Godina WALLAGGA BAHAA (om) + MISRAQI WELEGA Zoni : ምስራቅ ወለጋ ዞን (am) + EAST WELEGA Zone (en)  (Nekemte)
GUJI GUJI Zone  (Negele)Local: Godina GUJI (om) + GUJI Zoni : ጉጂ ዞን (am) + GUJI Zone (en)  (Negele Borana)
ILLUBABOR ILLUBABOR Zone  (Bedelie)Local: Godina ILLUU ABBAA BOORAA (om) + ILUBABOR Zoni : ኢሉቤቦር ዞን (am) + ILLUBABOR Zone (en)  (Bedele)
JIMMA JIMMA Zone  (Jimma)Local: Godina JIMMA (om) + JIMA Zoni : ጅማ ዞን (am) + JIMMA Zone (en)  (Jimma)
OROMO NORTH SHOWA OROMO NORTH SHOWA Zone  (Fiche)Local: Godina SHAWAA KAABAA (om) + SEMIEN SHEWA Zoni : ሰሜን ሸዋ ዞን (am) + NORTH SHOWA Zone (en)  (Fikke)
SOUTH-WEST SHOWA SOUTH-WEST SHOWA Zone  (Waliso)Local: Godina Shawaa Kibba-Lixaa : SHAWAA KIBBA-DHIHAA (om) + DEBUB MIRABI SHEWA Zoni : ደቡብ ምዕራብ ሸዋ ዞን (am) + SOUTHWEST SHOWA Zone (en)  (Waliso)
WEST HARARGHE WEST HARARGHE Zone  (Chiro-Asebe Teferi)Local: Godina HARARGHE DHIHA (om) + MIRABI HĀRERGĒ Zoni : ምዕራብ ሀረርጌ ዞን (am) + WEST HARARGHE Zone (en)  (Carcar Ciroo-Asebe Teferi)
WEST SHOWA WEST SHOWA Zone  (Ambo-Hagere Hiwot)Local: Godina Shawaa Lixaa : SHAWAA DHIHAA (om) + MIRABI SHEWA Zoni : ምዕራብ ሸዋ ዞን (am) + WEST SHOWA Zone (en)  (Amboo-Hagere Hiywet)
WEST WOLEGA WEST WOLEGA Zone  (Dembidolo + Ghimbi)Local: Godina WALLAGGA LIXAA (om) + MIRABI WELEGA Zoni : ምዕራብ ወለጋ ዞን (am) + WEST WELEGA Zone (en)  (Dembi Dolo + Gimbi)

Other Independent or Semi-Independent Polities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ETHIOPIA Federal Democratic Republic of ETHIOPIA  (Addis Ababa)
OGADENIA Ogaden National Liberation Front : ONLF  (Kuwait City + Ogaden)
OROMO Oromo Liberation Front : OLF  (Asmara + Qoryoley)

Other Territories or Entities within the 2024's internationally recognized Country boundaries:

ADDIS ABABA Federal Capital District of ADDIS ABABA  (Addis Ababa)
AFAR AFAR National Regional State  (Semera + Asaita)
ALABA ALABA Special Zone  (Alaba Kulito)
AMARO AMARO Special Zone  (Kele)
AMHARA AMHARA National Regional State  (Bahir Dar)
AUSSA Afar Sultanate of AUSSA  (Asaita)
BAHIR DAR BAHIR DAR Special Zone  (Bahir Dar)
BASKETO BASKETO Special Zone  (Laska)
BURE Border Zone of BURE  (Bure)
BURJI BURJI Special Zone  (Soyama)
DIRASHE DIRASHE Special Zone  (Gidole)
DIRE DAWA DIRE DAWA Chartered City  (Dire Dawa)
GAMBELA GAMBELA Peoples Regional State  (Gambela)
GAMU GAMU District  (Chencha)
GAMU-GOFA GAMU-GOFA Zone  (Arba Minch)
GEDEO GEDEO Zone  (Dilla)
GOFA GOFA District  (Bulki)
GURAGE GURAGE Zone  (Wolkite)
HADIYA HADIYA Zone  (Durame)
HARARI HARARI People´s Regional State  (Harar)
IROBLAND IROBLAND Zone [Ethiopian Occupation]  (Alitena)
KONSO KONSO Special Zone  (Karati)
KONTA KONTA Special Zone  (Ameya)
MAO-KOMO MAO-KOMO Special Zone  (Tongo)
METEKEL METEKEL Zone  (Gilgil Beles)
PAWE PAWE Special District  (Almu)
SILTI SILTI Zone  (Kibet)
SOMALI Regional State of SOMALIA [Ethiopian Somali State]  (Jijiga)
SOUTHERN ETHIOPIAN PEOPLES Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples´ Region : SNNPR [Southern Ethiopian Peoples]  (Awasa)
TIGRE TIGRE National Regional State  (Mekele)
WOLAITA WOLAITA Zone  (Wolaita Sodo)
YEM YEM Special Zone  (Fofa)
ZALAMBESSA ZALAMBESSA Vicinity  (Zalambessa)

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